Beware! Budhaditya Yoga In Formation, Believed To Harm The Business Of 5 Zodiacs

The Sun is one of the important planets in Vedic Astrology that determines one’s success or failure in their career and business. It is known to be the planet that offers success in the workspace and whenever this planet transits, the businesses of the natives of all zodiacs gets affected with uncertainty. 

On 15th June at 12:16 midnight, Sun will move to Gemini and will stay there till 16th July. After this, it will move to Cancer. Mercury will also move to Gemini on 14th June, and from the conjunction of Mercury and the Sun Budhaditya yoga will form in Gemini on 15th June. Although this yoga is an auspicious one, some zodiacs are going to bear problems in their business due to this transit. 

Before moving ahead and discovering those zodiacs, we would first like you to know about the impact of the Sun on the business. 

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Impact Of The Sun On Business 

Sun is the planet that represents high-level business. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is known as the king of all planets. Business or works related to government and politics are influenced by the Sun. If the position of this planet is strong in one’s birth chart, then that person gets benefits through the state or government. The average position of the Sun makes the person an official of the state. And, if the Sun makes a connection with the ascendant, ascendant lord, and Moon sign, then the person gets the post of a minister or high official in the government. 

When it forms a conjunction with Mars or Ketu, then the natives do business related to arms, restaurants, catering, and electricity. While, if the Sun forms a relationship with Panchamesh and Navmesh, the person takes his family’s business forward. 

The position and strength of the Sun in the birth chart determines how much success a person will achieve in his/herbusiness. The position of the Sun, its strengths, and its stability are deeply analyzed to know about the business or career. 

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Zodiacs Whose Business Can Fail 


Sun rules over the second house of the Cancer zodiac and during this transit, it will be placed in the twelfth house. There are chances that you may feel stressed during this period. Your worries will increase. You may have to bear failure at your workplace in this period. On the other hand, the business natives may have to bear losses because of their competitors. The business natives are advised to bring changes in their strategies during this period. 

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For the Virgo zodiac, the Sun is the ruling lord of their twelfth house and at present, it will move to the tenth house. The business person may feel uncomfortable at this time. Their rivals will give them tough competition. This time is not going to be favorable for businessmen of the Virgo zodiac. 

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The Sun is the ruling lord of the tenth house and in this transit, it will be placed in the eighth house. Your competitors will give you a tough competition. Due to the same, you may have to bear more loss than the profit. 

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The eighth house of the Capricorn zodiac is ruled by the Sun and at the moment, it will move to the sixth house. There are chances that the business natives may have to bear losses. There is tough competition awaiting them from their opponents. There are indications that these circumstances will only harm you in this period. 

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For the Pisces zodiac, the Sun rules over the sixth house, and at present, it will move to the fourth house. The business natives may have to bear losses due to tough competition. You will find yourself trapped in a problem. Also, you will have to make things work with the average profit only. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the exalted sign of the Sun? 

The exalted sign of the Sun is Aries. 

How to pacify the Sun? 

Offer prayers to the Sun every morning.

Which stone is dedicated to the Sun?

Ruby gemstone is dedicated to the Sun. 

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