Rahu Transit In Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra Brings Turbulent Period For 3 Zodiacs!

The transit of planets across different zodiac signs has varied effects on human lives. In July 2024, Rahu will change its Nakshatra. On 08 July, Rahu leaves Revati Nakshatra and enters Uttara Bhadrapada at 04:11 pm.

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The Rahu Nakshatra affects different aspects of natives. Some positive effects can be seen on the natives of a few lucky zodiac signs. At the same time, some people will encounter negative outcomes in this period. This AstroSage blog contains accurate details on zodiac signs whose natives may face troubled times when Rahu transits into Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

List Of Zodiac Signs That Faces Troubles Due To Rahu Transit


Rahu changes the Nakshatra in the twelfth house of the Aries zodiac sign. The period won’t be favorable for the Aries natives and they need to stay alert about the situation. Rahu won’t be in a promising position in the horoscope in this period. They may fall ill suddenly or might suffer financial losses.

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The Aries natives might need to take a loan and there are chances of financial losses. You might be troubled with enemies, but your dream of going abroad can come true. The business persons can make profits from abroad and if you’re planning to settle abroad, then the wishes can be fulfilled in this period. There are chances of transfers of choice for the employed people. It is advised to avoid any emotional decision at this time or else can suffer different losses.

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Rahu transit in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra happens in the tenth house of the Gemini zodiac sign. They need to stay cautious in this period and the presence of Rahu in this house is considered very auspicious. The natives can expect some big changes in their lives. But, there can be some difficult times for these people. The position of Rahu and Saturn in the horoscope is bad news for the Gemini natives and it results in the rise of negative energy in their lives.

At the workplace, there are chances of transfers and the senior professionals can get angry with their efforts. There are possibilities of differences with senior guys in the office. They need to control their anger in the workplace.

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Rahu transits in the ninth house of the Cancer natives. This results in multiple types of difficulties in this period. There will be less interest in spirituality and there are signs of troubles for Cancer people. Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer has enmity with Saturn. Due to this, there can be troubles in the lives of Cancer natives.

They are advised to take care of your father’s health. There can be mental stress for you and thus need to be careful with overall health. The chances of success are minimal, even after hard efforts in the workplace. Persons doing business abroad can suffer financial losses and thus should stay careful about it.

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Multiple Ways To Please Rahu

Let’s check some of the top astrological remedies to please Rahu –

  • On Saturday, donate multiple things related to Rahu like black sesame seeds or copper. This will result in blessings of Rahu in the lives of natives. They can contribute things in the temple or to the poor people.
  • The effects of Rahu can be reduced significantly by donating garlic, mustard oil, and onion. It also enhances the energy of the planet.
  • To get the right results of Rahu, donate things like black blankets to the poor & needy people.
  • Try to feed birds, ants, and animals to get the positive effects of Rahu.

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Q1. When is Rahu changing its Nakshatra?

Ans. On 08 July 2024, Rahu transits its position in the Nakshatra.

Q2. Which Nakshatra is ruled by Rahu?

Ans. Ardra Nakshatra is ruled by Rahu.

Q3. How long does Rahu’s effects last?

Ans. Rahu Mahadasha lasts for 18 years.

Q4. How to please Rahu?

Ans. Donating things like onion, mustard oil, and garlic pleases Rahu.

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