Mercury’s Mayhem – Chaos In Careers Of These Zodiacs In June 2024!

The planet Mercury is considered the factor of intelligence and knowledge. The persons having these two qualities will achieve success in their careers & respective fields of work. On the other hand, if Mercury is not present in a good position in the horoscope or has inauspicious effects on the horoscope, then people might face different hindrances or obstacles in their careers. 

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Now, in June 2024, an important transit of planet Mercury will take place that will have varied effects on the lives of natives. It is estimated that due to Mercury transit, the natives of some zodiac signs may face difficulties in achieving progress in their careers. 

Let us tell readers that on 29 June 2024 & at 12:13 pm, Mercury leaves the Gemini sign and transits into the Cancer zodiac sign. Mercury stays in this zodiac sign till 19 July 2024 and after that, it transits into the Leo zodiac sign. Thus, between 29 June to 19 July, the natives of some zodiac signs need to stay careful with their careers. This blog contains details about the zodiac signs that may face career troubles. 

Mercury Transit Impacts Careers Of These Zodiac Signs 


Mercury is the lord of the second and fifth house for the Taurus zodiac sign. But during the Mercury transit, planet Mercury transits in the third of the Taurus natives. If we talk about the careers of Taurus natives, they might miss some opportunities in their workplace due to this transit. There are chances that their relationships with their colleagues will turn sour in this period. The Taurus natives should stay careful during this Mercury transit in June 2024. 

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Mercury is the lord of the third and twelfth house for the Cancer zodiac sign. Now, Mercury transits in the first or Lagna house of the Cancer natives. It will be a challenging time for the people and they might face troubles in their careers. 

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Mercury is the lord of the second and eleventh house of the Leo zodiac sign. Now, Mercury is going to transit in the twelfth house of the Leo natives. This will result in a reduction in comfort levels at the workplace during this period. Due to this, the natives can get a little worried about their careers. The work pressure can increase and thus there can be different obstacles at the workplace. 

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Mercury is the lord of the eighth and eleventh house of the Scorpio zodiac sign. The transit happens in the ninth house of the Scorpio natives. Luck won’t favor them at their workplace and will be surrounded by different troubles. The mind will be surrounded by negative thoughts. It will be hard to come out of trouble in their careers. 

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Mercury is the lord of the seventh and tenth house of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The planet transits in the eighth house of the Sagittarius natives. There are chances of difference of opinion with friends & colleagues at the workplace. The employed people can feel disappointed in this period. They can face difficulties in achieving success in their careers. 

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Mercury is the lord of the fifth and eighth house of the Aquarius zodiac sign. The planet will transit in the sixth house of the Aquarius natives. There are chances of delay in your work and it can result in troubles across careers. The natives will lack enthusiasm in this period. They might not like their current job and can think about changing the position. 

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Effect Of Mercury On The Career 

In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury is the factor of speech and intelligence. The auspicious influence of Mercury in the horoscope results in the increase of intelligence of the persons and can influence others with their words & speech. The individuals will be able to operate efficiently based on intelligence & speech. 

The auspicious effects of Mercury in the horoscope results in quick progress compared to others. They can become journalists, lawyers, consultants, etc. Other than that, the planet Mercury affects the accountants, politicians, software engineers, writers, diplomats, astrologers, and persons related to them. 

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Q1. What to donate to please Mercury?

Ans. To get auspicious results from Mercury, donate spinach, whole moong, and blue or green colored clothes on Wednesday. 

Q2. Which is the gem of planet Mercury?

Ans. Emerald is the gem of the planet Mercury. 

Q3. Who is the enemy of planet Mercury?

Ans. The enemies of planet Mercury are Mars and the Moon. 

Q4. Who is the friend of planet Mercury?

Ans. The friends of the planet Mercury are Sun and Venus. 

Q5. What is the date of Mercury’s transit in the Cancer sign?

Ans. On 29 June 2024, Mercury transits in the Cancer sign.

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