Mercury Transit Could Spoil The Career Of These Zodiacs

A planet’s transit affects every sign in the zodiac. Planets not only transit but also move straight and retrograde, which affects a number of facets of people’s life. Some zodiac signs see career advancement as a result of transit, while others encounter challenges in their romantic relationships. Astrology states that planetary transits cause people’s lives to have ups and downs, and this time around, Mercury’s transit in May is predicted to cause something similar.

This blog goes into additional detail about the exact time and sign that Mercury is transiting the zodiac, as well as which signs of the zodiac are most likely to experience career failure as a result of this transit.

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Mercury Transit In Taurus Date And Time

Mercury will transit in Taurus at 12:02 on May 31, 2024. While every sign will be impacted by Mercury’s transit, some will see greater success, growth, and professional progression as a result of the shift in Mercury’s sign. More information is provided regarding the significance of Mercury in astrology.

Mercury Planet Significance In Vedic Astrology

An individual’s horoscope indicates that when Mercury is in an auspicious position or an exalted sign, they will experience favorable outcomes in life and develop persuasive and charming speech. These individuals are capable of expressing their points of view and are skilled in business dealings. Mercury gives someone intelligence, simplicity, and analytical skills.

On the other hand, a person with a Mercury affliction becomes cunning and malicious. They continue to be opposed to everything they dislike. They are dishonest, liars, and think nothing of flaunting themselves. They are erratic in nature and soon forget the commitments they make.

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Mercury Transit In Taurus Could Hamper Career Of These Zodiacs


Aries individuals could encounter some obstacles in their professional and financial lives. It’s possible that at this point, you’re losing concentration as well. You might not be able to work with complete concentrate as a result. There’s a concern that your performance will suffer in this kind of circumstance. For those in employment, this is not going to be a very good time.

Aries Horoscope 2024

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Individuals under the sign of Taurus may encounter many challenges and barriers in their professional lives. In addition to this, you might experience some issues as a result of the advantages your employment provides. We recommend that you work at your place of employment with intelligence and skill. You can achieve success in your career with this.

Taurus Horoscope 2024


Mercury enters Taurus, which could cause difficulties for Geminis in their careers. It’s possible that you’re not as motivated at work. Other than this, you’ll appear sad and feel a little unsatisfied with your profession. Your proficiency and efficiency can also be declining at this point.

Gemini Horoscope 2024

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Leos should use caution when Mercury is transiting their sign. In addition to these obstacles, you can experience an increase in job pressure. Make a plan and work methodically in your field if you wish to demonstrate your worth during these trying times. In your career, this can assist you in finding balance.

Leo Horoscope 2024

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Those born under the sign of Libra may experience abrupt shifts in their line of work. Your employment status could change, or you could be transferred. It could be difficult for traders to turn a profit at times. You are urged to control your job and exercise caution right now to prevent any losses.

Libra Horoscope 2024

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Scorpios may experience pressure from superiors in the workplace. Additionally, you won’t get along well with your coworkers. It’s possible that your workload will grow. Your efforts will go unappreciated despite your best efforts, and as a result, you can experience a lot of disappointment.

Scorpio Horoscope 2024

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This will not be a very good period for Sagittarius people in terms of their careers. There can be challenges at work for you. In addition to this, you can feel more pressure at work. You are going to feel a little let down by all of this. It’s possible that things at work are moving more slowly now. You should plan your tasks and work diligently right now.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2024

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