Start Of Vaishakh 2024 Bring Riches & Good Fortune For These 5 Zodiacs!

As per the Hindu Calendar, the Vaishakh month starts after the Chaitra month. In the Sanatan Dharma, the month has special religious significance and it is the second month of the Hindu calendar. The month begins on 21 April 2024, Sunday and ends on 21 May 2024, Tuesday. As per astrology, taking a bath in holy rivers like Ganga, etc., and donating the right things this month will provide auspicious results to the natives. The belief is that worship of the incarceration of Lord Vishnu – Parshuram, Banke Bihari, etc. in this month will fill the minds of devotees with peace. The devotees of the lord also get relief from all kinds of sorrows by worshiping the lord this month.

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The month is known as Vaishakh due to its association with Vishakha Nakshatra. The lord of Vishakha Nakshatra is Devguru Jupiter and Lord Indra. In such a situation, bathing, fasting, charity, and worship of the lord during this month will bring auspicious results in the lives of people. The month is considered very auspicious for the natives of some zodiac signs. So, without any further delay let us know about the zodiac signs whose natives will get auspicious results for the entire Vaishakh month. 

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List Of Auspicious Zodiac Signs & Benefits For The Month Of Vaishakh 2024


The month of Vaishakh 2024 proves very auspicious for the Aries zodiac sign. During this period, the natives will be able to earn a handsome amount of money. Their work will be appreciated in the workplace and will gain respect & prestige due to their hard efforts. They will be able to establish moral values in the family and thus will make the home atmosphere very pleasant. All the hard work and efforts in their careers will yield the best outcomes. They can earn a good amount of money with your dedication and thus can reach a comfortable position with their hard efforts. You will also win the hearts & minds of the superiors at your work with the precision of work. 

The business persons can earn good profits in this period and will be successful in their business efforts. They will get good returns from their investments and in case you have made any investment recently, then they will be poised to earn profits from it in the future. Luck will favor the Aries natives to achieve different targets. The Vaishakh 2024 month will be best to accumulate and save money. They will be in the best place to win the trust of your spouse and the relationship will remain in harmony. 

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For the Gemini natives, the period from 21 April 2024 to 21 May 2024 will be very favorable. They can achieve a high level of satisfaction during this period and can also expect good returns from their investments. In their careers, they will achieve trust & appreciation from their superiors for their work efforts. They will also get respect in their workplace. There are chances of change in job location and there are good possibilities of salary rise. The business persons will be successful in earning good profits and it will provide them satisfaction. Other than that, the natives planning to start a new company or startup will get the desired success. 

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In your relationship, get full support from your spouse and spend quality time with each other. There won’t be any major health trouble or concern in this period. But, you might be facing minor health troubles, stomach and digestion troubles. The natives don’t need to panic due to it as they can overcome the troubles easily. 

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The month of Vaishakh 2024 will prove very favorable for the Cancer natives. They will be able to make new friends in this period and can make new contacts with people. The natives will get the support of their friends based on their intelligence and can achieve immense success in their careers due to their hard work. In this month, the natives will get the full support of their, and all their efforts will be successful. As per the financial life of Cancer natives, they can make the right type of savings during this period. The relationship will be very strong and can establish high values in the relationship. In terms of your health, the natives will have good fitness and will be filled with enthusiasm to carry out different activities successfully. 

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The period of Vaishakh 2024 will turn out very wonderful for the Sagittarius natives. They will get excellent results in their careers due to their hard efforts. Other than that, the natives will get happiness and prosperity at their workplace. For business persons, it will be the right timeline to get immense success across different sectors. Talking about the financial life of natives, the Sagittarius natives will get the full support of luck and can save a good amount of money. They will be honest about their relationships with their life partners and there will be a feeling of love between both. The natives can enjoy happy moments thoroughly. Their health will remain good and they can enjoy a comfortable time with friends. They will be full of energy for the entire month and thus their tasks will be accomplished successfully. 

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The month of Vaishakh 2024 will be very favorable for the Pisces natives. During this period, they will achieve immense success and their efforts will be successful. In their careers, the natives can expect good results in their workplace. There will be appreciation from superiors for different activities. Other than that, they may get new job opportunities and can achieve their goals successfully. 

If we talk about financial life, there won’t be any shortage of money during this period. They may also gain different financial benefits from their ancestral properties and other unexpected sources. This will keep the financial condition of natives very strong. They can also get good profits due to their intelligence and skills. The natives will surely be a success in their efforts and the business persons will be able to expand their operations successfully. This will result in all kinds of satisfaction in their lives. Your relationship with your spouse will be very strong. Along with that, the natives will have close relationships with their life partners. They will have the right kind of fitness for carrying out various activities. The Pisces natives will have strong immunity and higher energy levels for carrying out different tasks successfully. They are advised to do yoga and exercise to stay fit. 

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