Budhwa Mangal: A Magnificent Day To Worship Lord Hanuman!

Budhwa Mangal falls during Jyeshtha month every year. On this day, the aged form of Lord Hanuman is worshiped and that’s why it is known as Budhwa Magal. By Worshiping Hanuman ji, one can get rid of all their troubles and problems of life. So, if you also want to get relief from some problem of your life or want to get a heartfelt wish fulfilled then you can worship Hanuman ji on the day of Budhwa Mangal. 

In this blog further, we are going to tell you when Budhwa Mangal 2024 is going to be celebrated and what is the importance of this day in Vedic Astrology. 

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When Is Budhwa Mangal?  

According to Hindu mythology, the first Budhwa Mangal will fall on 28th May. On 22nd May 2024 at 06:49 in the evening, the Purnima Tithi will begin and it will end on the next day 23rd May, in the evening at 07:27. Here onwards, Pratipada Tithi will begin and it will continue till the evening of 24th May, 07:26 pm. From Pratipada Tithi will begin the Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month and the Jyeshtha month will begin. 

28th May will be observed as the first Tuesday of Budhwa Mangal. 

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Auspicious Yoga On First Budhwa Mangal 

The first Budhwa Mangal will be observed on 28th May 2024 and an auspicious yoga is also going to form on this day, known as Brahma Yoga. This yoga will begin on 28th May in the morning at 04:27 and will last till midnight, 02:05 am. 

Brahma Yoga is an auspicious yoga that offers happiness, materialistic pleasures, knowledge, and longevity. Donations and several other auspicious things are performed during this yoga. If you are thinking of doing something good or starting a new work, then you can do it during this yoga which will form on Budhwa Mangal. All the work done during this yoga is successful. 

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What Is Budhwa Mangal? 

According to Vedic Astrology, all the Tuesdays that fall during Jyeshtha month are known as Budhwa Mangal or Bade Mangalvaar (Big Tuesdays). After 28th May, Budhwa Mangal will fall on 04th June, 11th June, and 18th June.

What Is The History Behind Budhwa Mangal? 

The history of these auspicious days goes back to the Ramayana and Mahabharata period. It is believed that once, one of the Pandav Son Bheem became too proud of his strength and power. At that time, Lord Hanuman appeared in the form of an old monkey. 

Lord Hanuman taught a lesson to Bhima in this form and since then, that day has come to be known as Budhwa Mangal in Hindu religion. 

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Ramayana Significance Of Budhwa Mangal 

The story of Hanuman ji’s birth is more related to the Ramayana period. When Lord Hanuman went to Lanka in search of Mata Sita, Ravana held him as a captive and set his tail on fire. In return, Hanuman ji set fire to the entire Lanka with his burnt tail. 

According to beliefs, that day was the Budhwa Mangal of Jyeshtha month. Since then, the Budhwa Mangal of Jyeshtha month has been considered important to worship Lord Hanuman. 

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What Shall We Do In Budhwa Mangal? 

If you want the auspicious blessings of Lord Hanuman, then you must visit Lord Hanuman’s temple on Budhwa Mangal and offer him Prasad. The donation also holds vast importance on this day. You can also offer a leaf of a banyan tree to Lord Hanuman. 

And, when this leaf dries, let it float in a holy river. Following this remedy will help you get rid of all problems in your life. 

How To Perform The Pooja On Budhwa Mangal? 

On the day of Budhwa Mangal, you must wake up early in the morning and get done with your morning routine. After this, you need to clean the Pooja place of your house. You should wear neat and clean clothes on this day. Then, take the place of Kush in front of Pooja place. 

If you are observing a fast on that day, then you must light up a Diya of Ghee in front of Lord Hanuman and take an oath to keep a fast. After this, offer Sindoor, flowers, Tilak, and Dhoop-Deep to Hanuman ji. Also, he loves Boondi Ladoos so make sure to offer him this sweet on Budhwa Mangal. Later, pray to Lord Hanuman and make sure to recite Hanuman Chalisa. 

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Must Remember Things To Worship Hanuman

  • In Vedic Astrology, keeping a fast on Tuesday is considered extremely important. If someone in your house has kept a Budhwa Mangal fast, then you must avoid Tamasic foods and stay away from alcohol as well
  • It is inauspicious to wear white or black colored clothes on Tuesdays. Also, you should not lend or borrow money on this day. 
  • Donate on the day of Bhudwa Mangal and don’t disrespect or insult anyone. It would be best if you follow celibacy on this day.

Favorite Zodiacs Of Lord Hanuman 

Out of all the 12 zodiac signs, some zodiac signs are constantly blessed by Lord Hanuman for being his favorite. We have mentioned about those zodiacs in-depth below; 


All the problems in the lives of Aries zodiac can be resolved by worshiping Lord Hanuman. He provides knowledge, talent, and intelligence to the natives of this zodiac. It is believed that the Aries natives must visit a Hanuman temple every Tuesday. 

As it helps them get rid of all the problems of their life and they also prosper well in their endeavors. Along with this, all their finance-related problems can be solved. 

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The natives of Leo zodiac are also blessed by Lord Hanuman and that’s why they are successful in all their endeavors. If they worship Hanuman ji with a pure and true intention, then they can get rid of all the problems of their life. There is happiness and peace in their family and their life is filled with prosperity. 

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The Scorpio natives get success in all of their works due to the blessings of Lord Hanuman. They perform the hardest tasks effortlessly and fulfill all their responsibilities well. Worshiping Lord Hanuman brings prosperity to these natives. 

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Aquarius is one of the many favorite zodiacs of Lord Hanuman. They accomplish all their work without any hindrances or problems. They spend their life in peace and their financial condition is also very stable. Lord Hanuman is easily impressed by the prayers of Aquarius natives. The natives must visit a Hanuman temple every Tuesday. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Budhwa Mangal celebrated? 

Budhwa Mangal is celebrated to worship Lord Hanuman as it is believed that worshiping Hanuman ji on this day protects from evil or negative energy. 

What is the other name of Budhwa Mangal? 

Budhwa Mangal can also be called “Bada Mangal.”

How many Budhwa Mangals are there in 2024?

There are four Budhwa Mangals in the year 2024. 

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