Shash Rajoga & Gajakesari Yoga After Formed After 100 Years – Check Lucky Zodiac Signs!

All planets change their position after a certain period of time and it is referred to as planetary transits. Such transits affect all the zodiac signs along with the country’s stock market, business, & economy. In this period, the transit of planets will create some auspicious combinations that will prove auspicious for natives of lucky zodiac signs. 

In the month of May 2024, two auspicious yogas are formed and it indicates that three zodiac signs will benefit from it. In this AstroSage blog, we will further discuss the combinations formed in the month of May 2024 and the zodiac signs whose natives will have luck on their side. 

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As Saturn transits into the Aquarius sign, it results in the creation of Shash Rajyoga. Jupiter enters the Taurus sign on 01 May 2024 and on 08 May 2024, Moon transits into the Taurus zodiac sign. This results in the formation of Gajakesari Yoga. Thus, it results in the formation of Shash Rajyoga and Gajakesari Yoga. Due to them, natives of some zodiac signs will be fortunate and attain happiness. But before that let us know about the yogas in detail. 

What Is Gajakesari Yoga?

If Jupiter is in the center house from the Moon, i.e. first, fourth, seventh, & tenth house, or has the vision of auspicious planets, then it results in the formation of Gajakesari Yoga. Jupiter and Moon should be in an exalted or debilitated position for the formation of such yoga. Other than that, it shouldn’t be situated in the inauspicious zodiac sign. In such a situation, the Gajakesari Yoga won’t yield auspicious outcomes. 

The Gajakesari Yoga makes the person intelligent and the auspicious effects of yoga result in the rise of prestige & respect in society. Also, the natives will get immense success in their lives. 

What Is Shash Rajyoga?

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered one of the most powerful and auspicious planets. Often Saturn is considered the inauspicious planet but the truth is that Lord Shani does not always provide negative effects. Saturn will be present in the Aquarius sign till 2025. The presence of Saturn in the Aquarius sign will result in the formation of Shash Mahapurush Rajyoga. 

This Rajyoga is considered one of the most powerful and auspicious yogas among the five Mahayogas. Such yoga is also formed when Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn enters its own sign or is in the exalted position in the center from Lagna house or Moon sign. 

Due to the positive effects of yoga, an individual attains intelligence, courage, and sensibility. They will have leadership qualities across different sectors. Their health will be very good and they will prosper in their lives. They will reach the pinnacle of their career or profession. 

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People with the auspicious position of Shash Rajyoga in the horoscope will experience a rise in respect in society. It has a positive impact on the professional lives of natives. They remain committed to their duties and make continuous efforts to reach the set goals with hard work. They will possess a good level of knowledge and their decision-making ability will be very high. 

So let us move ahead and check the zodiac signs that will have luck on their side due to these two Rajyogas. 

 Shash Rajoga & Gajakesari Yoga – List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


The Shash Rajyoga and Gajakesari Yoga will be very beneficial for the Taurus natives. The Shash Rajyoga will be formed in the Karma house and Gajakesari Yoga will be formed in the Lagna house. In this period, the natives will be able to make successful decisions related to their careers. 

Due to the auspicious effects of both, the personality of natives will improve more than before. The financial condition will get stronger and there will be proper coordination among the partners. The period will be favorable for married people. The employed people will get the desired results in their profession and there are chances of promotions. Their health will also remain positive in this period. 

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The Shash Yoga is formed in the money house of the Capricorn natives. They will get sudden financial gains due to this auspicious Rajyoga and can earn profits from time to time. Your wishes will be fulfilled this time if you wish to have your own child. The parents can also expect good news from their child. 

The relationship with your partner or spouse will improve due to this Rajyoga and thus there will be good understanding among both. All their plans will be successful in this period. 

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The Shash Yoga is formed in the Lagna house of the Aquarius natives. The period will prove excellent for the business persons. They will achieve higher profits due to the Rajyoga. The natives can adapt new plans and strategies in this period. The material comfort also rises and there are chances of buying a new property or vehicle. Your financial condition will remain strong and your source of income also increases. 

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