Big Health Troubles In May 2024; These Zodiac Signs Should Be Careful!

Health is one of the vital aspects of everyone’s life. Good health is always critical for a newborn, a child, a young person, or an elderly person. But, most people associate health only with elderly persons, which isn’t correct at all. Good health is very important for all of us. In today’s period, there is a lot of pressure on people for their work as there is a huge demand for performance. In search of good results in the work life, the individuals are forced to live a chaotic lifestyle. Such situations will result in people falling ill at different timelines. These days, not only young & old people, but even newborn babies are suffering from vitamin deficiencies and life-threatening troubles. 

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As per Vedic astrology, the influence of different planets on the person’s horoscope will result in minor injuries to even major concerns. The health condition of people depends on the correct position, location, and transit of planets across specific houses. In such a situation, this special AstroSage blog contains details about the natives of zodiac signs that may face health troubles in the month of May 2024. There will be different ups and downs in the health of natives due to which their lives will be impacted differently. So, without delay let us know about these zodiac signs.

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List Of Zodiac Signs That May Face Health Troubles In May 2024 


The month will be a little weaker for the health of Aries natives in May 2024. Your zodiac lord Mars will be positioned in the twelfth house along with Rahu and thus their health troubles can further deteriorate. During this period, the natives may face different types of skin-related troubles, eye issues, rashes, or allergies. They may also be bothered with irregular blood pressure and other troubles related to blood pressure. In this period, there are chances of some kind of accidents for the Aries people. They need to be cautious in May 2024 for their health troubles. 


From the health point of view, the Taurus natives will face ups and downs in their health. The zodiac lord of Taurus, Venus will be located in the twelfth house along with Sun & Jupiter at the start of May 2024. Thus, the diabetic patient needs to be careful in this period. Other health problems can arise in this period. They need to improve their eating habits, or else the effect of fat-rich food & excessive eating of outdoor food will result in different types of stomach concerns. 

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From the health point of view, the month will be filled with ups and downs for the Cancer natives. Saturn will be placed in the eighth house from your zodiac sign and the Angarak Dosha of Mars & Rahu will be present in the ninth house. This will result in fluctuations in the health of Cancer people. Make the habit of walking every morning if you want to avoid any kind of major health troubles. Improve your daily routine by waking up early in the morning and drinking hot water after a walk. Provide the right time to your body and concentrate on a faster physical improvement process. 


From a health point of view, the Libra natives will face different health troubles in their lives. The conjunction of Mars, Rahu, and Mercury in the sixth house will deteriorate the health condition of the natives. They need to pay good attention to blood impurities so that troubles or diseases like pimples or boils don’t bother them. The Libra natives to contact the doctor timely for the solutions. The positioning of Devguru Jupiter in the eighth house can increase health troubles for Libra people. From 14th May 2024, Sun also enters the eighth house. This will prove difficult to maintain the health of natives and thus don’t ignore even any kind of small trouble. Get yourself tested at the right timelines so that you get desirable health benefits. 


The month will be full of ups and downs from the health point of view. The planetary position will result in stomach-related concerns for the Scorpio natives. Also, consult the doctor timely to get appropriate treatment for health troubles. The natives should move ahead or else the natives may face different problems. Consult a doctor on an immediate basis if you are facing any such issue and don’t harm the situation further. The good thing is that Devguru Jupiter will have its vision at the first house and it will strengthen them. Due to this, your personality will gradually improve and will become healthy with time. But, the Angarak Dosha of Mars and Rahu can create health troubles, and thus natives need to stay cautious about it. 


From a health point of view, the month of May 2024 will be a little weaker for the natives. The zodiac lord Jupiter will remain in the house of diseases, i.e. the sixth house, and thus their health will remain weak for the entire month. They might face stomach-related troubles and there are also chances of issues like chest irritation, infection, or tightness. The Sagittarius natives shouldn’t ignore the health troubles in this period and thus adopt a daily good routine. They need to walk in the morning and do some exercise & yoga. The Sagittarius natives will get good results due to it and for some troubles, contact the health professionals or doctors today. 


From the health point of view, the Pisces natives will face different health troubles. The lord of the zodiac sign, Jupiter will be positioned in the third house. They will struggle with laziness and can face different physical troubles if they remain victims of it. Rahu, Mars, and Mercury will remain in the first house together and this will result in changes in the health & behavior of Pisces natives. Also, they can face different troubles like eye pain, mental stress, headache, fever, and body pain. Get it treated timely and live a healthy life. Meditation will prove beneficial for the Pisces natives. 

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