June Tarot Weekly Horoscope Reveals Weekly Secrets Of The Zodiacs!

Tarot Cards As A Tool Of Divination 

Tarot is an ancient deck of cards, a form of divination that has been used by numerous mystics and tarot readers across cultures to access and deepen their intuition in the form of Tarot Spreads. The usage of the cards for greater spiritual development and self-understanding dates back to ancient times. Entering the arcane world of Tarot is a daunting experience if an individual comes in to seek answers to important and life-changing questions with faith and humility. 

Tarot reading is not some spooky session meant to entertain you and your friends, as thought to be by many. The 78 Cards Deck with its intricate and mysterious illustrations has the power to let out the darkest secrets and your deepest fears which are hidden from the rest of the world. 

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Before we dive deep into what Tarot has in store for us for the 3rd week of June 2024 let us understand where this potent magical tool comes from. The origin of the Tarot dates back to the 1400s and the very first mentions of it are known to come from Italy and its nearby areas. It was initially treated as a mere game of cards and Noble families and Royalties would instruct artists to create lavish illustrations to entertain their friends and guests who’d come over for parties. The cards were put to divinatory use only around the 16th century, when mystics around Europe started to practice and learn; how the deck was to spread out systematically and used their intuitive powers to decipher the hidden truths behind those intricate drawings and from then on Tarot was no more just a deck of cards. During medieval times, Tarot however was associated with witchcraft, bore the backlash of superstition, and was shunned from the mainstream world of fortune-telling for decades to come. 

It has now once again found fame recently a few decades ago when Tarot Reading was reintroduced into the mainstream arcane world and is basking in this new found glory. It is once more being used as a main tool for divination in India and across the globe and deserves the fame and respect it has garnered. Now, without further ado let’s dive into the world of Tarot and know what it has in store for all 12 zodiac signs for the 3rd week of June 2024. 

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June Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2024: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love:  The Lovers

Finance: The Hierophant

Career: King of Swords

Health: Nine of Cups

The Lovers is a wonderful card as far as love relationships are concerned. It indicates free flowing communication between you and your partner. It is a soulmate card and shows that you both are happy and content in the relationship. If you have had some misunderstanding then it will surely be clear.

The Hierophant suggests that you are currently content with your financial stability. It shows that you like to keep your money safe in conventional institutions and like to earn money using clean methods with no cheating or shortcuts. You respect money and have learned to value it over time.

King of Swords indicates a person who may be a strong, influential figure at your workplace who may come across as being mean but will ultimately help you grow and excel in your career by pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Nine of Cups indicates good health overall. You feel agile and rejuvenated and if you are suffering from an illness you will now recover and soon feel better. You will be active and out and about in no time.  

Lucky Astrological Planet: Mars


Love:  Nine of Swords

Finance: Knight of Cups

Career: Page of Pentacles

Health: Four of Cups

This Minor Arcana card, the Nine of Swords indicates regret, remorse and anxiety. It is an indication that there are probably hidden lies or infidelity eating your relationship underneath and you are no longer happy with your partner. You could be paranoid that your partner is probably cheating on you.  

You may receive lucrative offers this week is what the Knight of Cups indicates. It may also mean that a fruitful investment that you made in the past is about to pay you back in a big way. If you’re facing trouble financially, it is an indication for you to come up with novel solutions to manage your finances better.

Page of Pentacles as a career reading outcome indicates new opportunities or offers coming up resulting in career growth. If you’re a fresher it can indicate getting promoted to a higher position. Page of Pentacles may indicate growth in the near future which will push your career to new heights. 

You have been ignoring your health and not paying attention to your body. You must take action before your anxiety and stress takes up a bigger form and converts into a serious health condition. Take action now. 

Lucky Astrological Planet: Venus

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Love:  The World

Finance: The Star

Career: Knight of Pentacles

Health: Page of Wands

That’s an amazing set of cards to receive in a reading Geminis. The World suggests that your partner holds you in high esteem and regards. Their whole life revolves around you and they are in a very happy space with you currently or you may feel this about your partner. 

The Star is an excellent card to receive when talking of a financial reading. The Star suggests that your investments are paying you back in huge amounts. Financially you are in a very good position and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Luck is on your side and you feel like a money magnet.

Knight of Pentacles indicates that you have recently got an excellent career opportunity or you are about to receive it. Your career will scale to new heights and you are to witness success in the coming week. This could also mean getting promoted to an important position or cracking an important deal single handedly. 

