Mercury Transit In Cancer: Trouble For Some Zodiacs & Global Events

Mercury Transit 2024: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. In this blog we will read about Mercury transit In Cancer which is set to take place on the 29th June, 2024 and how it would impact the zodiac signs.

In astrology, Mercury is one of the key planets that influences communication, intellect, and thought processes. It’s often considered the ruler of the signs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury governs how we express ourselves verbally, in writing, and through other forms of communication. It influences how we articulate our thoughts and ideas, as well as how we perceive and understand information. Mercury is associated with intelligence, reasoning, and mental agility. Its position in the birth chart can indicate someone’s intellectual capabilities, learning style, and problem-solving abilities. 

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Mercury Transit In Cancer: Timing

Mercury and Moon are enemy planets and now Mercury is set to transit into the zodiac sign of Cancer on 29th June, 2024 at 12:13 hrs. Mercury does not perform very well in Cancer but it is not a very bad placement but cannot be termed as a good placement either. Let us now understand how it would impact different zodiac signs and the worldwide events as well. Mercury will then transit to the zodiac sign of Leo on 19th July, 2024.

Mercury In Cancer: Characteristics

Overall, Mercury in Cancer individuals bring depth, empathy, and emotional intelligence to their communication, making them excellent at connecting with others on a personal level. While they may initially seem reserved or shy, once they feel comfortable, they can be quite expressive and engaging communicators. They adapt well to different social situations, using their intuition to navigate interpersonal dynamics. At times, they may find it challenging to express their thoughts and feelings directly, preferring to communicate in a more roundabout or indirect manner. This can be due to a fear of confrontation or a desire to avoid hurting others’ feelings.

Mercury in Cancer individuals have a strong memory, especially for past events and experiences that have emotional significance. They may enjoy reminiscing about the past and often use it as a reference point in their communication. They rely heavily on their intuition and gut feelings when making decisions or forming opinions. This can make them quite insightful, as they’re able to grasp the underlying emotions and motivations behind situations.

Mercury Transit In Cancer: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Negatively Impacted


Mercury is the 3rd and the 6th house lord for Aries natives and wil transit to the 4th house now. This is not a very good time financially and you may feel burned by family and other financial responsibilities. Natives may not be able to concentrate on their work during this course of time and due to this their performance may come down. 

There may not be proper recognition for the natives during this transit with respect to work and this may bother them. Natives doing business during this period may not benefit in a high manner and there may be domestic issues in running the business and this may reduce the profits in business and make them sometimes void. During this transit, there may be more competition for the natives and situations may be such that managing the show with respect to business might be a little tough.

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For Taurus natives, Mercury is the 2nd and 5th house lord and occupies the 3rd house. Generally this phenomenon may give the natives more scope for development and success in areas related to finance and career. During this Mercury Transit In Cancer 2024, you may be keen on enhancing and building your money prospects and also concentrate more on your family development.

On the career front, natives may not be able to gain more benefits and good job opportunities during this transit. Chances for relocating or going abroad are possible and such chances will be promising but you may face trouble while traveling or moving abroad. Business owners may have to put in extra efforts to gain meager profits and may also have to work very hard while trying to surpass competition. 


For Gemini natives, Mercury is the Lagna lord and the 4th house lord and it is placed in the second house. Due to the above placement, natives may be losing comforts during this transit and there may be delays in getting benefits for the natives. There may be problems in family and among family members during Mercury Transit In Cancer 2024. Arguments in family might be possible due to wrong understanding and this could disturb the entire family atmosphere for the natives.

With respect to the career front, this transit of Mercury might not be so smooth with respect to work. There may be work schedules for the natives during Mercury Transit In Cancer 2024 and sometimes due to this natives might not be able to manage the show with ease with respect to work. This transit may work out for the natives who are employed abroad and some may get unexpected job transfers abroad. When it comes to business, these natives who are in business may need to put in a lot of effort to secure more profits. There may be problems in partnership for these natives who are in business and such issues may arise due to conflict. Due to such issues prosperity may come down in business.


For Leo natives, Mercury is the 2nd and 11th house lord and occupies the 12th house. Due to the above, there may be obstacles and delays in development for the natives that they may be facing. Natives who are abroad may be able to earn well and save also. There may be chances for situations wherein natives need to manage both expenses and gains. There may be situations for family issues also during Mercury Transit In Cancer 2024.

With respect to the career front, this period may not be so smooth and may give the natives botheration as there may be more work pressure that they need to deal with. There may also be disturbances from colleagues during this time and due to this-concentration lapses may be possible. Due to these lapses-performance issues may creep in and this may get reflected in the promotion getting delayed for the natives. For the natives who are doing business may need to change their strategy to enter into winning and this may be very much required for them. Natives need to exercise their monopoly over their business and so that profits on a good scale may be possible.


