Yogini Ekadashi 2024 Will Grant Salvation; Perform These Remedies!

Yogini Ekadashi 2024: In Hinduism, the monthly observance of the Ekadashi fast holds significant spiritual importance. According to astrological scriptures, devotees who observe this fast are relieved of all life’s problems and gain spiritual merit. Among these observances, Yogini Ekadashi is particularly important. This Ekadashi falls on the Krishna Paksha date in the month of Ashadha, during which it is customary to worship Lord Vishnu and observe a fast. It is also referred to as Ashadha Krishna Paksha Ekadashi.

Once upon a time, Dharmaraj Yudhishthira asked Lord Krishna to explain the significance and method of worship for this Ekadashi fast. In response, Lord Krishna revealed that observing the Yogini Ekadashi fast absolves one of all sins and grants a place in heaven. Furthermore, it bestows as much merit as feeding eighty thousand Brahmins. Let us now delve into the date, significance, worship method, and simple practices associated with Yogini Ekadashi.

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Yogini Ekadashi 2024: Time & Date

As previously mentioned, Yogini Ekadashi falls on the Krishna Paksha date of the Ashadha month. This year, it occurs on Tuesday, July 2, 2024.

Ekadashi Begins: From 10:28 AM on July 1, 2024

Ekadashi Ends: Until 8:44 AM on July 2, 2024

Yogini Ekadashi Parana Muhurat: From 5:27 AM to 8:14 AM on July 3, 2024

Duration: 2 hours 47 minutes

Significance Of Yoginin Ekadashi 2024

Fasting on Yogini Ekadashi carries unique significance among all Ekadashis. It is believed that observing this fast leads to prosperity and joy in one’s life, fulfilling all the devotee’s desires. This fast is considered a pathway to liberation and is believed to absolve one of all sins. Devotees who worship and perform rituals dedicated to Lord Vishnu on Yogini Ekadashi are said to attain a place at His feet after death.

Auspicious Yogas Forming On Yogini Ekadashi

On the day of Yogini Ekadashi, not one but two auspicious yogas are being formed: Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga and Tripushkar Yoga. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga will last from 5:27 AM on July 2 until 4:40 AM on July 3. Tripushkar Yoga will be present from 8:42 AM on July 2 until 4:40 AM on July 3.

Therefore, observing the fast on Yogini Ekadashi during these two yogas is considered even more fruitful, highly significant, and auspicious.

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Yogini Ekadashi 2024: Puja Vidhi

  • The fasting for Yogini Ekadashi commences on the night of the Dashami date. Therefore, individuals observing the fast should refrain from consuming Tamasic food from the night of the Dashami date and strictly follow celibacy.
  • On the day of this Ekadashi, sleep on the ground with a bedding spread. Wake up before sunrise, free yourself from daily duties, take a bath, and make a vow of fasting in front of God.
  • Install a Kalash and place the idol of Lord Vishnu on it for worship. Bathe the idol of Lord Narayana and offer Kheer as Bhog. Ensure to include Tulsi in the offering as Lord Vishnu highly favors Tulsi.
  • Perform the Aarti with flowers, incense, and lamps in front of the Lord Vishnu. It is advisable to listen to the story of Yogini Ekadashi on this day as it is believed that fasting remains incomplete without listening to or reading the story.
  • On this day, it is essential to worship the peepal tree as it is believed that all the deities reside in the peepal tree.
  • One should avoid sleeping at night and engage in vigilance throughout the night on the day of Ekadashi.

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Dos & Don’ts On Yogini Ekadashi 2024

Do These Tasks

  • On Ekadashi day, start your morning by taking a bath, dressing in clean clothes, and making a vow to observe the Ekadashi fast.
  • If you are fasting on this day, abstain from consuming grains and opt for fruits only.
  • It is crucial to offer water donations on this auspicious day.
  • Visit a temple to donate food or grains.
  • Light a ghee lamp near Tulsi and perform seven circumambulations around Tulsi both in the morning and evening.
  • In the evening, perform proper rituals to worship Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Vishnu.
  • Instead of sleeping on Ekadashi night, participate in bhajans and kirtans.
  • Arrange for a meal for a Brahmin the following morning and, as per your capacity, make a vow for the fast after offering donations and alms.

Avoid Doing These Tasks

  • Avoid associating with thieves, hypocrites, or wicked individuals.
  • On Ekadashi, consciously refrain from consuming rice or offering it to others.
  • Steer clear of engaging in wrongdoings such as gambling, excessive sleeping, chewing betel nuts, slander, gossip, theft, violence, anger, and falsehood, and avoid associating with those who partake in such activities.
  • On Ekadashi, refrain from sweeping the house as it is believed to instill fear of death in tiny creatures like ants.
  • Avoid trimming hair or nails on this day as well.

