4 Planets Brings Trouble In Love Marriages; Check The Right Measures!

Every person wants to make their marriage beautiful and special. For people engaged in a love relationship, reaching the stage of marriage is a big event. After facing all the problems, they reach the point of marriage and they feel that their dream has been fulfilled. But, many times the problems start after the marriage. In such scenarios, tension starts increasing in the married life of people once they get married. And, these troubles can increase very much due to the influence of some inauspicious planets. This can also reach the point of separation in the love marriage.

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As per astrology, four planets play a negative role in making love marriages unsuccessful & creating various troubles. These four planets are namely – Venus, Jupiter, Rahu, and Mercury. If any of these planets are positioned at a negative place in the horoscope, the person may start facing different troubles in their love marriage. In such a situation, some of the special astrological remedies can help people deal with love marriage issues. So, without any further delay, let us check the measures that should be adopted to keep the love marriage intact and protected.

Four Planets Responsible For Making Love Marriage Unsuccessful

In Vedic astrology, four planets are considered responsible for making the love marriage unsuccessful. These 4 planets are Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Rahu. As per astrology, the weak position of Venus, the planet responsible for the attraction, wealth, good fortune, love, & grandeur in the horoscope results in a decrease in attraction between the couples. Their interest in beauty also decreases. Whereas in the horoscope, if Jupiter, the planet responsible for work, religion, philosophy, and children is positioned at a weaker spot then the person no longer has the desire for enjoyment. In such a situation, love and romance decrease in the love life. This can initiate fights and arguments within a couple. 

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The romance in the lives of people comes to an end. The planet Mercury is responsible for speech, skin, etc. As the position of Mercury is weaker in the horoscope, it results in harsh speech of individuals and they also start moving away from their partners. In such a situation, the possibility of getting cheated also rises. Whereas, the inauspicious position of Rahu results in confusion and imagination in the married life of people. Also, the partners start doubting each other and this leads to fights & disputes. Along with it, if the fifth & seventh houses in the horoscope are weak then the risk of love marriages failing and later leading to divorces also increases. 

Measures To Increase Sweetness In Your Married Life 

Do This Work For Three Months 

As per astrologers, if there are troubles in your love marriage or the position of planet Jupiter is weaker and facing ups & downs in the married life, then on every Thursday visit Lord Jupiter or Lord Shiva temple for at least three months. Offer items like yellow clothes, gram pulses, yellow-colored milk, pedas, etc. as prasad. Also, if possible, on Thursday wear yellow clothes or keep a yellow handkerchief while visiting a temple. This will result in the strong positioning of Jupiter in the horoscope and favorable outcomes in married life. 

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Worship Of Banana Tree 

Every Thursday, worship the banana tree if you have done love marriage and are facing troubles after that. Also, listen and recite the story of Lord Jupiter. After that, apply turmeric or saffron tilak on Thursday. This will result in a love marriage going well and getting relief from different kinds of troubles in your life. Also, mutual love between husband and wife increases. 

Wear Ceylon Gomed  

If Rahu is afflicting Venus, Moon, Lagnesh, or Saptamesh in the horoscope, then natives should take measures to avoid the bad effects of Rahu. On Wednesday, wear Ceylon Gomed setting it in silver and by following all the right rituals. This will result in success in different areas of life and there will be love in married life. Also, the relationship grows stronger than before. 

Recite Durga Chalisa 

Individuals should recite Durga Chalisa daily and also chant the 108 names of Mother Durga twice if they face troubles in a love marriage. This will result in multiple benefits in married life. Other than that, they can also recite Sunderkand after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes. This will result in unbreakable love in married life. 

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Offer Water To The Sun God 

To maintain love throughout married life, offer water to the Sun God every morning and also chant Gayatri Mantra during this period. Observe fast on Purnima and Thursday. And on Friday, offer Kheer to little girls. This will result in mutual love in married life and there won’t be any shortage of anything in life. 

Do These Remedies On Friday 

Planet Venus is responsible for different troubles in married life. In such a situation, on Friday, take an earthen lamp, place two pieces of Camphor in it, and then lighten it. After that, smoke it in the entire house and then throw it out. This will help remove all the evil eyes from married life and there will be sweetness in the relationship. 


Q1. What is Venus responsible for in astrology?

Ans. Venus is responsible for material happiness, fame, pleasure, art, married life happiness, etc. 

Q2. Which zodiac did the planet Venus represent?

Ans. Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra signs.

Q3. What to do if Jupiter is weak in the horoscope?

Ans. Observe fast on Thursday to strengthen the position of Jupiter in the horoscope.

Q4. What are the positive effects of Mercury?

Ans. The strong position of Mercury attracts the attention of everyone towards the person. 

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