Shasha-Malavya Rajyoga To Form After 30 Years And Bless These 5 Zodiacs!

In Vedic Astrology, all the planets change their zodiac after a time. Sometimes, when two or more planets move and come to the same zodiac, they form a conjunction with each other. These conjunctions or planetary combinations create auspicious yogas that impact a person’s life. In the series of these yogas, the Saturn transit has created two extremely auspicious yogas namely Shasha Rajyoga and Malavya Rajyoga. 

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These Rajyogas are going to be formed after 30 years. Both of these yogas are going to form from the transit of Saturn and Venus. Their impact will be visibly seen on all the 12 zodiacs but certain zodiacs are going to get immensely lucky from these Rajyogas. So, come and find out how these yoga forms and who all are going to get benefitted out of these yogas. 

How Are These Yogas Going To Form? 

Saturn, at present, is going to transit in its zodiac, Aquarius which has formed Shasha Rajyoga, and on 19th May 2024, Venus is going to move to Taurus which creates Malavya Rajyoga. When Venus in the birth chart of a person is situated in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house of his zodiac sign, i.e. in Taurus and Libra or the exalted sign Pisces, then Malavya Rajyoga is formed. Venus is the planet of wealth and with the formation of this rajyoga, the person will never have to face financial difficulty which means the shortage of money. 

Talking about Shasha Rjayoga, it forms due to the special position of Saturn in the birth chart. If in the birth chart of a person, Saturn is present in the fourth, seventh, or tenth house before the ascendant or the Moon, in its own zodiac Aquarius, Capricorn, or its exalted sign Libra. Now, let us move ahead and discover who all are going to benefit from this yoga. 

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Shasha And Malavya Rajyoga Has Brought Favorability For These 5 Zodiacs


Both of the yogas are auspicious for the Gemini native. You will be more inclined towards spirituality, due to which, you may even plan a religious trip in this duration. Talking about your career, you are going to make swift progress and will be able to achieve your goals. People will respect you at your workplace and your seniors will be impressed with your work. There are high chances that you may either get a promotion or an increment in this period. As the natives’ luck is accompanying them, the ones running their businesses will also earn great profits and there are even chances of an increase in your income. You may soon purchase a property under your name. There are clear signals of an increase in your income, which will enhance your financial condition. If we talk about your health, you are going to feel fit and healthy during this period, However, you are advised to add yoga and exercise to your daily routine. 


These yogas are special for Cancer natives as well. Your work will be appreciated at your workplace. The employed natives can get a promotion as well as an increment in their salary. You will notice an improvement in your financial condition during this period and you will not feel a shortage of money. You are highly likely to earn money from several income sources in this period which will strengthen your financial condition or bring stability to your financial life. Your communication skills will lead you to create some good relationships. Your relationship will get stronger and better with your partner and the two of you will come very close to each other. The natives who are running their business will earn a great profit in this period. Their  health will get better and it is possible that it will get better because of the enthusiasm within the natives. 

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For the people of Leo zodiac, Shasha-Malavya Rajyoga are going to be proven extremely auspicious. They will be honored with financial gains. The natives who are planning to go abroad will now see their dream turn into a reality. If you are running a business of your own, then there are chances of great profits in that. The financial condition will be good and you will get to earn money from different sources of income. If you have previously invested your money somewhere, then there are chances of getting unexpected good returns in this period. If we talk about the relations in your life, then you will be successful in maintaining a good bond with your life partner. The married natives who are thinking of growing their family ahead can get good news in this duration. Coming to the health factor, the natives will feel fit and fine but they can suffer from some small problems like; cold and cough. 

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The Libra natives are blessed with Shasha – Malavya rajyoga. There are chances of profit in the business while the people who are employed can get a promotion. There are even chances of making phenomenal money from foreign income sources. Apart from this, you may get to work on a new project as well wherein you will work with full dedication and showcase the best of your abilities. Now, talking about your financial life, your financial condition is strong and you can even buy your favorite car. Apart from this, you may invest in some land or property. The people who are trying to make a career in Media and Fashion design can get big job offers soon. If we look at you from the health point of view, then there can be tiny health problems that can trouble you but you will not come across any major health issue that’s why you need to worry a lot. 


The formation of Shasha – Malavya Rajyoga will bring great luck to the Aquarius natives. You will get respect at your workplace and success and prosperity in your job. If you are looking for a promotion or an increment, then you may get this happiness in this period. These planetary transits are going to work well for the natives in the field of business. Also, you may get some really good opportunities. Along with this, the natives who are running a business will make good profits. Talking about the financial condition, you will be able to accumulate a lot of money and will also be able to save it for the future. Now, looking at your love life, your relationship with your partner will be very strong and you will come very close to each other. And lastly, about your health, you will feel fit and this will be possible due to your immunity system. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Malavya Rajyoga?

Malavya Rajyoga is a favorable astrological combination centered around the planet Venus, promising beauty, wealth, artistic talent, and harmonious relationships

How is Shasha yoga formed?

Shasha yoga forms due to the specific placement of Saturn.

What are the benefits of Shasha yoga? 

Shasha Yoga brings success mainly in the professional world and immense respect in society.

What is the other name of Shasha Rajyoga? 

Shasha Rajyoga is also Shashka Yoga. 

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