Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius To Cause Business Loss For 8 Zodiacs!

On 29th June, at 11:40 in the night, Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius. Due to Saturn’s retrograde, the career, business, love life, and financial condition of all the zodiac signs including the country and the world will be affected. The special effect of this movement of Saturn will also be seen in the business of the natives of all zodiacs. 

In this special blog, we are going to tell you about the zodiacs that will have to bear losses in their business due to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. If you are also running a business, then you must read this blog to know the impact of Saturn retrograde on your business. 

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These Zodiacs May Have To Bear Loss In Their Business  


Saturn is the ruling lord of the ninth and tenth house of the Taurus zodiac and at present it will retrograde in the tenth house. The work pressure can increase on the natives and their energy may decrease due to the same. There are high chances of competition in your business. Due to the tough competition, you may have to leave out some great opportunities. 

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For the Gemini natives, Saturn rules over the eighth and ninth house and currently, it will retrograde in the ninth house. There are chances that your luck may not support you during this period. You are likely to lack in taking advantage of the onsite business opportunities. Due to this, you may lose a big profit as well. 

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Saturn has ownership over the seventh and eighth house of Cancer zodiac and at the moment, it will retrograde in the eighth house. This time may not be the best time for the business owners. There are chances of loss in your business and you may suffer from loss in your work as well. 

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For the Leo zodiac, Saturn is the ruling lord of the sixth and seventh house. Now, Saturn will retrograde in your seventh house. There are indications that people of Leo zodiac may face failure in their business. You need to be careful in your business area. 

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Saturn is the ruling planet of the fourth and fifth house of the Libra zodiac. Right now, it will retrograde in the fifth house. You may be worried about your future. In the field of your business, you are likely to go through some really tough challenges. You are advised to make wise and intelligent decisions during this period. 

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Saturn has ownership over the first and second houses of the Capricorn zodiac. At present, it will retrograde in the second house. During this period, business owners are likely to face tough competition from their opponents. It may be a little difficult for you to handle this situation. 

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Saturn rules over the first and twelfth houses of the Aquarius zodiac and it is going to retrograde in the first house in this period. There are chances of an increase in expenses and some unnecessary trips. The business owners will have to go on business trips. However, these trips are not going to turn out to be in their favor. The pace of your progress will also slow down. 

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In Pisces zodiac, Saturn is the ruling planet of the eleventh and twelfth house. At the moment, it is going to retrograde in the twelfth house. You may feel a little dissatisfied during this period. You are likely to face tough competition from your rivals at this time. This can happen due to following old plans and strategies.

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Impact Of Saturn On Business 

The professions related to Lord Saturn include farmers, potters, estate pageants, and trading in goods related to Saturn. 

When Saturn is in the third or fourth house, the native can work in the railways. On the other hand, if Saturn is in the seventh house, and is being influenced by Venus, then the person can become a sculptor. Saturn represents service, leadership, social service, ore, oil, coal, tin, lead, iron factories, and orthopedics. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Saturn retrograde in Aquarius?

Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius on 29th June 2024. 

Who is the ruling lord of Aquarius 

Saturn is the ruling planet of Aquarius. 

Which zodiacs are ruled by Saturn? 

Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius. 

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