Mercury Transit in Cancer Brings Finest Opportunities For The 5 Zodiacs

Like all other planets, the planet titled, “Prince of all planets,” Mercury also moves from one zodiac to the next after a set period and it also leaves an effect on all zodiacs after transitioning. This planet is in association with logicality, media, writing, law, business, and math, and will transit in Cancer on 29th June, at 12:13 in the noon after coming out of Gemini. Mercury transit in Cancer is going to impact all the 12 zodiacs but among all of them, 5 zodiacs are going to get various favorable results in their life. Let us move ahead and find out about the zodiac which is going to benefit from Mercury Transit. 

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Better Financial Situation Await These Zodiacs


This duration is going to be extremely favorable for the Aries natives and their comfort and luxuries are going to increase during this period. In terms of career, if you are an employed native, then you are going to get great results. In such a situation, you will be able to make progress in your career. 

Talking about business, the natives who are running their business, are going to make profits in this period. As for financial life, the natives will not face a shortage of money in this duration. While earning profit, you will also make savings. 

If you have invested your money in the share market or other places then there are strong chances of getting good returns which will stabilize your financial condition. 

From the perspective of love life, your relationship with your partner will strengthen and become better. The two of you will come closer and will have a good time with each other. 

Your health during the Mercury transit in Cancer will be great and you will enjoy the best of your health during this period. However, you may get a headache. 

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For the Gemini natives, the Mercury transit happening on 29th June is going to bring great results. If we look at your career, you are going to get new opportunities and there are chances that you will spend most of your time on business trips. You will get the full support of your seniors and due to the same, you may get a promotion and salary increment. 

With respect to your financial life, you will be able to earn a lot of money and save it as well. You may benefit from ancestral property too. Apart from this, there are even chances of money gains from hidden income sources. 

If we talk about your love life, then you and your partner can express hearts with each other. There are chances that you and your partner may go on a pilgrimage trip together. The health of Gemini natives is going to be at its best and in these circumstances, your heart and mind will be filled with positive thoughts. 

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The Cancer natives are going to phenomenal results in each aspect of their lives. From the viewpoint of career, if you are an employed native, then you will be able to face all kinds of challenges. It will be easy for you to manage tasks at your workplace. You will be able to fulfill all your goals. Your seniors are going to appreciate your work which will satisfy you. Also, you are going to give your hundred percent at your work. The natives who own a business, their logicality will strengthen in this duration and they will be able to make better decisions which can result in good profits. You are going to focus on your business during this period. 

Talking about your financial condition, your expenses are going to be under control. You can spend money on your comfort and luxury. Apart from this, there are going to be various income sources that will result in financial gains. 

For the love life as well, this duration is going to be amazing. The two of you will enjoy beautiful moments together. There are chances that you and your partner can make travel plans which will sweeten your relationship. Concerning your health, you are going to feel fit and no disease will trouble you during this period. 

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The Virgo natives are going to get positive results in each aspect of their lives. Everything will move ahead at a good pace with no challenges or problems, also your wishes are going to be fulfilled too. 

For the career of Virgo natives, Mercury transit in Cancer is going to be good and you will be satisfied with yourself in this period. Also, you will be able to fulfill all your goals. The natives of this zodiac who are running their business will be able to make profits and as a result, will be seen happy. 

If we talk about your financial condition, this transit will offer you unexpected financial gains from outside sources which will help you save money as well. With respect to your love life, the attraction between you and your partner will be constant which will maintain the sweetness of your relationship. Along with this, you will be happy. 

From a health point of view, you will enjoy the best of your health and as a result, you will be filled with energy and passion. 

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All the wishes of the Libra natives are going to be fulfilled now. Whatever good you had planned for yourself, will be seen happening the same. Most of your time in this period will be spent covering long trips that are going to be religious. In such circumstances, it can fulfill your religious purposes. 

Talking about your career, the employed natives of Libra zodiac will enjoy the benefits of this transit and there are going to be new and amazing opportunities in your career. 

The financial condition of the Libra natives is going to be favorable in this period because you will not only earn money but will be able to save it as well. With respect to your love life, this transit will help you and your partner take a step ahead. 

From the viewpoint of health, the Libra natives will enjoy the best of their health in this period. Although you are still advised to include yoga and exercise in your daily routine. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When will Mercury transit in Cancer?

Mercury will move to Cancer on 29th June at 12:13 in the noon. 

Which zodiacs are ruled by Mercury?

Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury

Is Mercury in Cancer a good placement? 

Mercury in Cancer is surely a good placement as it gives healing ability and the natives perform well in the fields of medicine, astrology, ayurveda, spirituality, teaching, and mass media.

How to know if Mercury is weak? 

When Mercury is placed weak in a birth chart, the natives have limited analytical and critical thinking abilities. They lack logic, have bad communication skills, and have poor memory. 

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