Jupiter Combust In Taurus: Fights & Disputes Between Husband-Wife Of These Zodiacs!

As a planet forms a conjunction within 10 degrees of a specific zodiac sign among all the 12 signs, the planets involved in the event are said to be in a combust position. When a planet moves from one zodiac sign to another, the event is also referred to as planetary transits in the astrological language. Like planet transits, combust will also affect the lives of natives of different zodiac signs. 

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When a planet combusts, its influence will result in some kind of negative consequences for the natives. The time of Jupiter combust has a heavy impact on the love life of certain zodiac signs. Before that, let us check the list of zodiac signs whose natives will face different troubles in their love relationships. 

What Is The Time Of Jupiter Combust In Taurus?

On 03 May 2025, at 10:08 pm, the guru of gods, Jupiter will combust in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. There is a relationship of enmity between Venus and Jupiter. The setting of Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Venus planet will bring different kinds of troubles in the love life & relationships of natives. So, without any further delay let us know about the zodiac signs whose natives should be careful in their love life as Jupiter combusts. 

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Jupiter Combust In Taurus: List Of Zodiac Signs Facing Troubles In Love Relationship 


There are going to be some sort of troubles in the love life of Taurus natives due to Jupiter combust of Taurus sign. Such troubles will result in a rise of distance between you and the partner. There are chances of fights between you and the spouse over small matters. The inauspicious effect of the planet Jupiter will create friction or fights between the love partners. There can be arguments between both that will worsen the love between both. To improve the relationship, try to understand each other for carrying out different activities successfully. 

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Jupiter combust in Taurus sign will bring the best results in the love life of Leo natives. They need to control their anger in this period as there are chances of ego-related problems between you and your partner. There is the possibility of rising differences between both partners and due to it, distance may increase in the relationship. 

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Jupiter combust in Taurus will turn out to be a crisis situation for the love life of the Scorpio natives. There are chances of differences with your family members. The focus should be on the development of mutual coordination to maintain peace & happiness in your family. With its assistance, the Scorpio natives will be able to maintain sweetness in the relationship with your spouse. 

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The Sagittarius natives will face some kind of trouble with their love life due to Jupiter transit in Taurus sign. In this period, there are chances of discomfort between the partner and troubles can arise with your spouse. There can be unnecessary fights among love partners due to the Jupiter combust. Due to this, there are chances of the rise of bitterness in your love life. 

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