Saturn’s 200-Day Blessing – Wealth & Fortunes For These Lucky Moolanks!

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered one of the major planets that affects different aspects of human lives. It is considered the factor of age, sorrow, disease, pain, iron, mineral oil, employees, etc. Saturn is also considered the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Saturn is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries zodiac signs. The Saturn transit is crucial as it takes up to two and a half years to change its zodiac sign. In astrological knowledge, it is known as Shani Dhaiya. Saturn is the slowest moving planet and the Shani Dasha lasts for seven & half years. It is referred to as Saturn’s Sade Sati. 

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The effects of Saturn’s transit and change of its position affect the lives of natives of all zodiac signs. Presently, Saturn transits in Aquarius and in 2025, it will move out of the Aquarius sign and transit into Pisces. In such a situation, the Saturn’s transit into the Aquarius sign will prove auspicious for natives of some Moolanks. So, without further delay let’s move ahead and know about the Moolanks whose natives will get huge financial benefits due to the Saturn transit. 

How To Know Your Moolank Number?

The Moolank is considered one of the most important numbers in a person’s life. As per Numerology, the Moolank number is obtained by converting the date of birth into a unit’s digit. Moolank can be any number from 1 to 9. For example, if the person is born on the 10th of any month, then the Moolank will be 1+0, i.e. 1. Similarly, Moolanks for persons born between the 1st and 31st of the month are calculated from 1 to 9. 

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Saturn Transit Proves Auspicious For Natives Of These Moolanks 

Moolank 5 

As per Numerology, Moolank 5 belongs to the natives born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month. The coming time will be very fruitful & favorable for the Moolank 5 natives. During this period, they will get full support of their luck in completing various tasks. Good fortunes will result in achieving success in different aspects of life. If we talk about the love life of natives, the partners will express their feelings to each other swiftly. Also, they can maintain high values in the relationship and also set a good example. The attitude of Moolank 5 natives will be very friendly with their partners and due to this, their relationship will become stronger. 

During this period, the Moolank 5 natives will get different job opportunities at the workplace and can fulfill their wishes. They will have a good time at the job and their wishes will come true. They can expect appreciation from their superiors at work for their efforts and will be committed towards hard work for their commitments. Other than that, there are chances of promotions and salary hikes in this period. They can also gain bonuses for their hard work. They can feel energetic and will feel stronger due to higher immunity levels. Thus, the health of Moolank 5 natives will remain stable. 

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Moolank 6 

As per numerology, the Moolank 6 of people born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th of any month will be ‘6’. It will be a dream period for the natives and the relationship with your spouse will get stronger. There will be honesty and deep understanding in the relationship. During this period, they will openly express their feelings to their partner. They can express their views thoughtfully in family affairs. They will keep the family environment positive and keep the members happy. There are chances of auspicious periods in the family events and this will result in memorable moments with their partners. 

There are chances for natives to travel outside due to some new projects. They can be rewarded for their hard work and they will be successful in giving tough competition to their competitors or rivals. Due to this, the Moolank 6 natives will be able to reach the top position. Other than that, the natives can think about starting a new business and it will prove good for your future. It will open up prosperity in the lives of people. This will provide more profits to the natives from various deals. Other than that, if we talk about the health of Moolank 8 natives, they will be filled with new energy and their health will remain stable for a long time. However, they still might need to pay special attention to diet to keep their health secure. 

Moolank 7 

As per Numerology, the Moolank 7 belongs to the natives born on 7th, 16th, 25th of any month. The period will be very favorable for the natives. During this period, they will achieve immense success in different fields. If we discuss the financial lives of Moolank 7 natives, the relationships will remain stronger and both partners will come close to each other. Both partners will share feelings with each other and will enjoy the wonderful environment. Their love life will flourish and will move towards fulfilling their desires.

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The Moolank 7 natives will get immense benefits during this period. There are chances of promotions at the workplace for the working professionals who can reach a higher position. This will provide happiness & satisfaction to the natives. If we talk about the business of Moolank 7 natives, they can prepare new strategies in this period and can move forward in achieving success. There are chances for different profits due to the blessing of Shani Dev. They can give tough competition to the competitors and there will be multiple opportunities for the people. 

Moolank 8 

As per Numerology, the Moolank 8 natives belong to the natives born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month. The period will be very favorable for the natives and there will be good understanding with their love partners. The relationships with the spouse will get stronger and thus can set an example for others. They can go out somewhere with their partner and can have a happy time with their spouse. There will be mutual understanding with your spouse and they can spend quality time with your partner. 

The Moolank 8 natives can perform brilliantly at the workplace and will get recognition for their efforts in this period. They can get promotions at their job and the business professionals will get multiple opportunities. There are chances of earning huge profits in this period and can earn a reputation with their efforts. They will give tough challenges to their competitors. The natives can move forward in preparing new plans for their businesses. If we talk about the health of Moolank 8 natives, they can maintain good health and will perform with full enthusiasm. The natives can achieve good health in this period. 

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Q1. How will the nature of Moolank 8 natives be?

Ans. As per Numerology, the natives belonging to Moolank 8 natives will be introverted in nature. They will be dedicated to their work and also stay away from publicity.

Q2. What will be the nature of Moolank 7 natives?

Ans. The Moolank 7 natives will be philosophers and thinkers in nature. They will be engaged in some kind of research. 

Q3. Which Moolanks belong to which planets?

Ans. Moolank 1 belongs to the Sun, Moolank 2 belongs to the Moon, Moolank 3 belongs to Jupiter, Moolank 4 belongs to Rahu, Moolank 5 belongs to Mercury, Moolank 6 belongs to Venus, Moolank 7 belongs to Ketu, Moolank 8 belongs to Saturn, and Moolank 9 belongs to Mars.

Q4. How will be the nature of Moolank 6 natives?

Ans. The Moolank 6 natives will be cheerful and sociable in nature. 

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