Mercury Transits Twice In May 2024: 3 Zodiacs Will Get Huge Financial Benefits!

The planetary transits have deep impacts on human lives. These transits will result in ups & downs in different aspects of people’s lives. In May 2024, Mercury is going to transit twice and due to it, the natives will get special benefits in their lives. 

Also, check the dates of Mercury transit that is going to transit in the month of May 2025 and which zodiacs will get benefits due to such transits. 

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What Are The Dates Of Mercury Transits?

In Vedic astrology, Mercury, the planet responsible for intelligence and learning capabilities will first transit in Aries sign on 10 May 2024, at 06:39 pm. After that, on 31 May 2024, Mercury will transit into the Taurus zodiac sign. 

In this way, Mercury is going to transit into two different zodiac signs in May 2024. Because of this, luck will favor the natives of some zodiac signs. They will experience a lot of progress in their careers and business. But, before that let us check the importance of Mercury in astrology. 

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Importance Of Mercury In Astrology 

Mercury is considered the second fastest planet after the Moon and is given the title of prince among all the planets. The planet Mercury is considered a factor of intelligence. The auspicious effect of the planet on the people’s horoscope will result in comfort and varied facilities in the lives of people. They will get good health and also will attain a higher level of knowledge. 

The natives will be successful in different aspects of life and with the grace of the planet, the natives will be able to make the right decisions in their business. Persons having the influence of Mercury planet in the horoscope can perform well in their stock market and businesses. They might also be interested in subjects related to esoteric sciences like astrology, mysticism, etc., and will get success across respective fields. 

On the other hand, if Mercury is placed along with Rahu, Ketu, or Mars, then the natives can face multiple difficulties and challenges in their lives. The conjunction of Mars and Mercury will result in a decrease in intelligence levels. They can also have impulsive and aggressive natures. 

List Of Zodiac Signs That Gets Huge Financial Benefits Due To Mercury Transit 


The Mercury transits in May 2024 will prove very beneficial for the Aries natives. Mercury transits in its own zodiac sign and from 31 May 2024, Mercury enters the money house. In this period, the personality of natives improves, and will be able to make the right decisions in their businesses. You can also expect sudden financial gains from different sectors. 

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In the businesses, Aries natives will get immense business success and this will also boost their morale. You can also invest in a new business and there are strong chances of making profits. The speech of natives will become very sweet and thus will be able to influence others with your words. 

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The Mercury transit in May 2024 will be very favorable financially for the Cancer natives. The transit will happen in the Karma and income houses. In this period, the Cancer natives will get huge success in their businesses. There are great chances of making profits and earning a good amount of money. The source of income of people also increases due to the transits. 

In the work field, Cancer natives will get support for their luck and thus will feel very happy & satisfied. Your family will also progress due to the transits. There are chances of jobs for unemployed people and their salaries also rise. The business persons can make huge profits from various deals. 

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The Mercury transits in May 2024 will prove financially good for the natives. The transit will happen in the Karma and ninth house. Leo natives will get full support of their luck in making a good amount of money. There are chances of promotions and increments in this period. 

Along with it, the salary of natives also increases significantly. If you are working right now and looking for suitable transfers, then your wishes will be fulfilled due to the planetary transits. Business persons will be successful in their field and can get great achievements in their lives. They will be filled with confidence to make gains in their lives. 

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