How to Heal Yourself with Color Therapy

How beautiful God has made this world, and to make it even more beautiful, has filled it with beautiful enticing colors. Have you ever imagined a world without colors? How docile the scene in which there is no color. After the rain, the sun rays spread out from the drop of rain and make a beautiful rainbow in the blue sky. The rainbow of seven colors attracts our very mind, body and the soul. After seeing the scenic beauty, the bubbles of happiness awaken the pure bliss of human mind.

These colors not only relax our eyes, but also attract the senses of our body. Let’s talk about the importance of certain colors:

Importance of Red Color

Every color has its own aura and importance. Let’s talk about the red color first. The red light releases the high amount of energy. Bride wearing a red attire in a wedding ceremony is one of the utmost reason why it is considered as one of the brightest colors. Each color also has its own healing capability. The red color symbolizes love, enthusiasm, and power. The red color also represents “Mars“. It is advisable to donate red goods to the person whose planet, Mars is placed in the horoscope. The red color is also used in the treatment of many diseases such as low blood pressure, depression, joint pain, paralysis etc. In color therapy, it is advisable to wear this color and intake more of it through various food items. But excessive use of this color gives rise to violence and anger.

Importance of Orange Color

The orange color is the mixture of red and yellow color. The use of this color gives the mixed effect of both colors. This color gives a balanced effect of knowledge and power. This is the only reason why priest clothes are of saffron color. This color balances spiritual and worldly qualities. This color has amazing power to strengthen the nervous system. High ambition, excessive hunger, and breathing problems are some of the diseases that can be controlled with the help of this color. This color also provides relief from depression.

Importance of Green Color

Green color develops a sense of cooperation and expansion. Using this color, the person gets rid of eye disease, weak knowledge, ulcers, cancer and skin diseases. This color provides coolness to the eyes. This color represents “Mercury“. For intellectual development, the person is advised to wear a green emerald gemstone.

Importance of Blue Color

Blue is a symbol of truth, hope, expansion, cleanliness, and justice. This color is used in the treatment of female-born diseases, stomach burn, heat, lack of vital force etc. Dark blue color enhances loneliness.

Note: Do not use this color in a situation like depression. In contrast, donation of blue colored objects gives the auspicious result.

Importance of Yellow Color

Yellow color represents knowledge, integrity, and Vaishnava (devotees of Lord Vishnu). This color is used to treat cough, ulcer, liver related problems and can also be used for the treatment of constipation, jaundice, swelling, and nervous system problems. Yellow color represents “Jupiter”. In order to develop a good knowledge and immaculate spirit in person, it is advisable to wear a yellow topaz jewel for living a respectable life.

Importance of Purple Colors

The purple color is made from a mixture of red and blue. The color is a symbol of success, fame, and enthusiasm. The purple color is used for blood purification. This color is used for the increase of pain, swelling, fever and work capacity. Purple color provides energy and vitality to the dull brain.

All colors have their own healing ability. Color therapy is treated with different colors, bulbs, water bottles, textiles, food items, crystals, pyramids, sheets and curtains. This treatment is helpful in treating many diseases. Whether it is mental or physical treatment, color therapy if done under expert supervision can provide favorable results.

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