Auspicious Yogas On Ram Navami Grants Special Blessings To 3 Zodiacs!

Ram Navami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Ram in Sanatan Dharma. In the year 2024, Ram Navami will be celebrated on 17th April. It is said that Lord Shri Ram was born on the ninth date of Shukla Prasad of Chaitra month under Cancer ascendant and Abhijeet Muhurta, since that time, this date has been celebrated as Ram Navami. Also, this is the last day of Chaitra Navratri. Let us tell you that this time Ram Navami is going to be very special because many auspicious yogas are going to happen on this day. This Special AstroSage blog will provide you with detailed information about the auspicious yogas forming on Ram Navami. Apart from this, we will also inform you about the zodiac signs that are blessed with the special blessings of Lord Ram. 

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As Ram Navami is the last day of Chaitra Navratri, so with the departure of the Maa Durga, our country also celebrates the birth anniversary of Lord Ram with great enthusiasm. On this auspicious event, the temples of Lord Ram across the country including Ayodhya are decorated, and special religious events are organized. According to Vedic astrology, this time Ram Navami is going to be very auspicious because a rare yoga is being formed on this day. So, let’s move ahead and learn about this special yoga. 

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Rare Yoga Forming On Ram Navami 2024

According to Vedic Astrology, the Moon will be positioned in Cancer on Ram Navami, and in such a situation, a Cancer ascendant is being formed. During the birth of Lord Ram, the Sun will be in the tenth house in its exalted sign. And this time, after many years, the Sun is going to be in its exalted sign as well as in the tenth house which will create Gaja Kesari Yoga. It is believed that when Lord Shri Ram was born, his birth chart had Gaja Kesari yoga. This auspicious yoga is going to benefit certain zodiacs on Ram Navami 2024. 

Auspicious Yoga Forming On Ram Navami Blessing These 3 Zodiacs 


On the day of Ram Navami, the Sun and Jupiter will be present in the Aries zodiac together. As a result, you will get rid of all the problems running in your family and can even hear good news from your parents or children’s end. Your work will be appreciated at your workplace and there are also strong chances of promotion or some bigger responsibilities to get added to your position. The natives who are running their business will also make good profits. At the same time, the problems running in the family will also be resolved and the obstacles in the love life will also be removed. There will be sweetness in the relationship and a lot of problems from your life will be resolved. 

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Ram Navami 2024 will be extremely favorable for Libra natives. The dreams that you had once seen, but due to some reasons were not able to achieve them, can now be fulfilled. During this period, there will be changes in purchasing your vehicle and property. Lord Shri Ram will solve the problems going on in your family and at the same time, will pave the way for financial gain for you which will also help you in saving money for the future. The natives of the Libra zodiac are likely to get benefits in the field of career and business. 


The blessings of Shri Ram will be showered on Pisces Natives during Ram Navami this year. These natives will get success in each aspect of their life and there are also strong chances of getting financial benefits. You will have a good time with the people in your family and the problems running in your family will also be resolved during this period. If you are thinking of investing your money in the share market, betting market, or business then there are chances of good returns during this period. As a result, your financial condition will get stronger and you will also be able to save money. Your interest in spirituality is likely to increase due to which you may accompany your friends or family on pilgrimage trips. 

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