Moolank 3 Natives May Have To Bear Losses If They Don’t Stop Doing These Things!

Numerology holds a lot of importance in a human’s life. It is also very similar to Vedic Astrology which helps to calculate the future of a person. In Numerology, information about the future of any person can be obtained with the help of numbers. In Hindi, this art is known as “Ank Shastra” and in English, it is known as Numerology. In Numerology, calculations are done on the basis of the characteristics of all the nine planets – Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars. In numerology, the Moolank ranges from 1 to 9, and the prediction for each Moolank is different, which depends on each planet. According to Numerology, every number/moolank has a meaning hidden in itself. 

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In this series, the people who are born on dates such as 3, 13, 21, and 30, then their Moolank is 3. This Moolank is known to be the symbol of Jupiter, the planet of money, intelligence, and knowledge. If you are born on the dates; 3, 12, 21, or 30 of any month, then your Moolank is 3 and you are advised to stay away from certain things. According to Numerology, if these people come to know about their weaknesses, they can work over them and take their lives on the path of success. Come, let’s move ahead and know about the things that Moolank 3 natives need to stay away from. 

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Moolank 3 Natives Need To Stay Away From These Things 

Stay Away From Arrogance 

The biggest rivals of the Moolank 3 natives are their rage and arrogance meaning ego. The faster the egos of these natives grow, the sooner their downfall happens. These natives are destined to get happiness, prosperity, and wealth quickly in their lives because their lord is Jupiter. In such a situation, they may feel that there is no one better than them in the world, then they are ready to destroy themselves, and then a feeling of ego takes birth in them. Their ego and arrogance break most relationships. Even close friends and relatives turn away from you. In such a situation, if the feeling of ego in them goes away then they will be able to move faster towards progress. 

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Avoid Unnecessary Expenses 

Moolank 3 natives never go through any money shortage and they spend a lot of money on their materialistic comforts and luxuries. They take pride in spending money openly and they rarely think about their future. However, this is one of their biggest problems because spending too much money can deteriorate their financial condition. There can be situations of taking loans or debt as well, which can lead to stress and tension for them. In such a scenario, they are advised to avoid wasting their money and focus on saving money for the future so that a situation where they have to take out a loan shall never arise. 

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Bring Changes In Your Behavior 

Moolank 3 natives are stubborn and they don’t like to listen to other people. A lot of times due to their behavior, they lose both money and their respect in the society and amongst their people. Because of this behavior, the other people tend to stay away from them and don’t like them too much. That’s why they are left alone in life. To get success in life, they need to bring changes in their behavior so that they can also get prosperity in their life. Otherwise, their behavior can force them to be alone in life. 

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Don’t Get Too Hasty 

These natives are filled with haste and too much excitement. Due to their haste, their mind and brains can get affected which can lead to disturbance in work. Moolank 3 natives perform all their tasks in haste and that’s why instead of making the things, they end up breaking them. Also, because of their hasty nature, they think about completing all their tasks quickly which leads to half-done work filled with mistakes. 

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Stay Away From Getting Angry 

One of the biggest weaknesses of Moolank 3 natives is their anger and because of the same, their mental stability is disturbed, and not just that, they end up doing wrong works as well. We all know that anger can destroy a person and while a person is angry, they don’t understand right or wrong which leads to loss in their life. In such a situation, if these natives don’t stop getting too angry then they will end up bearing a loss. Oftentimes, they take a decision in anger which they regret in the future when they are stuck in a problem. A decision taken in anger always leads to regret and loss. Also, a person can never be successful from a decision taken in anger, that’s why these natives are advised to stay calm and make decisions wisely so that they don’t have to face any kind of obstacles in the long run. 

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