Revealing Lucky Zodiacs Of The Week – Tarot Weekly Horoscope (16-22 June)!

Tarot Cards date back to the 15th century and are an invaluable tool for guidance and growth in life. They offer unique insights into potential future outcomes. The readings boost the intuition and confidence of people over their decisions. Check the Tarot Card details to be sure of the steps to be taken in the days or weeks ahead. Fortunes keep shifting and one needs to be patient for the appropriate timelines. 

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AstroSage is back with the weekly details of lucky zodiac signs as per Tarot Card readings. The natives can gain confidence from the accurate readings and make the right decisions this week to be successful. Take the help of professional Tarot Card readers to get detailed information about their future. 

Tarot Weekly Horoscope (16-22 June) – List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


The week will be very productive for the Aries natives according to Tarot Weekly Horoscope (16-22 June). There will be love & happiness in the relationship. There will be good communication with your partner. The week will be financially stable and they can earn money through conventional ways. You will be successful in your career and excel in various fields. 

You will have the right strength to complete various tasks successfully. The health of Aries natives will be good throughout the week. They can recover from illness strongly and will feel rejuvenated to carry out different tasks. The lucky astrological planet of the week for them will be ‘Mars’. 

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The week will be very fruitful for the Gemini natives to complete different tasks successfully. Your past investments will pay you the best returns in this period. It will be a good time for your love & married relationship. Both partners can have a happy time together. Their financial condition will strengthen this week and they will get credible opportunities. 

The Gemini natives will scale to new heights this week. There are chances of getting promoted at work and all their plans will be successful in this period. They will be in the best health to complete tough tasks timely. The persons dealing with some illness can recover soon through the right methods. The lucky astrological planet of the week is ‘Mercury’. 

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According to Tarot Weekly Horoscope (16-22 June), the week is a happy period for the Virgo natives. All the family members enjoy being around the family and there are chances of successful events. Their finances will remain strong and can lead a comfortable life. They can live a comfortable life and will feel confident in their careers. 

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You will be in a good position in your career and there are chances of recognition for your efforts. Don’t be afraid of losing your job and can act confidently. There are chances of getting profits from different deals. Pay the right attention to your health and complete different tasks with precision. The lucky astrological planet for Virgo natives is ‘Mercury’.

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The week will be successful for the Sagittarius natives as per Tarot Weekly Horoscope. Your love life will be very smooth and they can spend blissful time with each other. They can handle finances smartly and spend it wisely. Financial growth won’t be a problem for the natives and they can spend a happy time earning money. 

There are chances for Sagittarius natives to travel abroad for success in life. The natives will get new opportunities in their careers and can get promotions in this period. They can enjoy happy health throughout the week by taking part in various tasks. The lucky astrological planet for the Sagittarius natives is Jupiter‘’. 

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Q1. How will be the week for Capricorn natives?

Ans. The natives can get into some financial troubles this week and will find it hard to handle it. 

Q2. How will be the careers of Pisces natives?

Ans. They will enjoy a lovely phase in their careers and will feel empowered across various fields. 

Q3. How will the health of Leo natives be?

Ans. They will enjoy good health throughout the week and will be filled with enthusiasm. 

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