May Tarot Weekly Horoscope (5th-11th) Indicates Cool Summers

Tarot Cards As A Tool Of Divination 

Tarot is an ancient deck of cards, a form of divination that has been used by numerous mystics and tarot readers across cultures to access and deepen their intuition in the form of Tarot Spreads. The usage of the cards for greater spiritual development and self-understanding dates back to ancient times. Entering the arcane world of Tarot is a daunting experience if an individual comes in to seek answers to important and life changing questions with faith and humility. 

Tarot reading is definitely not some spooky session meant to entertain you and your friends, as thought to be by many. The 78 cards Deck with its intricate and mysterious illustrations has the power to let out the darkest secrets and your deepest fears which are hidden from the rest of the world. 

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Before we dive deep into what Tarot has in store for us for the 1st week of May, 2024 let us understand where this potent magical tool comes from. The origin of Tarot dates back to the 1400’s and the very first mentions of it are known to come from Italy and its nearby areas. It was initially treated as a mere game of cards and Noble families and Royalties would instruct artists to create lavish illustrations to entertain their friends and guests who’d come over for parties. The cards were actually put to divinatory use only around the 16th century, when mystics around Europe started to practice and learn; as to how the deck was to spread out systematically and used their intuitive powers to decipher the hidden truths behind those intricate drawings and from then on Tarot was no more just a deck of cards. During medieval times, Tarot however was associated with witchcraft and bore the backlash of superstition and was shunned from the mainstream world of fortune telling for decades to come. 

It has now once again found fame recently a few decades ago when Tarot Reading was reintroduced into the mainstream arcane world and is definitely basking in this new found glory. It is once more being used as a main tool for divination in India and across the globe and definitely deserves the fame and respect it has garnered. Now, without further ado let’s dive into the world of Tarot and know what it has in store for all 12 zodiac signs for the 1st week of May, 2024. 

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May Tarot Weekly Horoscope 2024: Zodiac-Wise Predictions


Love: King of Cups

Finance: King of Pentacles

Career: Judgment

Health: Two of Cups

King of Cups in a relationship reading is good news as this week you will notice your partner being too sensitive and considerate towards your emotions and feelings. Your partner will try their best to provide you with all the attention and a stable relationship that you need most right now.

King of Pentacles in a financial reading indicates that you’d be financially too sound for the whole week of May and there are high chances of salary hike or a good amount of business and sales coming your way if you’re a business owner. You will enjoy luxury and comfort this week.

Judgment in a career horoscope shows that this week your work may be judged by your superiors and you may be a part of a very important project Aries. This project could pave the way for you to that much awaited promotion that you have been looking forward to. 

Two of Cups in a healing spread talks about you being in total control of your health this week. You’ll get ample time to spend with your loved ones and it will be a great week for you helping you to heal emotionally, physically and mentally.

Lucky Flower: Dragon Flower


Love: The Emperor

Finance: Eight of Wands

Career: Temperance

Health: Three of Cups

Taurus! The Emperor in a love reading may represent a loving connection with an older man. He will appreciate regularity, rationality, structure, and order. Although he is not very skilled at romance, he will nevertheless have a positive impact on you. He is, nevertheless, sensible, trustworthy, and guardian.

The Eight of Wands suggests a time of rapid advancement and wonderful chances in terms of money and career. It implies that you are making progress toward your financial objectives and that your efforts are paying off.

Temperance in a career reading suggests that you should have specific goals in mind and go slowly and steadily. You are making a difference with your commitment and capacity for composure under duress. It serves as a reminder that positive things in your career take time to materialize.

Three of Cups suggests that you may be about to embark on a number of social events or holidays that may tempt you to overindulge in food or celebrate frequently. Have fun, but make an effort to limit your consumption to avoid detrimental effects on your health.

Lucky Flower: Water Lily

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Love: Strength

Finance: Knight of Wands

Career: Nine of Swords

Health: Judgment

Lovely Geminis! Strength card implies connections that are powerful and passionate. It could be a sign of intense feelings like bitterness and envy. But it can also represent empathy and inner power, which makes it easier to comprehend your partner’s wants and worries.

The Knight of Wands in a financial Tarot spread represents favorable financial activity, so when it shows up, you should be expecting a significant influx of cash. This card may suggest a propensity for careless spending, so be mindful of your outgoings and make sure you consider your purchases before making them.