Mercury is the lord of the 7th house and the 10th house for Sagittarius natives. It will transit to the 8th house. The 7th lord in the 8th house could become the reason for your conflict with your business partners. This may not be a very good time for business as profits could be scarce. If you are a regular job goer, then this may not be a great time for you, sudden job loss or a job change may spell disaster for you. 

With respect to the career front, this transit may not be so efficient and may put more pressure on the natives which might not be able to carry it on time. There might not be proper recognition for the natives when it comes to work despite the hard work being done and this could cause worries for them.

Mercury Transit In Cancer: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Positively Impacted 


For Virgo natives, Mercury is the Lagna lord and the 10th house lord and during this transit it occupies the 11th house. Due to the above, natives belonging to this sign may be able to achieve wonders with their work. They may gain satisfaction and fulfill their desires during this course of time.

In terms of their careers, this may be a better moment for these natives. During Mercury Transit In Cancer 2024, natives may be able to obtain new job opportunities, especially in foreign countries. During this period, there may be support from comrades and recognition from superiors regarding work. As a result, natives may get increments in their salary which may make them delightful. For the natives who are doing business during this course of time may be getting high profits and the scope for expanding the business may be high. Natives who are into trading and speculation may be in a position to amass more profits.

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For Capricorn natives, Mercury is the 6th and 9th house lord and occupies the 7th house. Capricorn natives may be more inclined spiritually during this period. Long-distance travel may be possible and helpful for these native peoples. Mercury Transit In Cancer may benefit the people who are in partnership in business.

In terms of career, natives of this sign may experience rapid development and abroad opportunities that appear to be promising. Getting a decent promotion for hard work may be achievable for these natives during this transit. Blessings may also come in the shape of unexpected special incentives for these natives. The natives who are doing business may find this transit to be more progressive and earning a good amount of profits may be possible for these natives. They may be on a winning note and adopt a successful formula for the same. They may be in a position to provide a fitting competition to the competitors.

Mercury Transit In Cancer: Impactful Remedies

  • Worship Lord Ganesha and offer Durva grass to him and Desi Ghee Ladoos. 
  • Perform Havan for the planet Mercury
  • Donate clothes and green bangles to the females of your family. 
  • Take blessings of Eunuchs
  • Feed cows daily
  • Feed the birds especially pigeons and parrots with soaked green grams

Mercury Transit In Cancer: Worldwide Impacts

Government & Politics

  • The government may be seen supporting underdeveloped sectors in different parts of the country through various reforms and schemes.
  • Prominent politicians and people in important positions could be seen giving responsible statements and may be seen connecting with people and lending them an ear.
  • The Government will try to connect with people’s emotions and some leaders or ministers may even try to lure people using emotional manipulation or emotionally clever speeches. 

Spirituality, Teaching, Counseling & Medicine

  • Mercury Transit In Cancer will help spiritual leaders, astrologers, counselors, ect reach more people.
  • This transit will fuel development in the medical sector.
  • Stock markets and speculative markets may continue to be unstable during this transit.
  • People may engage in spiritual and religious practices much more in India.
  • People working in the private sector will experience gains in various ways. 

Mercury Transit In Cancer: Stock Market Predictions

Mercury in a way affects the stock market for sure as it is the ‘karaka’ of business. Mercury transits have a great impact on the stock market with each transit and affect the profitability of shares of different companies. AstroSage also has a Stock Market Predictions report ready for your reference. Let us now see what impacts this Mercury Transit In Leo will have on the stock market.

  • The Pharma sector, the public sector, and the IT industries all will go through a rough patch with this Mercury transit in Leo.
  • The Banking sector is another sector that has been suffering for too long and will continue to suffer till the end of this month.
  • However, this period may bring good news and looks a little promising for the rubber, tobacco, and edible oil industries. 

Mercury Transit In Cancer: Upcoming Sports Tournaments & Its Impacts

The Upcoming Sports Tournaments 29th June – 19th July, 2024 are:

Wimbledon1st-14th July, 2024
Cycling- Tour De France29th June – 21st July, 2024

As Mercury Transits into Cancer, it will definitely not leave a very good impact on the upcoming sports tournament as it is an enemy sign. These tournaments may have very surprising and unexpected results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Is Cancer a friendly zodiac for Mercury?

Ans. No, Cancer is not favorable for Mercury.

Ques 2. Is the planet Moon friendly with Mercury?

Ans. No, the Moon and Mercury are enemy planets.

Ques 3. Which zodiac sign is Mercury’s debilitation sign?

Ans. Pisces

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