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Read This Story On Yogini Ekadashi 2024

On the auspicious occasion of Yogini Ekadashi, Lord Sri Krishna recounted the tale of the fast to Yudhishthira. According to this legend, a devout follower of Lord Shiva named King Kubera resided in the heavenly city of Alakapuri. Every day, he meticulously worshipped Lord Shiva, procuring flowers for the ritual from a gardener named Hem. Hem’s wife, Vishalakshi, possessed exquisite beauty. However, one day, upon returning from Manasarovar with flowers, instead of presenting them to the king, Hem became engrossed in worldly pleasures with his wife.

Meanwhile, as the king awaited Hem’s arrival with the flowers, noon came and went without any sign of him. Concerned, the king dispatched his soldiers to Hem’s residence. Upon their return, they reported to the king that Hem was of dubious character, driven by greed, and engaging in inappropriate activities with his wife.

Summoned to the court by King Kubera, Hem trembled with fear upon witnessing the king’s wrath. The king, in his fury, accused Hem of disrespecting Lord Shiva by failing to provide the flowers for his worship, deeming him sinful and unjust. Pronouncing a curse upon Hem, the king decreed that he would suffer from leprosy and be separated from his wife. Thus cursed, Hem plummeted from heaven to earth, afflicted with leprosy and abandoned by his wife, wandering the forests without sustenance.

One day, by chance, Hem found himself at the hermitage of Sage Markandeya. Desperate, he recounted his tale to the sage, who assured him of redemption through observing the Ashadha Krishna Ekadashi fast. By faithfully following the sage’s guidance, Hem observed the fast, and through the grace of Lord Vishnu, he found absolution and reunited with his wife Vishalakshi, residing blissfully in heaven once more.

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Perform These Remedies On Yogini Ekadashi 2024

To fulfill desires on Yogini Ekadashi 2024, it’s imperative to adhere to specific measures. Implementing these measures can add a new dimension to life. Let’s delve into these guidelines:

For Rectifying Vastu Dosha:

If there’s a Vastu dosha in the house, on this day, sprinkle water infused with turmeric or Ganga water throughout the house. This practice can help eliminate the Vastu dosha. While sprinkling Ganga water, remember to chant the mantra “Om Namoh Bhagvate Vasudevay Namah!” The recitation of this mantra is believed to dispel negative energies.

For Advancing in Career:

If you aspire to progress swiftly in your career, then dedicate yourself to worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day. Additionally, recite the Narayana Kavach during the worship. It is believed that this practice quickly pleases Lord Vishnu and brings forth special blessings upon the devotee.

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To Attain the Favor of Lord Vishnu:

If you seek to swiftly gain the favor of Lord Vishnu, perform the worship of Mata Tulsi on this Ekadashi day. While doing so, circumambulate Tulsi while lighting a ghee lamp in front of her. Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe, holds Tulsi Mata in high regard. Therefore, worshipping her promptly pleases Lord Vishnu, who then bestows special blessings upon devotees.

For Peace and Prosperity:

Performing the worship of the Peepal tree holds great significance on Yogini Ekadashi. According to religious beliefs, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayana reside in the Peepal tree. Additionally, other deities and ancestors also reside in the Peepal tree. Hence, ensure to worship the Peepal tree on Yogini Ekadashi. Offer water to the Peepal tree, and while doing so, circumambulate it seven or eleven times while lighting a ghee lamp. By performing these rituals, peace and prosperity prevail in the household.

To Overcome Challenges:

On Ekadashi day, rise early in the morning and cleanse the house, then take a bath and don yellow attire. Subsequently, engage in the worship of Goddess Lakshmi alongside Lord Vishnu. By following these practices, one can overcome various challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. When is Yogini Ekadashi falling in the year 2024?

Ans. Yogini Ekadashi in the year 2024 falls on Tuesday, 2nd July.

Ques2. Why is Yogini Ekadashi celebrated?

Ans. Worshiping Lord Vishnu on this day grants liberation from sins.

Ques3. What should be eaten on Yogini Ekadashi?

Ans. Individuals observing the fast on Yogini Ekadashi should only consume fruits.

Ques4. What food is recommended to eat on Ekadashi?

Ans. Consumption of tamasic food is not recommended on Ekadashi day.

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