Mercury Transit In Gemini Will Bring Career Obstacle To These Zodiacs!

Mercury Transit In Gemini: When the planet Mercury transits, its effects are seen on the world and human life. In astrology, Mercury is considered the factor of intelligence, and its influence is also observed on people’s careers and businesses..

This time, on June 14, Mercury entered In Gemini, and due to this transit, some zodiac signs may face problems and challenges in their careers. Mercury entered Gemini on June 14 at 10:55 PM and will remain in this sign until June 29.

After that, Mercury will enter the Cancer sign. Therefore, from June 14 to June 27, people of certain zodiac signs need to be cautious in their career fields.

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Mercury’s Impact On Career

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered the factor of speech and intelligence, and the influence of this planet is seen in the enhancement of an individual’s intellect. These individuals can easily influence others with their words. These two qualities help them achieve success in their careers as well.

However, if Mercury does not have a positive influence on a particular sign, the individual’s intelligence may decrease, which negatively impacts their career. Professions such as accountants, software engineers, politicians, teachers, writers, and astrologers are some of the fields influenced by the planet Mercury.

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Mercury is a planet of feminine nature and is neutral and changeable. This planet does not work independently but yields results according to the sign and house it occupies. If Mercury conjoins with malefic planets or comes under their aspect, it also brings inauspicious results.

This time, Mercury’s transit will prove to be unfavorable for the careers of some zodiac signs. Learn about these signs.

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These Zodiac Signs Will Have Their Careers In Danger During Mercury Transit In Gemini


For Aries, Mercury governs the third and sixth houses and will now be positioned in the third house. This period signals potential financial losses and the risk of theft. Communication issues may arise within you. Unwelcome changes in your job could occur, leading to dissatisfaction. You might encounter setbacks in your workplace efforts.

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For Cancer individuals, Mercury governs the third and twelfth houses and will be positioned in your twelfth house during this period. This transit may necessitate travel to unfamiliar places, leading to feelings of unease and a reduction in your comforts and conveniences. Dissatisfaction with your current job in your career field may arise, prompting thoughts of changing jobs. There is also a potential for disputes with your superiors.

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For Scorpio individuals, Mercury governs the eighth and eleventh houses and will soon transit into their eighth house. During this period, your self-confidence might wane, and you may experience a decline in enthusiasm. Career-wise, job pressure could escalate, leading to increased anxiety. You might even contemplate changing your job.

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For Capricorn, Mercury governs the sixth and ninth houses and will be positioned in your sixth house during this transit. During this period, your expenses will rise, and you might need to take on debt. Valuable promotion opportunities at work might slip through your fingers, and you might have to change your job.

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For Aquarius, Mercury rules the fifth and eighth houses and will now be positioned in your fifth house. During this time, obstacles may arise in your path to progress. You may face ups and downs in your workplace. Some individuals might fear losing their jobs or experiencing significant changes in their employment.

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For Pisces, Mercury rules the fourth and seventh houses and will now transit into the fourth house of this sign. You might become worried about your family’s future. The workload at your workplace may increase, causing you some stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. What happens when Rahu and Mercury are together?

Ans. This situation creates confusion.

Ques2. How long does Mercury’s period last?

Ans. The influence of Mercury’s major period lasts for 17 years.

Ques3. What happens if Mercury is weak in a sign?

Ans. The person’s ability to think and understand becomes weakened.

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