Jupiter & Mars Sit Together In Taurus, 3 Zodiacs To Walk On Success Path

According to Vedic Astrology, each planet moves out of a zodiac to enter another zodiac or Nakshatra after a set period. These planetary transits often create auspicious or inauspicious Yogas. Currently, Mars is present in its zodiac called Aries and Jupiter is also going to be in Taurus throughout the year. 

However, on 12th July, at 07:03 in the evening, Mars will enter Taurus. This will create a conjunction between Jupiter and Mars. The presence of Jupiter and Mars within the same zodiac will create a conjunction between the two planets, known as Guru-Mangal yoga. This Yoga is considered to be extremely auspicious in Vedic astrology. 

The positive impact of this Yoga is going to increase the position of prestige and respect. The impact of this yoga makes a person more intelligent and logical. They get great success in the field of education. The formation of Guru-Mangal yoga will bring positive changes in the life of some zodiacs and today, we are going to talk about those zodiacs only in this blog. 

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Guru-Mangal Auspicious Impacts On These Zodiacs 


Guru-Mangal Yoga is going to offer great benefit to the natives of the Taurus zodiac. Problems of money shortage will be resolved and the financial condition will strengthen. There will be sweetness in the love relationships and the love between husband and wife will increase too. This will make you extremely happy and satisfied. There will be an increase in the happiness in your life. You will be very happy with your family. The income sources will increase and there will be a situation of profit for business natives as well. 

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The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars is going to light up the destiny of Leo natives. There are chances of sudden financial gains in life. There will be an increase in the sources of income as well which will also strengthen your financial stability. You will be engrossed in donation and its positive impact will surely start reflecting in your life. 

There are even chances of progress in your workspace. Happiness will knock on the door of the family. This is a time for promotion and increment of employed natives. The money stuck for long will now find its way back to you. 

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If you belong to the Scorpio zodiac, then you are going to earn a lot of profit in this period. You will earn a lot of money and not face financial problems. You may even purchase a property for yourself as well. Your financial condition will be strong during this duration. You are going to be happy with the positive things happening in your life. 

There will be happiness in the marital relationship as well. The mutual love and respect will increase between the husband and wife. You will get the support of your in-laws. Whatever problems you had to face in your career, they will now be resolved. You will witness positivity everywhere in your life. 

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Importance Of Mars In Vedic Astrology

Mars is considered the planet of warriors and someone who gives orders. It has a masculine element. In Hindu mythology, Mars has also been called the son of Earth. It is a planet of fiery, courageous, violent and brave nature. Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio.  It is exalted at 28 degrees in Capricorn and debilitated at 28 degrees in Cancer. Its Mooltrikona sign is Aries. 

Mars has a major impact on the wishes and ambitions of a person. This planet has leadership qualities. Whichever field you want to succeed in, this planet can help you with great opportunities in that field. 

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Importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology 

Jupiter is the biggest planet amongst all other planets. It is honored as the Lord of all Gods. The blessings of Jupiter can offer great fortune to a person. It is a kind and humble planet. Jupiter is also known as the star of the Solar system. It takes a little less than 12 years to revolve around the Sun. Besides Mars and Venus, it is the brightest planet compared to other planets. Jupiter symbolizes luck, wealth, fame, morality, meditation, children, spirituality, devotion, and faith. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which yoga forms from the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars? 

The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars forms Guru-Mangal yoga. 

What is Guru Mangal Yoga?

Guru Mangal Yoga forms from the conjunction of Jupiter (Guru) and Mars (Mangal.)

Which zodiac is owned by Jupiter? 

Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter. 

Which house is the house of death in the birth chart? 

The eighth house is the house of death in a birth chart. 

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