Namkaran Muhurat 2024 In May; Check Out Date & Time For Auspicious Muhurat

16 rituals or ceremonies are carried out in Hinduism over the course of a person’s life, particularly for newborns and young children. One of these rituals is the naming ceremony which is considered very important because in this ceremony the name of the child is kept. 

The auspicious days for naming are provided here if you would like to conduct the baby’s naming ceremony. You can find lucky dates for a baby naming ceremony in May 2024 on our AstroSage site. Let’s explore the auspicious period as we begin this blog. 

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Religious & Astrological Viewpoint On Namkaran Sanskar 

Namkaran Sanskar is the first rite of life performed after a child is born, and it is one of the 16 rituals that are mentioned in the scriptures. Similarly, the baby’s life is positively impacted if the naming ceremony is carried out by the parents and other family members during an auspicious time and occasion. 

There are theories that claim that each person’s name has a tremendous amount of energy. The naming ceremony is significant because this energy aids in the baby’s physical, mental, and spiritual development as well as helps them connect with the energy of the universe. Astrologically and religiously speaking, naming ceremonies aid in a child’s development of social authority as they grow older.

Let us now tell you about the auspicious moments of Namkaran Sanskar in May 2024, once you have learned about its religious and astrological importance. 

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Auspicious Dates For Namkaran Sanskar In May 2024

It is traditional to do all tasks during auspicious times since, as we know, dates and auspicious times hold particular significance in Sanatan Dharma. Keeping all these things in mind, we are going to tell you when and on which date in May 2024 you can do this naming ceremony, so without any delay let us know the dates of the auspicious time. 

Namkaran Sanskar First Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 01 May 2024, Wednesday from 05:40 am till 03:11 pm 

Namkaran Sanskar Second Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 03 May 2024, Friday from 05:38 am till 09:24 pm. 

Namkaran Sanskar Third Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 05 May 2024, Sunday from 05:36 am till next morning of 06 May at 05:36 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Fourth Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 06 May 2024, Monday from 05:36 am till 01:14 pm. 

Namkaran Sanskar Fifth Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 09 May 2024, Thursday from 11:56 am till next morning on 10 May at 05:33 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Sixth Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 10 May 2024, Friday from 05:33 am till 02:52 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Seventh Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 13 May 2024, Monday from 11:24 am till 01:29 am. 

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Namkaran Sanskar Eighth Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 19 May 2024, Sunday from 05:27 am till next morning of 20 May at 05:27 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Ninth Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 20 May 2024, Monday from 05:27 am till next morning of 21 May at 05:27 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Tenth Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 23 May 2024, Thursday from 09:14 am till next morning of 24 May at 05:26 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Eleventh Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 24 May 2024, Friday from 05:25 am till 10:10 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Twelfth Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 27 May 2024, Monday from 04:56 pm till next morning of 28 May at  05:24 am. 

Namkaran Sanskar Last Muhurat 2024 In May 2024: 30 May 2024, Thursday from 07:31 am till the next morning of 31 May at 05:23 am. 

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Things To Do During Namakaran Sanskar

  • When a baby is born, the family performs his Jaat Karma, etc., and then Sutak period begins. The duration of Sutak varies, nevertheless. Doing the naming ceremony ten days after the kid is born is often considered auspicious.
  • It is believed to be ideal to have the naming ceremony between the seventh day after the baby is born.
  • Plan your child’s naming ceremony at home, if at all possible. You can even hold the baby naming ceremony in a temple, if that is what you prefer. 

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