Page of Wands is a Minor Arcana card and indicates that you are in the best of your health. If you were dealing with some illness or injury you will now recover soon. It may also be asking you to take steps towards maintaining your health. 

Lucky Astrological Planet: Mercury


Love: The Fool

Finance: The Chariot

Career: Ten of Swords (Reversed)

Health: Seven of Wands

The Fool in love is a positive card but only if you’re not looking for anything serious. signifies the start of a relationship in your love life. It may also mean a new chapter in an already existing relationship. You will discover new ways to harness your romantic energy. The romantic potential in you is ready to sparkle in public. 

Dear Cancers, The Chariot advises addressing any financial issues with determination and focus. It’s time to take control of your financial situation, make wise investments, and overcome financial challenges. This week could be a great time for you to plan your finances and work towards achieving financial stability.

Ten of Swords (Reversed) in a horoscope says that this week you will overcome the rough patch in your career and you will now feel that things are getting back on track for you. If you have lost your job then this is the time when you can find a new job. 

Seven of Wands in a health reading urges you to maintain a healthy routine and lifestyle to help you take care of your health and become the best version of yourself. It is best for you to maintain a work-life balance.

Lucky Astrological Planet: Moon


Love:  Three of Swords

Finance: The Tower

Career: Queen of Swords

Health: Temperance

Three of Swords says that probably you’re still recovering from a breakup or have been hurt too badly in the past and have all your guards up so as to not allow anybody in. It’s high time you get out of your shell and explore people and friendships again. 

The Tower is a warning from the universe that you may have to face financially difficult times in the near future so you should now start analyzing your expenditure and planning your finances to save you from difficult times.

You are someone who makes smart moves regarding career because of your sharp intellect and the lessons learned. You have leadership qualities and know how to manage things at work. You are well on your way to success.

Temperance as a health card is an extremely positive card. You will enjoy good health for days to come. You are aware of your bodily needs for an overall growth for your physical, mental and emotional growth. 

Lucky Astrological Planet: Sun

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Love:  The Sun 

Finance: Ten of Cups

Career: Four of Pentacles

Health: Two of Swords

The Sun is one of the best cards to get when talking of happy times with family. This card shows happy times and a happy family and someone who enjoys being around family. Your partner/spouse and family hold utmost importance for you. 

Financially you are at your best. You feel sound and secure and you are able to live a comfortable life and provide for your family. You’re riding high with all the financial abundance that has come your way. The coming week will also be fruitful for you.

You are doing well in your career and are at a good position. Do not let the fear of losing your position get the better of you and lead with confidence. Lead your way to success because you have it in you to make it big. 

You have to find an outlet to not let unresolved issues trouble you and hammer you down. Speak your heart out and seek help from medical experts if you have to but pay attention to your well-being first. 

Lucky Astrological Planet: Mercury


Love: The Hermit

Finance: Six of Wands

Career: Four of Wands

Health: Seven of Cups

The Hermit in love says that this week dear Libras, you’d be too focused on handling family issues. Your family may be a priority this week as it’ll be almost impossible to overlook the issues. It could be that your or some family member may fall sick and need constant care and attention.

Six of Wands points towards an increment coming your way. This card talks about a great week financially. New sources of income may come in and your investments too would give you great returns adding to the financial stability further. 

Four of Wands in career points towards a promotion coming your way. If you are engaged in business then you will definitely experience an increase in your sales and your business would perform well. For regular job goers, this is a time of progress and learning in career. You will enjoy your work.

Seven of Cups in a health reading indicates that a number of health problems may trouble you this week. However, there’s nothing to worry as these issues may not be serious. It could be as simple as catching a cold or fever. 

Lucky Astrological Planet: Venus

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Love:  Page of Pentacles

Finance: Two of Wands

Career: Ace of Cups

Health: Five of Swords

Page of Pentacles indicates that you could get a proposal from someone in your friends circle. It can also mean that you’re expecting to be asked out by someone and it will actually happen. This week could be full of proposals and your love life will start to bloom hereon. 

Two of Wands in finances means new sources of earning could open up. If you are a regular employee you could start a side business or earn through some newly made connections. You wouldn’t have to worry about finances but still be careful while planning your finances as it may take time to become regular. 

Ace of Cups suggests new opportunities in professional life. You may be starting a new job, new position or a new business. It signifies the starting of something solid, life changing and long term. Whatever is coming to you in your professional life will give your career a new direction and new heights. 

