Jivitputrika Vrat 2023: Extremely Auspicious For Children

In Sanatana Dharma, many types of festivals and fasts are celebrated. Women observe some fasts for the long life of their husbands and they keep some fast for the happy and long life of their children. Jivitputrika Fast holds a special importance among the fasts observed for the longevity of the children. This fast is also known as Jitiya fast and a special thing about this fast is that this fast is observed without drinking a drop of water (Nirjala Vrat).

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Jivitputrika Fast: Date & Auspicious Time (Muhurta)

Jivitputrika fast is observed on the eighth day (Ashtami Tithi) of the auspicious Ashvin month. This year, this fast is being observed on 06th October, 2023, Friday. This fast lasts for three days, so it will start on the night of 05th October 2023 and its Paran will be on 07th October 2023. On 5th October, it will start with ‘Nahaaye Khaaye’ and on 6th October, women will observe this Nirjala fast for the longevity of their children. It is believed that this fast has a relationship with the time of Mahabharata and from there it started. So, this fast holds a great importance for the mothers.

Time Of Jivitputrika Fast

Jivitputrika fast is observed on the Ashtami Tithi (eighth day) and Ashtami Tithi starts on 06th October from 06:37 A.M. and it will end on 07th October, 2023 at 08:11 P.M.

Method Of Nahaaye Khaaye On Jivitputrika Fast

Nahaaye Khaaye is practiced in the JivitPutrika Vrat in the same way as it is done in the Chhath Puja. On the day of fast, women take bath in Holy Ganga river and worship there. If there is no sacred river or pond near your home and you cannot go to the Ganga River, then you can take a bath in your home only. Women can eat food only one time on this day.

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Worship Method Of Jivitputrika Fast

After taking bath in the morning on the day of fast, women clean the place of worship by smearing it with cow dung during the Pradosh period. After this, a small pond is made there and a Pakad branch is erected near this pond. Now the idol of Jimutavahana made of Kusha is installed in the water of the pond and it is worshiped with incense, lamp, Akshat, Roli and flowers etc. During this fast, women also make idols of eagles and Female Jackals from clay and cow dung. After applying tilak on the forehead of these idols, the story of Jivitputrika fast is heard.

Where Jivitputrika Fast Is Celebrated

Jivitputrika fast is observed in South India, especially in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. The time of breaking this fast is 10:21 A.M. on 07 October. Every mother observes this fast for the good health and long life of her child or son.

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Story (Katha) Of Jivitputrika Fast

Regarding Jivitputrika Vrat, it is said that during the Mahabharata war, Ashwatthama was very disappointed with the death of his father, Guru Drona and friend Duryodhana and he wanted to take revenge from the Pandavas. To take revenge he went to the Pandavas’ camp where 5 people were sleeping. Ashwatthama thought that they were Pandavas and killed all five. Those five persons who died were the five sons of Draupadi. After this incident, Arjun captured Ashwatthama and also snatched his divine gem from him. Angered by this, Ashwatthama used Brahmastra to kill the child growing in the womb of Uttara, wife of Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu.

Then, in order to bring Uttara’s son back to life and to carry forward the lineage of Pandavas, Shri Krishna gave the fruits of all his good deeds and brought the child back to life. This son growing in the womb was named Jivitputrika and from then onwards mothers started observing this fast for the long life and health of their child. In this fast, there is a tradition to worship Lord Jimutavahana during the Pradosh period.

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Rules Of Jivitputrika Fast

If you are observing Jivitputrika Fast, then you have to follow some rules regarding it. Below mentioned are some rules related to Jivitputrika Fast.

  • The women have to take bath before sunrise in the morning and have to start the worship after taking the bath.
  • After worship, the women eat their food and after that they observe Nirjala fast for the whole day.
  • On the second day, after taking the bath in the morning, women worship and observe fast.
  • On the third day, the break (Paran) the fast after distributing the sacrament and making donation.

Astrological Remedies To Give Birth To A Baby

  • If you are not able to bear a child, then you must try to strengthen Planet Jupiter in your birth horoscope (Kundli). You should worship Lord Brihaspathi and donate Jaggery on Thursday.
  • For giving birth to a child, worshiping Lord Shree Krishna in his baby form is considered highly auspicious. You must establish Bal Gopal in your worship place at home and worship him daily.
  • Han a picture of a laughing baby in your bedroom, doing this Vastu remedy can increase the chances of yours to get a baby.
  • Other than this, hanging a picture of a Pomegranate fruit in your room increases your fertility power.

Astrological Remedies For The Children

  • According to the Vedic astrology, if you daily chant the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ strengthens your Planet Sun due to which your child achieves success in their career and life. You must guide your child to chant the Gayatri Mantra daily.
  • If your Child is of a playful nature, then if the mother gifts her child a Silver bangle, then it strengthens the Planet Moon of her child. By this, a child learns to stay disciplined.

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