Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Targets The Love Lives of 7 Zodiac Signs

Saturn is the son of the Lord Sun and the life of the person on whom Saturn’s evil eye is casted gets filled with difficulties and troubles. When there is any transit of Saturn or it becomes retrograde or direct in any zodiac sign, it brings turmoil in the lives of all zodiac signs. 

This time in June, Saturn will retrograde in its zodiac sign. It will affect all the zodiacs, however there are some zodiacs who may have to face problems in their love life due to Saturn retrograde. 

On June 29. At 11:40 pm, Saturn will retrograde in its zodiac, Aquarius. During this time, people of some zodiac signs need to be careful in their love lives. In this blog, we are going to tell you about those zodiac signs in detail. 

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These Zodiacs Need To Look After Their Love Lives 


Saturn is the ruling lord of the tenth and eleventh houses of Aries zodiac. At the moment, it will retrograde in the eleventh house. During this time, there will be very good coordination between you and your partner, but still, there are chances of some arguments between you and your partner on small matters. It would be better to try to avoid these disputes to maintain a healthy relationship. 

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For the Gemini zodiac, Saturn rules over the eighth and ninth houses. Currently, it will retrograde in the ninth house. It is going to be hard for your luck to support you during this period.  There are chances of a reduction in your self-confidence as well. Due to some family issues, there are chances of an argument breaking between you and your partner which can bring bitterness to your relationship. 

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Cancer zodiac has Saturn as its ruling lord for the seventh and eighth house and at the moment, it will retrograde in the eighth house. If we talk about your love relationship, then this period can be filled with uncertainties between you and your partner. These uncertainties can also ruin the atmosphere of the family as well. 

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Saturn is the ruling planet of the sixth and seventh house of the Leo zodiac. Now, it will retrograde in the seventh house. Problems related to ego and arrogance can come between you and your partner. This can trouble your mind as well. 

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Saturn is the ruling lord of the third and fourth houses. At present, it will retrograde in your fourth house. There are chances of a reduction in your material comforts and luxuries. You and your partner are likely to end up in unwanted and unnecessary arguments. It is possible that the perspective of both of you may not match with each other and due to the same, you and your partner may grow distant from each other. 

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For the Aquarius zodiac, Saturn is the lord of the first and second house and now, it will retrograde in the first house. You may not feel satisfied with your lover in your love relationship. During this time, there would be less coordination between you and your partner. 

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Saturn rules over the eleventh and twelfth houses of the Pisces natives. Currently, it will retrograde in your twelfth house. You may feel unsatisfied during this period. There can be a lack of mutual coordination between you and your partner. Also, the two of you might not support each other through thick and thin. Due to all these reasons, there are chances that you may feel unsatisfied in your relationship. 

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Importance Of Saturn In Vedic Astrology

Saturn is known as the planet of justice in Vedic Astrology. It is a teacher that teaches people to be disciplined and work hard. Saturn makes a person punctual and unbiased. It also makes the person strong-willed to achieve their dreams. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What to do when Saturn retrogrades? 

Offer chapati (roti) to crows daily. 

How long will Saturn retrograde in Aquarius?

Saturn will remain retrograde till 15th November 2024. 

What are the favorite zodiacs of Lord Saturn?

Aquarius and Capricorn are the two zodiacs dear to Lord Saturn. 

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