Saturn’s Third Aspect On Mars, Be Prepared For The Worst

According to Vedic astrology, each planet moves out of a zodiac and enters another after a set period and during this transit, some conjunctions are formed while some houses or planets are aspected by other planets. These phenomena bring uncertainties in the lives of the people of all zodiacs. On 1st June, Mars moved to Aries and it will stay in that zodiac till 12th July. 

Saturn’s third aspect will be on Mars because it is present in Aries. And, some zodiacs need to stay cautious of this aspect. In this blog, we are going to tell you about those unlucky zodiacs and the problems they will have to face due to Saturn’s third aspect on Mars. 

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Zodiacs Who Need To Get Careful 


Due to Saturn’s third aspect on Mars, Cancer natives need to stay extremely cautious. You are likely to face several problems and hindrances in life. The health of your children can get negatively affected and that’s why, you are advised to stay careful. There are chances of a rift between husband and wife. Also, the employed natives can be pressured with a lot of work. You are also advised to be very careful in educational matters. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 

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There are chances of several hindrances to fall midway into your work which can trouble your mind. There are chances of a deterioration in your health as well and that’s why you are advised to not be careless in matters related to your health. On the other hand, you are required to be careful regarding the health of your child as well. There are even chances of financial loss in this period. Make each decision wisely when it comes to money. Spend some time with your life partner otherwise several problems can arise in your relationship as well. 

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The Capricorn natives are required to stay away from arguments and disputes. Also, you are required to spend your money wisely. There are speculations that you may end up bearing a financial loss. You are advised to focus on saving money rather than spending it. Your heart may get restless during this period. Think wisely before starting anything new in this period. The students are also advised to stay careful during this period. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 

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During Saturn’s third aspect on Mars, the minds of Aquarius natives may remain disturbed and troubled. Your inner patience may also reduce during this period. There can be harshness in your words, so keep some control over your words while talking to others. You are required to work hard to get good results. 

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 

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You are expected to face certain financial difficulties in this period. It will be best to avoid unnecessary matters. You are likely to get a chance to travel with your family. There are also chances to receive some good news in this period. Your heart and mind can be filled with negative thoughts in this period. Due to the increase in expenses, there can be problems in saving money. There are even chances that the money you will save will also be spent, that’s why you need to stay cautious. 

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Saturn’s Aspect Can Be Negative In These Circumstances 

Lord Saturn was cursed by his wife that whoever he casts his gaze on will have only troubles and pains in their life. That’s why, most of the time, the Saturn aspect is considered extremely inauspicious. 

  • If Saturn is in a debilitated zodiac then its aspect will bring negative results. That’s why, the houses it aspects in that period get inauspicious results in life. 
  • Sun, Moon, and Mars are the enemy of Saturn, and whenever it aspects these planets then unfortunate impacts are observed. 
  • Even if Saturn is malefic in the birth chart, the natives do not get good results from its aspect.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Saturn aspect is good? 

Whenever Saturn aspects its exalted sign, it is auspicious.  

Which is the exalted sign of Saturn? 

Libra is the exalted sign of Saturn. 

What happens in the third phase of Saturn?

During the third phase of Saturn, the natives have to face controversies.

What results does exalted Saturn give?

Exalted Saturn brings success and excellence  

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