Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius Slows Down Worldwide Events!

Saturn Retrograde 2024: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. In this blog we will read about Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius which is set to take place on the 29th June, 2024 and how it would impact the zodiac signs.

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Saturn takes 2.5 years to complete its journey in a particular zodiac and for this reason takes about 30 years to complete its journey through all the zodiac signs. Saturn returned to its Mooltrikona sign on 17th of January, 2023 and now will start its retrogression in Aquarius on 29th June, 2024. Saturn becomes more powerful and impactful when it moves in retrogression and has a profound impact on all zodiacs. Let us read on to know which zodiac signs will now benefit from this backflip of Saturn.

Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: Timing

Saturn, the mighty planet who entered the Aquarius zodiac sign on 17th January, 2023 and is now ready to move retrograde on 29th June, 2024. Saturn will become direct again on  

Saturn In Aquarius: Characteristics

Saturn, when placed in Aquarius, brings a focus on social structures, innovation, and collective responsibility. Aquarius is a sign associated with progressiveness, originality, and humanitarianism. When Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility, and limitation, moves through Aquarius, it often prompts a collective reevaluation of societal norms and structures.

Here are some key themes and potential effects of Saturn in Aquarius:

  1. Social Reform and Activism: Saturn in Aquarius encourages societal reform and activism aimed at addressing systemic issues. There may be increased attention on social justice, equality, and human rights.
  2. Technological Advancements: Aquarius is associated with innovation and technology. Saturn’s influence here can lead to significant advancements in technology, particularly those that serve the collective good or promote social change.
  3. Community Building: Saturn in Aquarius emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration. People may come together to work towards common goals and support each other in creating positive change.
  4. Individual Responsibility: While Aquarius is a sign focused on the collective, Saturn reminds individuals of their personal responsibilities within society. This transit may prompt people to take accountability for their actions and their impact on the community.
  5. Challenges to Tradition: Aquarius is known for its iconoclastic tendencies and rejection of traditional norms. Saturn’s presence here can challenge existing structures and push for innovation, even if it means disrupting the status quo.
  6. Scientific Progress: Aquarius is also associated with science and rationality. Saturn’s influence can lead to advancements in scientific research and a greater emphasis on evidence-based decision-making.
  7. Political and Economic Reforms: Saturn in Aquarius may bring about changes in political and economic systems, with a focus on creating more equitable and sustainable models.

Overall, Saturn in Aquarius encourages us to think beyond individual concerns and consider the welfare of the broader community. It’s a time for collective action, innovation, and social progress. However, Saturn’s influence also reminds us that change often requires patience, perseverance, and a willingness to confront challenges along the way.

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Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: Worldwide Impacts

The Weather Report

  • The air pollution may be on the rise and India could be one of the countries to be majorly impacted by it.
  • Monsoon will hit the Indian subcontinent sooner than expected and the monsoon will be wetter and disastrous in most parts of the subcontinent. 
  • Many natural calamities could take place during this retrogression period especially in the hilly and the coastal regions.

The Judiciary and The Law

  • Due to Saturn being retrograde in Aquarius certain events could highlight some loopholes in the Indian Judiciary System.
  • The Judiciary is bound to make some important decisions pertaining to a lot of major pending cases of national importance.
  • The Judiciary will witness some major changes happening in the policies and reforms and better implementation of the laws.

Business & Miscellaneous

  • The Indian government may bring in policies to impose certain restrictions regarding the usage of diesel vehicles.
  • There could be an implementation of certain rules and regulations regarding social media too.
  • Business opportunities from the south eastern direction or south eastern countries may decline a bit temporarily.
  • Saturn retrograde could slow down talks of strengthening Indian ties with the western countries and countries in the south east slightly.
  • The overall business scenario in the country may improve. 
  • There may be slow growth in certain sectors like Mining, Iron industries, leather industries, Petroleum industry, etc.
  • There could be a slight decline in people indulging in spiritual activities worldover.

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Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: Stock Market Report

Saturn becomes retrograde in Aquarius on 29th June, 2024 and being an important part of the celestial sphere, it is bound to have some effects on the market. You can read the Stock Market Predictions by AstroSage in detail if you wish to. For a sneak peak on the market, read on to know further: 

  • The stock market forecast for 2024 states that it will be a favorable time to invest in a variety of industries, including the textile, banking, coal, import/export, diamond, and wool industries.
  • After the mid of the month of July the market will show signs of weakness with stocks crashing. 
  • The market will go through a lot of fluctuations during the end or the last week of the month.
  • Tata Power, Reliance Power, Power Transmission and Cable Industries, Automobile, Rubber Industry, Heavy Engineering, Tosco, Parts, Birsala Erection, Tea Coffee, Heavy Industries, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, ONGC, and other companies are projected to grow. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Which two zodiac signs does Saturn rule?

Ans. Capricorn, Aquarius

Ques2. How many years does Saturn take to transit from one zodiac to another?

Ans. 2.5 years

Ques3. Is Saturn friendly with Mars?

Ans. No, Saturn is inimical to Mars


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