Love Life Of These Zodiacs Will Flourish With Mercury Direct In Pisces!

As per astrology, the planets change their position from one zodiac sign to another after a certain time period, and this is known as planetary transit. The planets also make the movement even in the direct and retrograde state. When the planets arrive in the zodiac sign in a direct or retrograde state, then it will impact the different aspects of natives and across different parts of the country. 

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Due to the direct or retrograde movement of the planet due to its transit, the natives will experience ups and downs across different sectors in life like marriage, love life, business, career, and health. Other than that, the change of the planet’s position across zodiac signs will impact the economy of the country, business, policies, and stock market. Also, in April 2024, as Mercury turns direct in Pisces, there will be effects on the lives of different zodiac signs. 

According to Vedic astrology, as Mercury direct in Pisces, the love life of some lucky natives will blossom due to it. This AstroSage blog further explains the benefits in the love life of natives due to Mercury direct in Pisces. 

What Is The Time Of Mercury Direct In Pisces?

On 25 April 2024, Mercury turned direct in Pisces at 05:49 pm. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and the planet takes around 88 days approximately to revolve around the Sun. 

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The natives with a strong position of Mercury in the horoscope will have a younger look. Mercury is a planet that is considered neutral, dual-natured, cool, and with a changeable nature. The position of Mercury with an auspicious planet will provide positive outcomes for the natives. Also, Mercury rules the Gemini and Virgo signs. 

Mercury will be exalted in the Virgo sign and debilitated in the Pisces sign. This time, Mercury directs in Pisces and its auspicious position in the horoscope will ensure positive and favorable results in the love life of lucky natives. 

Mercury Direct In Pisces: These Zodiac Signs Will Face Troubles In Love Life 


The Taurus natives will have good relations with their spouse due to Mercury direct Pisces sign. There will be great coordination between both and can understand each other. You can fulfill the wishes and needs of your partner as necessary. There are chances of going out for travel and this will increase love among both. Love and affection will rise between you and your partner. Your relationship can become an example for others. There will be happiness and mutual understanding among all in the family. Things turning well around you will make you feel very happy. 

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The period of Mercury direct in Pisces will prove a boon for the love life of Gemini natives. Love & trust will increase between you and your partner. You will be able to resolve the misunderstandings and troubles among both and there are chances of both coming close to each other. There will be open conversations with the spouse. This will strengthen the relationship and both will feel happy with each other. Keep your ego in this period or else there can be a rise of troubles in the relationship. The Gemini natives should put the right efforts into the overall improvement of love relationships. It will help you maintain love and sweetness in the love relationship. 

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Mercury direct in Pisces will prove very auspicious for the marriage life of Virgo natives. If you’re involved in a love relationship, then Mercury direct will prove very auspicious and your love life will reach new heights. There will be a friendly relationship between you and your partner. Both will have clear understanding and communication among both and can establish high value in the relationship. You will set an example of a successful and loving relationship for others. It is advised to adopt a friendly attitude with your partner. This will please the Virgo natives and the Mercury direct can provide great results to the natives. 

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Due to Mercury direct in Pisces, the Libra natives will behave very well with their partners. There will be a positive attitude towards your partner and both of you will support each other in different situations. There will be good coordination among both and this will strengthen your love relationship. There will be opportunities for both to travel somewhere and this will increase happiness in the love life. There will be ample opportunities to capture excellent moments with your spouse. Both of you will understand each other clearly and thus it will help you spend a happy life with your love partner. 

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There will be great results in the love life of Pisces natives due to Mercury transit in Pisces. There will be a lot of sweetness in the relationship and both will spend happy times together. You will get the opportunity to spend quality moments with your partner. There will be high values in the relationship and put the right efforts towards understanding each other easily. The mutual coordination among both love partners will increase and this will strengthen the relationship. 

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