Saturn-Venus Conjunction: 5 Zodiacs Will Add To Their Wealth!

Saturn-Venus Conjunction: Do you know that some zodiac will have the immense blessings of Lakshmi Ji in the coming time? Saturn-Venus conjunction creates Shadashtak Yoga that will turn the fortunes of a few lucky zodiacs. 

In astrology, Saturn and Venus are friendly planets and the coming together of both planets creates a positive financial impact on the lives of zodiacs. They will have the special blessings of Ma Lakshmi that will lead to success in their monetary fields. 

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The Saturn-Venus conjunction has some kind of positive & negative impact on all the 12 zodiacs. But, here we will focus purely on lucky zodiacs in the period due to this fantastic conjunction. 

Positive impact of Saturn-Venus conjunction: Saturn is considered a slow-paced planet and Venus is a faster one. The conjunction of planets means that the natives have qualities of both uniformly and also make the professional creative. It will make the persons responsible in the relationships and create the aura of love. 

Negative impact of Saturn-Venus conjunction: This can result in the shy nature of individuals that can create miscommunication in the different aspects of life. The varied pace of planets brings conflict in the relationship and creates differences in opinion in certain periods of life. 

List Of 5 Lucky Zodiacs In Saturn-Venus Conjunction


The Saturn-Venus Conjunction will shower money for the Aries natives and the monetary status becomes stronger. There are also chances of getting your money back from the stuck areas. Expect happiness in your family life and chances are bright of a happy relationship with the life partner. Your wise investments will yield the best returns in both short & long-term scenarios. It will be vital to take care of your health. 

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The Saturn-Venus Conjunction for Gemini natives is no less than a boon. It is the fitting time to start a new work and expect the best returns from it. You will be happy in your married life and there won’t be financial troubles in the relationship. Expect financial gains from different sources and enhance the overall wealth in the family. The monetary stability in your life will also lead to all kinds of happiness. 


For the Leo natives, the Saturn-Venus Conjunction will be the best time to get auspicious financial outcomes. Get the family support for different monetary activities or deals that involve the decisions of other members. It is also the best period to expect a rise in income levels at the workplace. For students, it will be an ideal time to concentrate on their studies and get the desired outcomes. The business persons can expect profits in the period, but avoid the delays in decisions. 

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The Virgo natives can expect salary hikes at their workplace. With the best effort, you can make your deals successful and make huge profits from it. Troubles related to land & property will also be resolved timely due to the Saturn-Venus Conjunction. The time is suited for efforts in your business life and expect suitable returns in the period. There are also ample chances of investments in a new home or vehicle. All your efforts towards higher income levels will bear the right fruits timely. 


For Sagittarius natives, the Saturn-Venus conjunction will yield huge financial gains. Also, charity of different products will provide you best outcomes in varied aspects of your life. The auspicious activities in your family will increase the overall wealth levels. There will be a lot of appreciation for the natives at the workplace and also expect a salary rise in the period. Expect peace in your life due to the increase in income levels in your life. 

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Q1. What to expect from Venus and Saturn in the fifth house?

Ans. It will enhance the energy levels of natives and they can become very creative. 

Q2. Which are the friendly planets of Venus?

Ans. The friendly planets of Venus are the Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu. 

Q3. Which God or Goddess represents Venus planet?

Ans. As per Vedic astrology, the Venus planet is represented by Goddess Lakshmi. 

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