Saturn’s Third Vision On Mars – Revealing Prosperity & Challenges Across Zodiacs!

In Vedic Astrology, all the planets change their zodiac sign after a certain period and it will have positive & negative effects on the natives of 12 zodiac signs. In the same sequence, on 01 June 2024, Mars transits into Aries sign and will remain in the position till 12 July. In such a situation, Saturn’s third vision falls on Mars, till 12 July 2024, and there will be both positive & negative effects on different zodiac signs. 

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In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered the commander of planets and it is regarded as one of the powerful planets. They transit from one zodiac sign to another after one and a half months. Because of Mars’ transit in Aries zodiac sign, the third vision of Saturn falls on the Mars planet. This affects the lives of natives of all zodiac signs. Thus, it will prove auspicious for some zodiacs and inauspicious for some signs. So, let us move ahead and know about the signs whose natives will get positive & negative results in their lives due to the third vision of Saturn on Mars. 

Third Sight Of Saturn On Mars – Inauspicious Outcomes For These Zodiac Signs 


Due to the third sight of Saturn on Mars, Virgo natives need to be careful in their lives. They can face troubles across different aspects of their lives during this period. Despite hard work, they might not achieve success and it will make them very sad. You might come under work pressure and thus your performance will go down significantly. They might face different challenges to achieve success in their work life. The Virgo natives can plan to change their jobs and aim to earn a lot of money. This will help them to improve their career prospects. It will be hard for the Virgo natives to achieve all of it easily. 

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Talking about the financial lives of Virgo natives, there are chances of a rise in expenses in this period. The families can also face financial troubles in their lives. Along with it, there are chances of financial losses, and thus the natives need to take a loan or debt. There are hardly any chances of success in the business sector. Think carefully and take advice from an expert for the right decisions. It is advised to stay away from arguments and don’t make issues out of small matters. 

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The Scorpio natives need to be careful due to the third sight of Saturn on Mars. During this period, there can be ups and downs in the work life of professionals. There are chances of big losses due to it. Also, avoid making decisions in haste as it may cause losses. Excessive work pressure can cause mental stress in people’s lives. The natives are advised to take special care of their health and avoid excessive stress. 

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They might not be satisfied with their work and won’t get results as per expectations. During this period, you might find it hard to establish good & positive results with superiors and office colleagues. You need to wait more if you’ve been waiting for promotions at jobs. This will make them dissatisfied with their lives. You might miss out on good opportunities during this period. There can be discord in the family and thus you need to stay away from arguments. They need to control their anger efficiently. 

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Libra natives need to be careful of the third aspect or sight of Saturn on Mars. There will be different ups and downs during this period and it can result in mental stress in people’s lives. They need to take special care of their health or else they can encounter different troubles. The business persons can suffer losses and it can be hard to establish their operations. They may face hardship or difficulties in earning profits due to it. There are chances of tough competition for the rivals. They might miss the support of their partners and colleagues at the workplace. Due to a lack of goodwill, they might be disappointed across different phases. 

From the financial point of view, they can suffer losses and the expenses can increase during this period. They will face hardship in earning money and saving funds as well. During this period, their ability to save will be limited and it can be a reason for worry for them. 

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Third Sight Of Saturn On Mars – List Of Zodiacs That Get Auspicious Results 


The third sight of Saturn will prove auspicious for the Aries natives. Due to this, they will get good results for their hard work at jobs. They will be in a position to showcase dominance over office colleagues & superiors. They will get appreciation at work watching their energy and professionalism. The Aries natives can expect good rewards for it. They can make huge profits and grow at a fast pace. 

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Business persons can earn success by earning good financial profits during this period and the results will favor them. They will be full of energy and can complete tasks with full enthusiasm. The period can yield good financial returns and can earn a good amount of money. The expenses will reduce in this period and can make the right kind of savings. They will feel confident at work and their confidence will guide them to earn profits. 

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The third vision of Saturn on Mars will favor the Gemini natives. If we talk about the careers of people, the time will be favorable for achieving promotions at jobs. For persons associated with government jobs or the private sector, then it would be favorable for the natives. They will be successful in getting promotions and encouragement during this period. The natives will get more profits than expected at their workplace.  

The business persons can earn good finances due to the third aspect of Saturn. They can expect huge profits in this period through proper investments. The Gemini natives will be successful in giving tough competition to their rivals. They can maintain happiness in their relationship & with their partners. There will be mutual and good understanding among both and the relationship will get stronger. If we talk about the health of natives, then their health will remain secure and thus can maintain good health successfully. 

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The third sight of Saturn on Mars will prove auspicious for the Leo natives. They will get promotions at their workplace and their salaries also rise. During this period, they will get rewarded for their hard work. The natives can learn new things and get opportunities to travel abroad during this period. It will prove wonderful for the future of Leo natives. They will get good fortune and good financial benefits due to it. 

The period will prove fruitful for the Leo natives and it is the best time to set up the business operations. They can earn good profits during this period. Talking about the economic situation of Leo natives, the period will prove very fruitful. In such a situation, people will be in a position to earn a good amount of money and also make savings. The period will be auspicious for people living abroad and can get the full support of luck to complete various tasks. 

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Q1. What is the Time of Mars Transit into Aries?

Ans. On 01 June 2024, Mars transited into the Aries and will remain in the zodiac sign till 12 July 2024. 

Q2. How do we get auspicious results from the Mars planet?

Ans. Worship Hanuman Ji on Tuesday to get auspicious results from Mars planet.

Q3. What are the factors of the Mars planet?

Ans. In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered the factor of land, courage, bravery, and blood.

Q4. When will Saturn transit?

Ans. Saturn exits from the Aquarius sign and transits into the Pisces sign in 2025. 

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