Color Therapy: An Unusual “Healing” Tool Against Corona

Today, the whole world is struggling with the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak and trying their best to cope up with this pandemic. This disease has possessed India as well in its claws. It has been more than a month since the Nationwide Lockdown initiated, due to which everyone is locked in their homes and spending time according to their interest. However, there are some who keenly stay updated on every news related to Coronavirus. How many people got infected, how many died, what to do, what not to do? Having such thoughts throughout the day can make one depressed at times.

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To protect ourselves during this pandemic, we are repeatedly washing our hands, which means high wastage of water. However, we do not have any other option apart from doing so. In Vedic Astrology, the planet Moon becomes weak in one’s kundli due to the wastage of water. Depression, fear, mental worries and loss of confidence in a person are a result of a weak Moon. Overall, we are still doing things that amid times of Corona that can give rise to several diseases or illnesses. In order to treat such illnesses, you can make a good use of “Color Therapy” while at home.

Let us know about the importance of colors and how they can protect us from other diseases:

Importance of Orange Color

Usually, in order to protect a native from depressive thoughts, he/she is recommended to wear orange-colored clothes, consume orange-colored food items and his/her room is decorated or painted with orange color. The orange color is the mixture of red and yellow color. Here, the Red color symbolizes the energy of the Sun, which makes a native confident and positive, and the color Yellow symbolizes Jupiter, which enhances one’s wisdom. Saffron color is the mixed outcome of these two colors, which makes a person reasonably powerful and knowledgeable. 

This color possesses an amazing power to strengthen one’s nervous system. High ambition, increased hunger, and relief from breathing problems are some of the diseases that can be controlled with the help of this color.

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Importance of Green Color

Green color represents freshness, strengthens the planet “Mercury” in a native’s kundli and enhances one’s intelligence and knowledge while directing him/her towards ambitious goals. Wearing green-colored clothes, drinking from a green-colored glass bottle, consuming leafy vegetables and planting green plants in our surroundings helps to resolve disturbing thoughts. This enables new opportunities and doors to open in our lives. The color Green can help to treat Corona patients as well. By using this color, the person gets rid of eye disease, weak knowledge, ulcers, cancer and skin diseases. This color provides coolness to the eyes. For intellectual development, the person is advised to wear a green emerald gemstone.


Importance of Blue Color

Blue is a symbol of truth, hope, expansion, cleanliness, and justice. This color is used in the treatment of female-related diseases, stomach burn, heat, lack of vital force etc. Blue comprises of different hues, i.e. Dark and Light Blue. 

With Nationwide Lockdown due to Coronavirus Outbreak, it is very important to limit the usage of dark blue or black color. Dark blue or black color increases loneliness and develops despair and vindictive thoughts in a person. And as they say, an empty mind is the house of the devil. Most of the people are currently engaged with a purpose to stay busy, and in order to achieve that goal, they fill their heads with everything they see or hear. Avoid using this color if you feel depressed. In this case, the use of light colors like Light Blue will be very auspicious.

The Light Blue color is a mixture of white and blue color. White color makes a person calm, pure and peaceful. Blue color brings perseverance in a native. Wearing sky blue or light blue-colored clothes helps a person attain immense peace and happiness and develops a positive attitude.

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Importance of Red Color

Every color has its own aura and importance. The color Red releases a high amount of energy. A bride wearing red-colored attire in a wedding ceremony is one of the utmost reasons why it is considered as one of the brightest colors. Each color also has its own healing capability. The red color symbolizes love, enthusiasm, and power. The red color also represents “Mars“. It is advisable for a native whose Mars placed in the horoscope is afflicted or malefic to donate red-colored goods.

The red color is also used in the treatment of many diseases such as low blood pressure, depression, joint pain, paralysis etc. In Color Therapy, it is advisable for the native to wear this color and intake more of it through various food items. But excessive use of this color gives rise to violence and anger.

Importance of Yellow Color

Yellow color represents knowledge, integrity, and Vaishnava (devotees of Lord Vishnu). This color is used to treat cough, ulcer, liver related problems and can also be used for the treatment of constipation, jaundice, swelling, and problems related to the nervous system. Yellow color represents “Jupiter”. In order to develop a good knowledge and immaculate spirit, it is advisable to wear a Yellow Topaz gemstone for living a respectable life.

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Importance of Purple Color

The color Purple is a mixture of red and blue color. This color is a symbol of success, fame, and enthusiasm and used for blood purification. The color Purple is used to treat increasing pain, swelling, fever and helps to enhance work capacity. Purple color provides energy and vitality to the dull brain.

All colors have their own healing ability. Color Therapy offers treatment with bulbs, water bottles, textiles, food items, crystals, pyramids, sheets and curtains of different colors. This treatment is helpful in treating many internal diseases. Whether it is mental or physical treatment, Color Therapy, if done under expert supervision, can provide favorable results.

We hope that with the help of these useful treatments under Color Therapy, you will be able to get through these difficult times.

About Author
Mrs. Dipti Jain is a renowned Vastu expert, popular for plant vastu, pyramid vastu, fengshui, aroma therapy, face reading, color therapy, palmistry and vastu visits. Rewarded with some popular awards, she is a popular name in electronic media and spiritual writing.

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