Favorite Zodiacs Of Lord Hanuman, All Their Wishes Get Fulfilled!

It is believed that Lord Hanuman is the only one who fulfills the wishes of his devotees with just one call even in Kaliyuga. Hanuman ji is worshiped not only in India but also in foreign countries. Although everyone worships Hanuman, some zodiacs have deep faith in Hanuman ji. 

Today, through this blog, we are going to tell you about the zodiacs who are called true devotees of Lord Hanuman and worship him with complete devotion and faith. So, let’s know which people of which zodiacs are true devotees of Lord Hanuman. 

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Zodiacs Who Are True Devotees Of Lord Hanuman 


The ruling lord of Aries is Mars and this planet is known for courage and bravery. Worshiping Hanuman Ji has been proven to be extremely favorable for the Aries natives. Also, they worship Lord Hanuman with complete devotion and purity. Their emotional and courageous behavior is similar to that of Lord Hanuman and due to the same reason, they are the true devotees of Hanuman ji. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa is also favorable for these natives. 

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The natives of the Leo zodiac also worship with pure devotion and dedication. The ruling planet of this zodiac is the Sun and the natives of this zodiac worship Lord Hanuman. They have unwavering devotion toward Lord Hanuman and religiously follow his chosen path. They are often engrossed in religious activities. You can call these natives true devotees to Lord Hanuman. 

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The ruling lord of Scorpio is Mars and the lord of this planet is Hanuman. These natives have the same fierceness as that of Lord Hanuman. They win over the challenges of their life. One can easily find the idol of Hanuman ji in their home. The Scorpio natives are always engrossed in the devotion of Lord Hanuman. 

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The Sagittarius natives express pure devotion towards Lord Hanuman. The ruling lord of this zodiac is Jupiter which is the planet of knowledge and spirituality. The Sagittarius natives have a strong interest in spiritual progress and deep knowledge. They worship Lord Hanuman wholeheartedly and with pure devotion which resolves all the problems in the life of these natives. 

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The Capricorn natives are disciplined and hardworking. They have true devotion towards Lord Hanuman. They are ruled by Saturn, the planet of perseverance and self-discipline, having unwavering faith and loyalty to Lord Hanuman. They get inspiration to overcome the obstacles in their life only through their devotion. They get success in their life by the grace of Lord Hanuman. 

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Astrological Remedies To Impress Lord Hanuman 

If you want to keep Lord Hanuman happy, then you can follow the astrological remedies written below; 

  • If you are stuck in some tough or hard problem, then you should offer betel leaves to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. If you perform this remedy with full devotion, then you will surely get the blessings of Lord Hanuman and will be successful in your work. 
  • According to Vedic Astrology, to achieve success in your work or to achieve victory in any special task, you should offer a red or saffron-colored flag to Lord Hanuman. By hoisting this flag in the temple, people will respect you and all the obstacles in your work are going to be resolved. You can also write the name of Lord Ram on a triangle-shaped flag and offer it in the temple. 
  • You should offer Chole on Hanuman Jayanti, Tuesdays, or Saturdays. This will remove all the problems and worries from your life. By offering chole to Lord Hanuman, you will get a good fortune and also the blessings of Saturn in your life. Along with this, there will also be relief from diseases, depression, stress, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which zodiac is the favorite of Lord Hanuman? 

Aries is the favorite zodiac of Lord Hanuman. 

What is Hanuman Ji’s lucky number? 

Hanuman ji’s lucky number is 9.

What is the favorite fruit of Lord Hanuman? 

Apple is the favorite fruit of Lord Hanuman. 

Which is the favorite flower of Lord Hanuman? 

Jasmine is the favorite flower of Lord Hanuman. 

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