4 Zodiacs Are Dear To Lord Krishna; Also Know Laddu Gopal’s Zodiac Sign!

All Gods and Goddesses bless the natives based on their deeds. However, some zodiac signs are very dear to some deities and they bestow special blessings on them. In this particular blog, we are shedding light on the 4 zodiac signs that always have the graces of Lord Krishna. Also, we will enlighten you with the zodiac sign of our dearest Laddu Gopal, so read till the end!

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Lord Krishna’s Blessings Shine On These 4 Zodiacs


The first zodiac that gets the special graces of Laddu Gopal is Taurus. If you belong to Taurus then with the blessings of Shree Krishna, you will be successful in all your endeavors and will be favored by luck. But you must not forget to worship the lord with devotion and have faith in him.

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Cancer is the second zodiac on this list! With Kanha Ji’s kindness, these natives attain salvation after death if they follow religious practices and show faith in the great almighty. Also, Cancer natives must worship Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha for maximum positive results.


Laddu Gopal makes sure that the Leo natives are always happy and prosperous. With his special blessings, these natives get auspicious outcomes in every work. Leo is a hardworking zodiac and their intent never goes to vain. However, the Leo natives are advised to meditate on Kanha Ji to keep getting the fruits of their hard work.

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Libra natives are one of the lucky ones as they are always blessed with abundance due to Laddu Gopal’s blessings. These natives are well-respected and reputed in the society. People belonging to the Libra zodiac must always recite the glories of Shree Krishna.

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Laddu Gopal Belongs To This Zodiac Sign…

It’s time for the big reveal! As per astrological and religious facts, it is believed that Lord Krishna’s horoscope was of Taurus ascendant. Also, Moon was in an exalted state in his birth chart. Besides this, it is unraveled that Laddu Gopal’s Kundali had not one or two, but 5 Maha Yogas! These yogas were- Shash Yoga, Hans Yoga, Malavya Yoga, Ruchaka Yoga, and Bhadra Yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the zodiac sign of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is believed to have belonged to the Taurus zodiac sign.

When is Krishna’s birthday?

In Shravan or Bhadrapada month, the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha is celebrated as Krishna’s birthday.

Which is Lord Krishna’s favorite color?

Kanha Ji loves the color Yellow.

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