Sun Transit Disrupt Careers Of 4 Zodiacs- Get Verified Facts!

With the transit of the Sun planet, a lot of ups and downs can be witnessed across different aspects of human lives. In June 2024, the Sun’s transit in Gemini will impact the natives of zodiac signs in multiple ways. This Sun transit will result in various types of career losses.

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On 15 June 2024, the Sun transits in the Gemini sign at 12:16 pm. As the Sun enters into the Gemini sign, this results in the formation of Budhaditya Yoga because Mercury will be present in this zodiac sign. Sun will be present in its current position till 16 July 2024 and after that, it will transit into the Cancer zodiac sign. Let us now check the zodiac signs that will adversely impact their careers.

Sun Transit Creates Career Troubles For These Zodiacs 


Sun is the lord of the second house and will be present in the twelfth house of the Cancer zodiac sign. The stress of Cancer natives can increase in this period and they will remain worried about it. There are chances of failure for employed people and there won’t be many opportunities for them. Along with it, there are chances of trouble or a rise in work pressure in this period.

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Sun is the lord of the tenth house and will be located in the eighth house for Scorpio natives. There are chances of job loss or troubles in this period. It will result in the rise of dissatisfaction and they won’t be able to demonstrate their skills in their workplace. There are visible signs of losing a job due to different reasons.

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Sun is the lord of the eighth house and will be located in the sixth house of the Capricorn natives. For the employed people, there are chances of change in job and possibilities of transfers. They won’t be happy with different changes taking place in their lives.

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Sun is the lord of the sixth house and will be present in the fourth house for the Pisces natives. In this period, the expenses will rise and the natives might need loan money to meet costs. They might need to go to a job against their will. The natives can be troubled by circumstances at work. The work pressure can increase at the job and thus the natives can be a little worried about it.

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Importance Of The Sun In Vedic Astrology

Sun is considered a planet with a male nature in Vedic Astrology. The natives with a strong Sun in the horoscope result in their violent nature. Other than that, others will face difficulties in accepting their behavior.

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Without the grace of the Sun, it will be hard to achieve in their careers. It will be vital to please the Sun to be successful in the workplace. A strong position of Sun results in the best outcomes in their careers.

 Different Astrological Measures To Please Sun 

  • To seek the blessing of the Sun God, follow these specific measures:
  • Wear red & saffron colored clothes. 
  • Everyone needs to respect their parents, government, and higher officials. 
  • Get early in the morning before sunrise and witness the rising Sun. 
  • Keep fast on Sunday. 
  • To strengthen the Sun’s position, donate things like grain, jaggery, copper, ruby, red flowers, poppy seeds, etc. 
  • Every morning, fill a copper pot with water and offer it to the Sun god. 
  • Natives with the weaker position of the Sun in the horoscope should drink a glass of water before exiting their homes and starting any new project or work. 

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Ans. The Sun in the tenth house of the horoscope will result in auspicious outcomes in people’s lives.Q1. In which house does the Sun provide auspicious results?

Q2. How to strengthen the position of the Sun in the horoscope?

Ans. For the best outcomes, wear a ruby gem. 

Q3. What is the lucky number of Sun?

Ans. The lucky number of the Sun is one.

Q4. Which zodiac is ruled by the Sun?

Ans. Sun dominates the Leo zodiac sign. 

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