Mercury Transit In Aries 2024: Wealth & Success For 4 Lucky Zodiacs!

Mercury Transit In Aries: In astrology, Mercury transit is considered one of the crucial astronomical events. The planet Mercury is also referred to as a messenger planet that is responsible for the efficient communication skills of natives. Among all the nine planets in the solar system, Mercury is referred to as the ‘Prince’. Similar to the gentle prince, Mercury is also considered as a gentle planet and it provides results to the natives as per the lord of the houses & in those where the planet sits. 

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In the month of March 2024, there are going to be vital transits of the planet Mercury that will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. During Mercury transit in Aries, some of the zodiac signs will get huge benefits in their lives. This AstroSage blog contains details related to Mercury transit in Aries and the zodiac signs having good luck in this period. 

Mercury Transit In Aries 2024: Date And Time 

On 26 March 2024, Mercury will leave the Pisces zodiac sign and enter Aries, the zodiac sign of planet Mars, at 02:39 am. Aries is referred to as the zodiac sign of the fire element and on 02 April 2024, the Mercury will start moving as the retrograde state at 03:18 am. Till 09 April 2024, Mercury will remain in its retrograde state and then return to its retrograde state in Pisces. After that, on 10 May 2024, Mercury transits in Aries at 06:39 pm. The entry of Mercury in Aries, the zodiac sign of Mars, will provide auspicious results to some lucky signs. 

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Mercury Transit In Aries 2024: List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


Mercury is going to transit in the Lagna house of the Aries zodiac. For your zodiac sign, Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth house. This will result in success in your endeavors and the fulfillment of your dreams. In this period, the decision-making ability will be very strong. It will help you in the future in different ways. It is advised to have control over your speech and communication. The sweet nature of the relationship will continue for a long time if you are able to control your speech. The Mercury transit in Aries will prove very auspicious for married life. Among both partners, love and mutual coordination will increase, and can express feelings toward each other openly. By taking proper care of your business, the natives can earn the right kind of profits. 

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Mercury is the lord of the zodiac sign and it is the lord of your fourth house. The Mercury transit in Aries is going to happen in the eleventh house. The incomes will increase in this period and the financial condition will become stronger. There will be new income sources during the Mercury transit. The business persons will have greater chances of success. With the use of intelligence and knowledge, the natives will be able to create favorable circumstances for themselves. The employed people can develop good relations with their superiors. Other than that, the transit time is also favorable for the love life of Gemini natives. You will be able to share your thoughts with your partner freely. There will be a rise in reputation in society and there are possibilities of making new friends in this period. The plans that were stuck earlier can be resolved during this Mercury transit. Also, the natives will be able to invest properly across different directions. 

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For the Cancer natives, Mercury is the lord of the twelfth house and third house and the transit is going to happen in the tenth house. During this period, there are chances of getting immense financial benefits for the Cancer natives. They will be able to make the right decisions in their professional life and can get all the success in their lives. At the workplace, there are chances of getting a lot of praise and expect promotions in this period. As per Mercury transit in Aries, there are chances of developing good relationships with your colleagues. It is also a favorable period for family life and there will be happiness among the family members. There will be a rise in love and coordination in the family. There are chances of business expansions for the business persons. There are chances of getting success at your workplace and the natives can join a new organization. 

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Mercury is the lord of the fourth and seventh house of Pisces zodiac and the transit is going to happen in the second house. During Mercury transit in Aries, the effectiveness of communication of Pisces natives will improve and they can influence people with their words. In the same period, the business persons can earn the right kind of profits. They will also use technology in their business operations. Mercury will be favorable for married life and there will be support from your spouse. The partners will show dedication towards themselves and can spend happy times together. There will be a rise in family income and can ensure the right type of savings. Among the family members, there will be an increase of love and can spend good time with the family. Through selling of property, there are chances of money gains. Expect good news from the family members and it will bring a smile to your face. During this Mercury transit, the natives will feel happy and satisfied in their lives. 

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