Lord Vishnu’s Day: Diety’s Grace On Thursday For These Zodiacs

Lord Vishnu’s Day: In the world of Vedic astrology, each of the twelve zodiac signs is ruled by a planet. The movement of these celestial bodies and stars is meticulously observed to predict one’s horoscope. August 24, 2023, is Thursday, a day dedicated to Lord Vishnu. On Lord Vishnu’s Day, people perform rituals and offer prayers to seek the benevolence of Lord Vishnu, hoping for a change in their fortunes.

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Let’s delve into the predictions for four zodiac signs that may experience a shift in their destiny under the divine grace on Lord Vishnu’s Day. 

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Lord Vishnu’s Day: Destinies Of These Zodiacs Will Change


For Gemini individuals, artistic and musical pursuits may shine brightly today. On Lord Vishnu’s Day, there could be potential changes in their professional sphere, possibly a job transfer. Support from their life partner will be forthcoming, and business endeavors will flourish, leading to increased profits. Maintaining a friendly disposition in conversations is advised, as a lack of self-confidence might persist. However, it’s crucial to avoid unnecessary anger and agitation. Mental confusion might be a hurdle, and some disagreements with friends may arise. Overall, financial gains are in their destiny.

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In the Cancerian household, there may be religious activities and family gatherings. On Lord Vishnu’s Day, those in employment may receive cooperation from superiors, facilitating career growth. Maintaining self-discipline is vital, and stay clear of unwarranted anger. There will be positive results from job-related exams and interviews. Maternal health could see improvement, ensuring peace of mind. Self-confidence remains high, although expenses might be on the rise. Pending work will progress, and it’s important to avoid unnecessary stress.


Leo individuals might face financial challenges, with increased expenses and decreased income causing concern. On Lord Vishnu’s Day, small musical events within the family may bring joy. Mental stress is possible, and there’s a chance of business-related changes. Rushing could lead to mistakes, hence they should have patience. Financial support from elder siblings or relatives may come in handy. Health should be a priority, and self-confidence may wane slightly. Family support will be a source of strength during this time.

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For Virgo natives, support from their life partners is on the horizon. Opportunities for increased wealth through paternal connections are likely. Take your health seriously this time. Business prospects are positive, leading to financial gains. Family life will be harmonious on Lord Vishnu’s Day, and a religious journey might be in the cards. Communication will be amicable, but a touch of irritability might persist. Home comfort will improve, but there could be a dip in savings. A keen interest in arts and music remains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the favorite month of Lord Vishnu?

Ans. The favorite month of Lord Vishnu is Kartika Maas and the devotees follow different religious rituals in the particular month.

Q2. What is the Nakshatra ruled by Lord Vishnu?

Ans. The Shravana Nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vishnu and is also noted in Puranic verses.

Q3. What is the symbol of Vishnu Ji?

Ans. Garuda or eagle is the symbol of Lord Vishnu and he rests on the Ananta snake.

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