Shadashtak Yoga After 30 Years: An Alarming Situation For 3 Zodiacs

Shadashtak Yoga: Mars is believed to be the root of all hostility and violence. Saturn, on the other hand, is considered to be the root of sadness and destitution. From May 10 to June 30, a Shadashtak Yoga will be formed by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn planets during Mars Transit. And this Yoga is forming after 30 years. On May 10, Saturn will actually be in the Moolatrikona sign of Aquarius, while Mars will be in the weakened sign of Cancer. 

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Additionally, some zodiac signs will be impacted by this Shadashtak Yoga. In this blog by AstroSage, find out which zodiac signs may have difficulties and struggles in their lives as a result of Shadashtak Yoga along with its impact on our country, India. But before moving ahead let’s discuss how Shadashtak Yoga forms.

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How Shadashtak Yoga Forms?

According to astrology, Shadashtak is a very unlucky Yoga. Shadashtak Yoga forms if two planets are situated in the sixth and eighth houses of the horoscope. This Yoga builds a connection between the planets in the sixth and eighth houses. As a result, people must deal with sadness, illness, debt, stress, bad luck, and pain. The Shadashtak Yoga, which Mars and Saturn created this time, could render it more challenging for people born under one of the four zodiac signs.

The position of the planets will be impacted by Shadashtak Yoga, therefore the native does not receive any favorable outcomes. When auspicious and Yogic planets are placed in the sixth and eighth houses, the outcomes of their Yogic nature are less favorable. It is not an ideal sign if the ruler of any house sits in the sixth and eighth houses. 

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Shadashtak Yoga Impact On India

The northern parts of India are symbolized by the planet Mars. In such a scenario, the northern states could be the only ones negatively impacted by the Shadashtak Yoga that would form as a result of Mars transit. Violence is expected to rise in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir. Conflicts based on class and caste could worsen. Additionally, there could be an ongoing increase in violent conflict cases, and this condition might persist for the next two months.

Shadashtak Yoga Detrimental To These Zodiacs

Check out the list of 3 Zodiac signs who might have to deal with adverse circumstances for the next two months due to the formation of Shadashtak Yoga by Saturn-Mars Conjunction.


Cancer natives will need to be extra careful from Shadashtak Yoga, which is going to be formed from the conjunction of Saturn and Mars. This alliance is going to happen in the third house of Cancerians, so there could be chances of some disputes arise in the family related to property. Along with this, you have to be careful and think twice before investing your hard earned money since there is a probability of fraud or you might get caught cheating. Cancer natives are also advised to take good care of your health, do regular exercise and avoid consuming junk food. Neglecting your health during this time could put you in trouble and worsen your situation. 


For those with the astrological sign of Leo, Shadashtak Yoga could create numerous issues and conflicts in their lives. If you are an employee then you have to be careful at your workplace and do your work properly. Otherwise you might make a mistake which could put your job in stake. Also, Leo natives, you are advised to control your spendings. Extravagance could make it difficult for you to manage your expenses and spoil your budget. 

Apart from that there is also a chance of conflict with your younger siblings on a trivial thing. So, be polite and try to understand the situation before losing your temper. Keeping yourself calm and composed will help you sort out the issues between you two. Along with this, you should also take care of your younger siblings health because this duration is a bit troublesome for them so avoid giving them any kind of stress. 

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At this time, Sagittarius people could have to deal with the negative impacts of Shadashtak Yoga forming due to the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in your eighth house. This time period could directly impact your pocket as there is a possibility of rise in expenses. Including this, whatever action you are taking, you should reconsider it because it might bring difficulties to you. Your mental health will be a matter of concern during this time. Try to be relaxed and control your aggression during this time. 

If you are planning to do any investment then you should quit this idea right away because for the next two months there is a chance of financial loss. The eighth house for Sagittarius people will be where this Mars transit occurs. Also, if you are doing job then you should recheck your work before submitting it to your boss, a slight mistake could hamper your progress and promotions at work. Those who are married or in relationships, they are also recommended to stay calm and polite with their partners.


As per Vedic Astrology, Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius. For those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, the Shadashtak Yoga that will be formed during Mars’ transit could be problematic. This could be the time when Aquarius natives suffer distress and struggle to cope with mental problems like anxiety or depression. This helplessness could make you irritable and aggressive. It’s suggested that Aquarius natives should do meditation and regular worship which will help you to control your emotions and behavior. 

Along with this, this time period could also be difficult for the married natives as there could be some miscommunication between the couple which could result in serious problems in the relationship. Apart from this, these natives are advised to drive carefully because they might get serious injuries. This duration is also unfavorable for your health. So, take extra caution and avoid putting yourself in trouble. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Shadashtak Yoga?

Ans. This inauspicious Yoga is formed by the combination of two planets.

Q2. Which is the worst Yoga in astrology?

Ans. The most Inauspicious Yoga in astrology is Kemadruma Yoga.

Q3. Which Yoga is formed by Rahu?

Ans. The Angarak Yoga is formed by Rahu.

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