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The third month of Hinduism is known as Ashadha month. This month is extremely important because several Vrats and festivals come along with this month. From an astrological and religious point of view, this month is extremely notable. During this month, we especially worship Lord Vishnu. Along with this, Gupt Navratri of Maa Durga falls in this month too. In this blog further, we are going to tell you when the Ashadha month begins and other necessary details about this month. 

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When Will Ashadha Month Begin In 2024? 

According to Vedic Panchang, on 22nd June at 06:39 in the morning, the Pratipada Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Ashadha month will begin and will end on the next morning at 05:15. According to the Udayatithi, Ashadha month will begin on 23rd June and it will end on 21st July. It is believed that Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga and Tripushkar Yoga were established on this day itself. 

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Significance Of Ashadha Month

In astrology, this month is considered special for the fulfillment of wishes. Going on a pilgrimage trip during this month offers blessings. One must visit historic temples and places this month. Lord Vishnu goes into Yoga Nidra on Devshayani Ekadashi which falls in the month of Ashadha and worshiping him during this time is considered very auspicious. At the same time, by worshiping Maa Durga during Gupt Navratri which falls in this month, one gets relief from all the troubles of life. 

Rules Regarding Ashadha Month

The change in the weather impacts our bodies. The departure of a season and the arrival of another also bring changes in the digestive power. Due to rain in this month, the risk of infection spreading is high. This is the reason why it is advised to take special care of food during this period. One should avoid eating outside food during this time. 

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What To Do During Ashadha Month? 

Before the arrival of Ashadha month, people must follow some special rules or remedies. 

  • You can wake up early and chant “Om Namah Shivay” and “ Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay Namah” during this month. Apart from this, you can also meditate in this period. 
  • During this month, wake up before sunrise and after taking a shower, offer water to the Sun. 
  • Donate money and food grains to the poor and needy. You may also donate clothes and umbrellas. 
  • Going on a pilgrimage trip also offers blessings during this period. The health stays good and you get mental peace too. 
  • Guru Purnima also falls in the same month and that’s why, you must respect your teacher or Gurus and take their blessings. 

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People Born During Ashadha Month

The people who are born during this month are fun-loving and temperamental. They influence other people pretty easily. They are very intelligent and knowledgeable. Along with this, they very well know how to get work done by others. 

They don’t like to live alone and are more happy and lively with their friends. They also like traveling and going from place to place including the pilgrimage trips. It’s very hard to make these people understand and their mood also fluctuates a lot. 

They never make any decision in haste rather they believe in thinking wisely before making decisions. Their nature may be a bit complex for others. 

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How Did Ashadha Month Get Its Name? 

Ashadha month got its name from Purvashadha and Uttarashadha Nakshatra. During Ashadha Purnima, the Moon is between the two Nakshatras and that’s why this month is known as Ashadha month. The name of each month in the Hindu calendar is after the Purnima of the Nakshatra which falls in that month. 

Remedies To Prosper During Ashadha Month 2024

  • Worshiping  God with a clean heart and pure intention fulfills all your wishes. 
  • During the Ashadha month, along with worshiping Lord Vishnu, one can worship Water Lord to get happiness and contentment. Besides, worshiping Lord Sun and Lord Mars also brings positive energy to a person. 
  • Gupt Navratri also falls in this month itself. Worshiping Maa Durga and keeping the fasts during this period can fulfill the wishes of the devotees. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Ashadha in 2024? 

Ashadha month will begin on 23rd June and last till 21st July 2024. 

Which year is 2024 in the Hindu calendar?

This is Vikram Smavat 2081. 

Which Ekadashi falls during Ashadha month? 

Devshayani Ekadashi falls at this time.

Is Ashadha an auspicious month? 

For praying and worshiping, this is a good month. 

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