Five of Swords in a health reading is bad new dear Scorpios. This week any past injury or illness may resurface and start troubling you again. Carrying out even normal daily tasks could be a problem for you. 

Lucky Astrological Planet: Mars


Love: Two of Cups

Finance: King of Cups

Career: Queen of Wands

Health: Ten of Cups

Two of Cups is an indication that your love life is going at a very smooth pace as of now. This is a soulmate card and you feel your partner is truly your soulmate. You have a great understanding with each other and this blissful phase will continue for the time to come. 

You have an analytical mind when it comes to handling your finances. You don’t let emotions run the show but plan your finances logically. Financial growth has never really been a problem for you and you will continue to enjoy this phase of contentment and happiness in the near future as well. 

Queen of Wands in a career reading could suggest that you could soon get an opportunity to move abroad or change location. This card also signifies growth in life and new career opportunities coming towards you in the coming week or in the near future. Promotions are on the cards for sure.

Ten of Cups tells me that you are in the best of your health and enjoying a healthy phase. Health should not be an area of concern for you for weeks to come. Nevertheless, you must always take good care of your health.

Lucky Astrological Planet: Jupiter


Love: Three of Pentacles

Finance: Two of Swords

Career: Nine of Wands

Health: Eight of Wands

Hello Capricorns! Now, this week Three of Pentacles indicates that you and your partner will hold each other in high regards and learn from each other. You both wish to build the relationship stronger together and work towards achieving the ideal relationship.

Two of Swords in a financial reading talks about the fact that this week you may have two big financial decisions coming for you and you may remain undecided as to which one you must address first. You may even suddenly find yourself amidst a financial crisis and will find it difficult to handle it.

Nine of Wands in a career reading shows that you may feel fed up or stuck in a daily repetitive work routine with no growth or movement at all. It could be that you have worked for a long time in the same company at the same position and want change but are not feeling too positive about taking the leap of faith and find yourself stuck in unfavorable conditions.

Eight of Wands in a health reading is a good card to receive. It is a great week health wise and healing and recovery are coming to you for sure. This week you will be healthy and fit.

Lucky Astrological Planet: Saturn

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Love:  King of Swords

Finance: Two of Pentacles

Career: King of Wands

Health: Ten of Wands 

King of Swords suggests that you are a provider for sure Aquarius and you perform your duties pretty well, but you also need to understand that relationships thrive on emotional connections and this is where you lack. Try and spend more time with your partner and be expressive in words and in actions and see the magic. 

Two of Pentacles in a financial setting talks about the fact that you may be running errands to make ends meet. You may be working multiple jobs to meet your dream goals or could be working on your business and job side by side to keep things running. This can be a demanding week work wise. 

King of Wands indicates that you are getting growth opportunities in your career and it is moving upwards it is still slower than you had planned. The good news is that you don’t need to worry because even though you think your career is growing slowly it will definitely benefit you in the future. 

The Ten of Wands is an alarm that you need to take care of your health. Now is a good time to hit the gym. Now is the right time to take action and nurse yourself back to health. 

Lucky Astrological Planet: Saturn


Love:  Nine of Pentacles

Finance: King of Cups

Career: The Star

Health: Page of Cups

Nine of Pentacles in a love reading indicates that you do not wish to be in a relationship dear Pisces and you feel safe and secure being single. You are definitely enjoying being single and are in no mood to even think about being in a relationship right now. 

King of Cups in finances is a welcome card. You are financially stable but this card also pronounces a warning that you must be careful while handling finances and not let your heart rule over your mind. Make wise financial decisions keeping your future needs in mind.

The Star in career is a welcome card and shows that your career is moving in the right direction. You are enjoying this phase of your career and feeling empowered professionally. Your organization values you and you are more of an asset to them. 

Page of Cups in a health reading indicates a good week health wise but emotional issues could trouble you a bit. On the whole you will enjoy good health overall and enjoy yourself.

Lucky Astrological Planet: Jupiter

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. How does tarot work?

Ans. Tarot deck is a collection of various vivid illustrations used to interpret meaningful answers by a trained professional known as the Tarot reader.

Ques2. What method does the tarot reader use to make accurate predictions?

Ans. The tarot reader uses the understanding of the card illustrations and her intuitions in an apt manner to make accurate and correct predictions.

Ques3. How is tarot different from playing cards?

Ans. Tarot deck has colorful illustrations pointing towards a logical story telling if interpreted by an experienced practitioner whereas a playing card deck is only meant for entertainment purpose. 

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