Mercury & Venus Ensures Love At First Sight – Check Affected Zodiacs!

Some individuals fall in love very quickly i.e. love at first sight. It works like an arrow that goes through the eyes and into the hearts of individuals. Such people leave no stone unturned in taking their love to the next level. But, do you know that planets & stars play a big role in first love? Let us inform readers that the position of the planets matters a lot. 

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Due to the effects of planets and nakshatras, a person can fall in love at first sight. The planets like Mercury and Venus are responsible for it. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is referred to as the prince of planets. So, young people fall in love in their teenage years. Whereas, Venus is the planet of love and it is also considered to be the lord of attraction. This results in the rise of attraction between both partners. 

This special AstroSage blog contains details about zodiac signs whose natives can fall in love quickly. So, let’s move ahead and check the vital information. 

List Of Zodiacs Who Natives Can Fall In Love At First Sight  


The lord of Taurus zodiac is Virgo and this planet is responsible for love in the lives of natives. This results in Taurus natives giving heart to their partners at the first sign. Whatever they have in their hearts, they express it freely instead of keeping that inside their minds. They aren’t patient with their heart matters and if they love someone, they express it freely to that person. At times, they can fall into one-sided love. Similar to the qualities of the planet Venus, the natives of this zodiac sign will have a lot of attraction. This can make the other person crazy about them. The natives of this zodiac sign are quite balanced & stable in their behavior and also motivate others. They provide value to emotions in the relationship and handle every phase with simple understanding. 

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The persons involved in a relationship can make decisions wisely and commit themselves to fulfilling promises made to the partners.  If we talk about the married life of Taurus natives, they like to spend exciting moments with their partner. They attempt to understand each other and thus they take care of each other’s needs. 

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Mercury is the lord of the Gemini zodiac sign and they experience an excellent period in their love life. The Gemini natives are very emotional in their nature and when they give their heart to anyone, they try to fulfill it with devotion. Talking about the love of Gemini natives, they are very delicate with it. They watch the good things in everyone and fall in love with people who understand their nature. They don’t dive deep into the matters of love or don’t explore things about it. They have the best chances of falling in love at first sight. 

For the Gemini natives, love is life for them and isn’t just an experience. Others are attracted to them because there is no scope for hesitation when they fall in love at first sight. The person in a love relationship maintains it with full honesty and also gives a lot of love to their partner. They experience a wonderful married life. 

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Mercury is the lord of the Virgo zodiac sign and thus the natives have a wonderful love life. They express their feelings whenever there is a good chance for it. The natives don’t shy away from expressing their views when their heart is touched. They are lost in the thoughts of their love partner. They make people their own at first sight and attract people with their behavior. 

The spark in their eyes attracts others towards them. All kinds of relationships are very important for the Virgo natives. They always support their partners, at the time of happiness and sorrow. The person in a relationship tries to keep their promise. The Virgo natives look for good friends in their partners, and this adds beauty to their relationship. They go out and spend quality time together. 

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Venus is the lord of the Libra zodiac sign and the natives like to live life in an open manner. They can locate a diamond in the crowd and thus can fall in one-sided love. Most natives of the Libra sign always have love on their minds. When they find someone matching their thoughts, they get emotional towards the relationship. Due to the glow in the eyes, anyone can get immersed in their eyes. They have a trustworthy nature and make their love feel special with their good efforts. They reveal their feelings to their partner openly. 

Talking about the love life of Libra natives, they will have a strong love relationship and there will be a lot of love among partners. They understand the needs of each other. They don’t use excessive words to express their love and read things in the eyes of others. They like spending quality time with their partner. If they’re busy with any vital work, they take out time for their partner. The Libra natives always defend their partners and are always available at the time of need. They expect loyalty & commitment from others. 

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Q1. What happens if Mercury is weaker in the horoscope?

Ans. Weak Mercury or Budh Dosha can lead to different troubles in the lives of people. They will face obstacles in starting a job, or business, achieving progress, etc.

Q2. How to please Mercury?

Ans. To strengthen Mercury in the horoscope, feed soaked green gram to birds and other creatures having wings. 

Q3. What are the symptoms of weaker Mercury in the horoscope?

Ans. A weaker Mercury in the horoscope can result in different troubles for people like nerve pain, communication troubles, body-related diseases, and mouth, throat, and skin diseases. It also results in excessive sweating, troubles in the nervous system, etc. 

Q4. What are the factors of the planet Venus?

Ans. The planet Venus is the factor of love, good fortune, attraction, and grandeur.

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