Yogini Ekadashi ‘22: Know Benefits Of Sukarma Yoga Forming On This Day!

In Hindu religion, there is a great significance of Yogini Ekadashi because this day is devoted to Shree Narayan, which means Lord Vishnu. Observing Yogini Ekadashi fast washes away the heinous sin like cutting a Peepal tree and native gets rid of all types of problems in his life. According to a belief, if a person is afflicted with a curse, then he can get rid of it by observing fast on this auspicious occasion because it ends all types of body ailments of native and blesses with beautiful appearance, qualities, and fame. 

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Significance of Yogini Ekadashi 

According to religious beliefs, Yogini Ekadashi fast is popular in the three worlds. It is said that the native who observes this fast lives a blissful life and receives happiness and prosperity and he gains virtue which is equal to offering food to 88 thousand Brahmins. 

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Yogini Ekadashi 2022: Tithi, Time And Muhurat For Fast

Date: 24 June, 2022

Day: Friday

Hindi Month: Ashaad

Paksha: Krishan

Tithi: Ekadashi

Ekadashi Tithi Beginning: 23 June, 2022 from 9:43 pm. 

Ekadashi Tithi Ending: 24 June, 2022 till 11:14 pm. 

Yogini Ekadashi Fast Muhurat: 25 June, 2022 from 05:43 am till 08:12 am. 

Duration: 02 hours 48 minutes

Hari Vasar Ending Time: 25 June, 2022 at 05:43 am. 

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Yogini Ekadashi Fast Mythology

According to mythology, in an Alkapuri town, there was a gardener named Hem living in the house of the king, Kuber. His everyday task was to bring flowers from Mansarovar for Lord Shiva worship. One day, while having quality time with his wife, he lost track of time and Hem got late in bringing flowers for worship. This made King Kuber angry and he cursed him for having lepers. The cursed Gardner was wandering here and there due to suffering. Luckily, one day he reached the sage Markandeya Ashram. There the sage found out the reason for his suffering through his Yogabal and said if you observe fast with complete devotion and follow all rituals then you will be free of curse. Hem obeyed sage Markandeya and he sincerely observed the Yogini Ekadashi fast, due to which he got rid of the curse of having lepers and received salvation. This is the reason in Hindu religion, Yogini Ekadashi is one of the most significant occasions.

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Yogini Ekadashi Fast Rituals

  • One should wake up early in the morning on Yogini Ekadashi 
  • After taking a bath, native should wear yellow clothes and duly observe the fast. 
  • Then on a worship post make an Aasan and draw a picture of Lord Vishnu on it or install a photograph of him.
  • Do Abhishek of Lord Vishnu with water and offer him yellow flowers, fruits, sandalwood, sweet basil, Akshat, yellow clothes etcetera.
  • Then read Vishnu Chalisa Or Vishnu Sahastranam.
  • In the end, do Aarti of Lord Vishnu and observe fast on fruits.
  • After the completion of the ritual, do charity according to your budget and offer food to Brahmins.
  • On the next day i.e on Dwadashi Tithi break your fast during Parana Muhurat after worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Don’ts On This Day

  • A day prior, means on Dashmi, don’t consume Barley, Wheat and Lentils. 
  • Don’t eat salt on the day of observing fast. 
  • On this day it is prohibited to consume non veg, onion, garlic etcetera.
  • Don’t get angry. 
  • Don’t be jealous. 
  • Avoid violence.
  • You should not hold grudges for someone in your heart. 

Formation Of Sukarma Yoga On Yogini Ekadashi

In Vedic Astrology Sukarma Yoga is the most auspicious Yoga. It is said that all the tasks done during this period always bring success. This Yoga is especially auspicious for job change and performing any important task. 

Sukarma Yoga Beginning: 24 June, 2022 from 04:51 am. 

Sukarma Yoga Ending: 25 June, 2022 till 04:12 am.   

Yogini Ekadashi Remedies 

  • If the planetary position is not favorable in your horoscope and bear huge loss due to this position, then you must read Vishnu Sahastranam on Yogini Ekadashi.
  • If you have financial problems in your life or you are unable to collect money then on Yogini Ekadashi after worshiping Lord Vishnu, offer him Dakshina according to your budget. Then on the next day, keep that money in your locker by putting some rice in it. There is a belief that it ends the financial issues. 
  • To wash away your sins, apply sesame paste on your body in the morning and pour gooseberry juice in the bucket full of water and take a bath. Then pour saffron milk or Gangajal in Dakshinavarti conch and do Abhishek of Lord Vishnu. 
  • To bring happiness, peace and prosperity in your house, decorate a flute and offer it to Lord Krishna on Yogini Ekadashi. After that take some mustard seeds and tie them in a yellow cloth, then keep it in your locker.
  • To provide peace to ancestors, sit in front of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna and read Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta. 
  • If you are under debts, then fill an urn with water and add sugar or Batasha in it, then offer it to the Peepal Tree. After that light a lamp of Ghee under the tree. 

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