Nine of Swords indicates that your current job circumstances may be making you feel overburdened and stressed. Your ability to deal may be compromised by stress and worry, which can make things appear worse than they actually are. Step back and evaluate the circumstances impartially.

In terms of health, the Judgement card represents coming out of a difficult time and moving on. Now is the moment to embrace your wellbeing and let go of negativity. It is possible that previous health problems have taught you valuable lessons.

Lucky Flower: Sun Flower


Love: Knight of Swords

Finance: Eight of Pentacles

Career: Wheel of Fortune

Health: The High Priestess

Howdy Cancers! The Knight of Swords is a metaphor for a straightforward, forceful, and intellectually curious companion or yourself. It can imply that in order to get through any difficulties in the relationship, open and honest communication is necessary.

The Eight of Pentacles could represent financial assistance you have been hoping for. Use caution when allocating this money, and remember that it is the product of your labor, not luck. 

The Wheel of Fortune suggests that there are going to be new chances. The universe is supporting your endeavors, whether you’re thinking about launching a business or looking for a new career.

Generally speaking, the High Priestess advises you to pay attention to the signals your body is sending you about what it needs. The High Priestess may be a sign that your health worries are not being given enough attention. 

Lucky Flower: Daisy

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Love: Queen of Pentacles

Finance: Justice

Career: Three of Cups

Health: Five of Swords

Queen of Pentacles indicates Leos to be more understanding in relationships when it comes to love or relationships in general. “Start by treating yourself with kindness and gentleness to discover your inner tenderness. Genuine love connection is possible, but it requires your presence and attention.”

Justice advises you to be truthful about your financial situation when it seems right. When it comes to money, don’t lie or cheat. Your future financial situation will improve if you are just and truthful.

Three of Cups in a career context, can be seen as a success in your line of work or profession. This could take the form of an end-of-year celebration, an auspicious business launch, the successful completion of a project, or the end of a course.

The Five of Swords denotes the need for self-care and combat fatigue. Your energy may have been depleted by the difficulties you have encountered or are presently confronting. Be nice to yourself and refrain from self-destructive habits like turning to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Lucky Flower: Carnations

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Love: Nine of Cups

Finance: The Magician

Career: Knight of Cups

Health: Ace of Swords

Dear Virgos! Nine of Cups is a positive card. It shows up when you and your spouse are feeling content and joyful. You should anticipate lots of romance because it is also a sign of fantastic sex, sensuality, and pleasure. This card can symbolize engagement, marriage, or pregnancy, etc.

The magician card suggests more options and a creative approach to money management. This powerful card exhorts us to use our cunning and resourcefulness to take advantage of any potential cash chances.

The Knight of Cups is a symbol for favorable news or an offer. This Knight can stand in for success if you’re awaiting word on a job or course application. It might also mean receiving a surprise offer. When the Knight shows in, everything should be going smoothly in a professional context, regardless of the news he brings.

Ace of Swords upright indicates a time of mental clarity and motivation. It encourages you to take control of your health and make positive changes.

Lucky Flower: Orchid


Love: The World

Finance: Three of Swords (Reversed)

Career: Two of Wands

Health: Queen of Cups

Dear Libras! The World card is a good omen of stability and contentment in love readings. It denotes a harmonious and balanced partnership where respect and trust are fostered. This card suggests that your relationship  could get more serious with time.

Three of Swords in a reversed position suggests overcoming financial difficulties and finding optimism in career matters. It signifies releasing pain, embracing a positive mindset, and working towards recovery.

Two of Wands in a career reading urges us to think about our long-term objectives and desires. It denotes the necessity of making plans and choices that will result in both financial stability and career advancement.

 Queen of Wands in a health reading reminds us to treat ourselves and others with compassion and sympathy. This card also highlights the importance of self-care and nurturing our own emotional well-being.

Lucky Flower: Petunia

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Love: Four of Pentacles

Finance: Knight of Wands

Career: Four of Cups

Health: Knight of Swords

Four of Pentacles  indicates a relationship that is fueled with jealousy and possessiveness. Scorpios, It is likely that you and your partner struggle with insecurities and fears in your relationship. You need to work hard to create a safe place for your partner within the relationship.

