Mercury Rise In Gemini To Harm The Business Of These 5 Zodiacs, No Signs of Profit Anywhere!

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet of intelligence, communication, and craftsmanship. It is believed that the auspicious impact of Mercury increases the intelligence of a person and their communication style becomes influencing and with these two qualities, they succeed in their business. Mercury has a special effect on the business of the natives and that’s why, if someone lacks the blessings of Mercury, their business doesn’t survive for long in the industry. 

This time, in June 2024, Mercury is going to rise. According to Vedic Astrology, the Mercury rise in Gemini can be heavy on some zodiacs’ business as they may have to bear loss. Mercury will rise in Gemini on 27th June, at 04:22. Let’s move ahead and find out the zodiacs who need to stay cautious with their business due to the Mercury rise in Gemini. 

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What Does Rise Of A Planet Mean? 

Hearing Mercury rise in Gemini, you must have also wondered what exactly rise means. So, in astrological language, rise is used for the event of a planet coming out of its combustion state and rising. 

Mercury will soon rise in Gemini, during this phenomenon, it will move further from the Sun and will regain its powers or abilities back. Now that Gemini is the zodiac of Mercury itself, hence Mercury will get good strength if it rises in this zodiac sign. 

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Zodiac Who Will Have To Bear Business Loss 


For the Aries zodiac, Mercury is the ruling lord of the third and sixth house and now, it will rise in the third house of the zodiac. You must stay careful before making a major or important decision. There are chances that you may be unsuccessful in making progress in your business. You are likely to get tough competition from your competitors. 

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Mercury rules over the third and twelfth house of the Cancer zodiac and at the moment, it will rise in the twelfth house. During this period, there can be several challenges and obstacles in the way of the success of your business. The profits may slip out of your hands. The business person will have to satisfy themselves with less profit. Your competitors are likely to give you tough competition in this period. 

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In the field of business, the Scorpio natives will get mixed results. Mercury is the ruling lord of the eighth and eleventh house of this zodiac and at present, it will rise in the eighth house. You are likely to face challenges in your trials. The business person will find themselves in a no-profit, no-loss situation. 

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For the Sagittarius zodiac, Mercury is the ruling lord of their seventh and tenth house and at present, it will rise in the seventh house. The natives running their business will have to meet with tough competition. You are likely to face a lot of challenges in your business during this period. 

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Mercury has ownership of the fourth and seventh house and right now, it will rise in the fourth house. There are chances that your comfort and luxury may decrease in this period. The Pisces natives will also be in a situation of no-profit and no-loss in their business. 

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Frequently Asked Question 

When will Mercury rise?

Mercury will rise on 27th June 2024.  

What should be done during Mercury retrograde? 

One should not start with a new venture or project during Mercury retrograde. 

What is the debilitated sign of Mercury?

Pisces is the debilitated sign of Mercury. 

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