Ketu Enters Moon’s Nakshatra: 3 Zodiacs Will Get Financial Abundance

Ketu Entering The Constellation of Moon: Rahu-Ketu, are the two planets that are often regarded with fear, and are also known as shadowy planets. They are both considered as cursed planets. Rahu in Vedic Astrology symbolizes worldly desires, success, recognition and authority while Ketu showcases spiritual inclinations, detachment and liberation. 

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So, In recent times, Ketu is going to change its zodiac signs which will affect all the 12 zodiac signs in a unique manner. Whenever Ketu gets associated with a planet then the power of the planet increases but as Ketu is known to give inauspicious results so it brings a lot of challenges and obstacles in the lives of the natives. So, this time, Ketu is residing in Virgo and soon, it is going to change its constellation there. Ketu is going to enter the constellation of the Moon and this blog is dedicated to the same. And today, we are going to discuss the zodiacs that are going to get financial benefit from Ketu entering the constellation of Moon. 

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Ketu Entering The Constellation of Moon: Date And Time 

The constellation change for Ketu took place on 4th March morning at 8:52 am where it will enter the constellation of moon. Ketu is going to reside here till 10th November, 2024. This constellation change is also going to affect the lives of certain zodiacs in an auspicious manner. 

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Ketu Entering The Constellation of Moon: These Zodiacs Will Get Financial Benefits 


Ketu is going to move to the sixth house of the Aries natives and this will be proven extremely beneficial for this zodiac sign. You will get rid of the loan or the borrowed money. The stuck or pending work from long will get accomplished and your health will do well too. The natives will succeed in the legal matters and the hindrances that may come in the job will also be resolved. And, you will also get new opportunities to work upon. Overall, there will be happiness and prosperity in all aspects of life. 

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Ketu will enter the second house of the Leo natives which means the house of money. The natives will meet with a new source of income and will also get their hard work paid off. The work stuck for a long time will also get accomplished and you will also get to spend a great amount of time with family and if there were any disputes running in the family, then they will get resolved now. There will be new sources and opportunities to earn money from. 

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Due to Ketu entering in the constellation of Moon, the Sagittarius natives are going to get the special benefits. The natives will mainly start benefiting from the Ketu’s change in constellation after Jupiter will change its zodiacs on 30th April. The pending works will get accomplished. You will make progress in your career and your mind will also be focused on work. People preparing for competitive exams may get good results. The natives are also going to get support from the government officials. 

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