Knight of Wands in a financial reading points towards the need to save and manage your finances well. Money may come in for you this week but, this is also a signal that it will go out with equal force. You need to cut down on your expenditure.

Four of Cups in a career reading suggests that your job or career may make you feel uninspired or give you a sense of unfulfillment this week. You could be neglecting the good aspects of your work life because you are jealous of the successes, lives, and accomplishments of others. 

Knight of Swords in a health spread talks about you catching cold or any infectious, viral disease that would keep you down for a long time. Let’s say about a week or so. This week may not be the best week health wise. You must keep your anger in control.

Lucky Flower: Flame of the Forest


Love: Ten of Pentacles

Finance: Five of Swords

Career: Four of Wands

Health: Five of Pentacles

If you’re in a relationship Sagis, then Ten of Pentacles tarot love meaning can indicate abundance, affection and luck as a couple. It is likely that you have a strong foundation now for your family, should you choose to have one. That idea may indeed be on your mind; you may be working on getting married to your partner, buying a house, or starting a family.

You may be facing conflicts when it comes to money right now; whether it is with your partner, your family, or your friends. You’ll need to be extra cautious with your finances right now, especially when it comes to trusting others. There may be people who could attempt to cheat on you.

Four of Wands in a career reading indicates that you are secure in your job and at a comfortable position. Your job is currently helping you to grow as an individual and as a professional too. This is a great phase in your career. Promotions, a good career, a high paying job and a comfortable life, everything is coming to you.

Five of Pentacles in a health spread means that this week you may be dealing with health issues even after being successful in your profession. Some deep emotional issues may resurface. There are chances of getting a fracture too. Be careful.

Lucky Flower: Pansy

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Love: Seven of Wands

Finance: Four of Wands

Career: Ace of Pentacles

Health: Five of Wands

Seven of Wands in a love reading encourages you to fight for your love. Stand up against any threats or interference that may jeopardize the connection you have built. Trust in your partnership and work together to overcome obstacles.

Four of Wands in a financial reading represents security of finances and stability. You can now savor the results of your effort because your meticulous preparation and diligent work have paid off. Now is the perfect moment to spoil your loved ones and give them a portion of your fortune.

The Ace of Pentacles in a career reading represents new prospects for growth and prosperity. It could signal a promotion, a new work offer, or the opportunity to start your own business. This card advises you to seize the opportunity and take measured risks.

Five of Wands indicates that you should minimize your adrenaline and stress levels, or you risk developing stress-related disorders like high blood pressure. The Five of Wands can also represent injuries sustained when playing aggressive or contact sports.

Lucky Flower: Poppy


Love: Ten of Pentacles

Finance: Six of Pentacles

Career: The Sun

Health: King of Cups

Dear Aquarius, in a love relationship, Ten of Pentacles represents long-term security and stability. When this card occurs in your Tarot reading, it will establish a strong foundation for your partnership. It is also the Minor Arcana card for home peace or joy, representing a conventional or traditional approach to family values. 

Six of Pentacles in a financial reading gives you an opportunity to share your resources with people in need. What do you have to give? It could be money, but it also could be a skill, advice, knowledge, or time. Whatever it is you have to give, know that it has an immense value to the other person.

The Sun card represents success and excitement. You will feel driven, and others will appreciate your efforts. It’s a card that often represents a promotion or advancement in your career.

King of Cups in a health reading indicates that you will enjoy a good time as far as health is concerned this week with no major health issues troubling you. 

Lucky Flower: Peony


Love: Ace of Wands

Finance: Nine of Wands (Reversed)

Career: The Chariot

Health: Two of Pentacles

Dear Pisces! The Ace of Wands symbolizes a new phase in a relationship. It can mark the beginning of an exciting period, such as becoming engaged, married, or having a family. It encourages singles to be bold and express their feelings to someone they are interested in.

The Nine of Wands reversed indicates that you are feeling crushed by everything around you, including your financial condition, and are considering moving away. However, you should understand that running away is not an option. It will only provide temporary relief, but your duties will eventually catch up with you.

The Chariot in a career reading is a welcome card. This week your career will pick pace, whether you are a business owner or a regular job goer. This week you may get good opportunities. Abroad travel is possible as well. Good times are coming ahead.

Two of Pentacles in a health spread talks of some unknown health issues you could be suffering from. Do get a thorough check up done. 

Lucky Flower: Hydrangea

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