Big Planetary Transits In July Brings Fortune For 5 Zodiacs

In the world of Vedic Astrology, each planet moves out of a zodiac and enters another after a set period. In this situation, we get to witness planetary transits and changes in the position of planets. Following the same phenomena, July is going to be an important month because we are going to witness not 1 or 2, but 4 planetary transits of some really important planets. This special AstroSage blog will tell you about the four big planetary transits happening in July like their date, time, etc. Apart from this, all of these transits are going to impact all the 12 zodiacs but some of them will be honored with great results in this period and they can also get the blessings of financial abundance and prosperity in this period as well. So, without further ado, let’s move ahead and find out about those lucky zodiacs. 

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Date And Time Of The 4 Big Planetary Transits In July 

From an astrological perspective, July is going to be an extremely special month. Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus are the planets that are going to transit in July. So, these planets are going to move out of one zodiac and enter another. Let’s take a look at the date and time of their transits. 

Venus Transit In Cancer: In July, the planet of love, Venus will be the first planet to change its zodiac from Gemini to Cancer on 7th July 2024 at 04:15 in the morning. 

Mars Transits In Taurus: The second transit will be of the planet of courage and bravery, Mars. On 12th July, at 07:03 in the evening, Mars will move out of Aries and enter Taurus. 

Sun Transit In Cancer: The king of the nine planets and the planet of soul, Sun will move out of Gemini and enter the zodiac of Moon, Cancer on 16th July, at 11:08 in the morning. 

Mercury Transit In Leo: In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence, communication, and business which will enter the zodiac of the Sun, Leo on 19th July, at 08:31 in the night. 

Venus Transit In Leo: Venus will again change its zodiac and enter Leo on 31st July 2024, for the second time in the month at 02:15 in the afternoon.

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Auspicious Yogas Forming Due To Planetary Transits 

In the month of July, when the planet of love and marriage, Venus will move to Cancer after coming out of Gemini where Mercury is already present and the presence of these two planets will form Laxmi Narayan Rajyoga in Cancer. After this, Mars will come out of Aries and enter Taurus where it will form a conjunction with Jupiter. Later, the Sun will enter Cancer and will form a conjunction with Mercury and Venus. Then, Mercury will move to Leo from Cancer. Towards the end of July, Venus will again transit wherein it will move from Cancer to Leo and will again form a conjunction with Mercury which will once again form Laxmi Narayan Yoga. As a result, the Rajyoga formed due to planetary transits will provide immense benefits to the five zodiacs. 

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Zodiacs Getting The Benefit Of The 4 Major Planetary Transits 


For the Aries natives, the planetary transits happening in the month of July are going to be amazing. You may get sudden financial benefits out of nowhere in this period. Along with this, their respect and honor will increase evidently. These natives will meet the influential people of the society which will benefit them in their career. There are chances of something auspicious or fortunate to happen in the house or the family of these natives and in these circumstances, the natives will be seen happy. Nevertheless, they must take care of their health otherwise a major health issue can trouble them. Also, the natives must stay away from unnecessary expenses and spend their money wisely. 

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July is going to be an extremely special month for Gemini natives. There can be confusion in the minds of these people but if they work hard, their courage and bravery will increase. There can be new sources of income in this period. The natives who are running their own business can stay busy during this period and in these circumstances, they are likely to run around a lot. It will be better for the Gemini natives to maintain polite behavior and avoid getting angry for no reason. In the month of July, some Puja or auspicious work may take place in your family.  

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July will bring a lot of happiness for Leo natives. You will be highly engrossed in religious activities for this duration. These natives can get respect and honor from the government sector and likewise, they will get immense support from government officials as well. Your career will be filled with great opportunities in the month of July. But, you must beware of your friends and avoid trusting anyone blindly. 

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For the Libra natives, July is going to be very fruitful. The planetary transits happening in this period are going to give you great benefits and there will be an increase in your happiness and prosperity. There are chances of some auspicious events to happen in your family. Along with this, you may purchase land, property, and vehicles during this period. If there is anyone who is marriageable in your family, then they can fix their marriage in this period. The Libra natives are going to feel fresh and can travel with their family. 

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July is going to be a fortunate month for Capricorn natives because on one hand, there are chances of promotion and on the other, this period will bring an increase in money and knowledge for you. Their happiness and prosperity will increase and along with this, there will be profits from their business as well. But, the middle of the month can be tough on you and in this period, you may have to work very hard to earn a decent amount of money. There are also chances of wasteful trips in this duration. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which planetary transits are happening in July?

Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the planets that are going to transit in July. 

Which zodiac will the Sun transit in? 

The Sun will transit in Cancer in July. 

Will July be a good month for Capricorn natives? 

The planetary transit happening in July will bring fortune for Capricorn natives.

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