Jupiter’s Intrusion Could Cause Harm To 3 Zodiacs & Bring Troubles

Jupiter is regarded as the most significant planet in the solar system out of the nine planets. The title of Guru of the Gods has been bestowed upon it personally. All of the zodiac signs are impacted by Jupiter’s transits. All signs of the zodiac experience ups and downs in their life as a result of this planet’s transit. While certain people experience good fortune, others might have to endure misfortune.

Jupiter travels through each sign of the zodiac once per year, according to astrology, thus it takes 12 years for Jupiter to travel through all 12 signs. Now, Jupiter has moved into Taurus, the sign of its adversary. Venus, the guru of demons, is the ruling planet of Taurus.

Jupiter, the Guru of the gods, is at odds with Venus, the Guru of the demons. As a result, those born under certain signs may experience significant effects from Jupiter’s entry into the hostile sign of Taurus. The precise time and date that Jupiter entered Taurus is further explained.

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Date And Time Of Jupiter Transit

Jupiter entered Taurus on May 1, 2024, at 02:29 p.m. Just one day later, at 22:08 on May 3, 2024, Jupiter will set in Taurus. With this transit, Jupiter has become debilitated for 18 days in the Navamsa horoscope. It has been projected that Jupiter was expected to be debilitated for 40 days at this time but at this time its speed is three times greater and because of this it is going to be debilitated for only 18 days in the Navamsa Kundli.

Owing to Jupiter’s invading movement, certain zodiac signs might encounter difficulties and roadblocks in their lives. This movement of Jupiter will mostly affect three signs of the zodiac. These individuals’ work will be hampered by barriers, and issues with their jobs and finances might surface.

So let us know which three zodiac signs are going to be affected by the intruding motion of Jupiter.

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These Zodiac Signs Might Suffer Heavy Loss


Intruder Jupiter is currently transiting through Sagittarius’ sixth house. It is said that this house is the source of all illnesses and foes. You run the risk of seeing a decline in your health right now. You’re worried about getting sick all of a sudden. You should exercise caution when it comes to your health. It’s possible that your workplace or industry will produce new adversaries. Even though your coworkers will be pleased with your effort, some people might find this irritating. 

These individuals might plot an attack on you. When you travel, you must exercise greater caution. When driving, exercise caution at all times to prevent accidents. There’s a chance that you’ll run into problems and difficulties at work. In addition, you may have a significant increase in mental tension. You might find that at this point, you’re not as good at making decisions. It’s possible that you’ll need to travel for work.

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People born under the sign of Libra may experience challenges during this time as intrusive Jupiter has entered the eighth house of this sign. We advise you to exercise caution during this time. There are a lot of issues and challenges that you could encounter at work. Your stress level could increase. At work, you should use caution when it comes to your adversaries. You will find it quite annoying that there seems to be a bad vibe in your office right now.

The employees must put in a lot of effort to grow in their careers; only then will they be able to accomplish their objectives. You’re probably going to experience financial difficulties right now as well. It’s likely that you’ll need to take out a loan as your expenses will rise dramatically. This is the time to use caution when it comes to your health. It’s possible that you and your siblings disagree. You might have to wait longer if you’re trying to conceive.

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Invading Jupiter has entered the third house of Pisces. Pisces people may be surrounded by fatigue right now. You will not feel like completing any work during this period. You’ll be seen postponing everything. Rivals may plan a plot against you at work, so be cautious.

There are various indications of issues in your business. Businessmen may encounter several challenges and hurdles in their field of business. It is also possible that your decision-making skills will deteriorate. You may have difficulties making even minor decisions. You might have to travel unnecessarily. You should use caution during your journey because an accident could occur.

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Surefire Remedies To Avoid The Adverse Impact Of Jupiter 

If you want to appease Lord Jupiter and stay out of his bad books, wear yellow or carry a yellow handkerchief in your pocket. On Thursday, offer gram flour halwa and apply saffron Tilak on the forehead. You can also donate bananas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Jupiter stays in one sign of the zodiac for how long?

Ans. Jupiter remains in one sign of the zodiac for a year.

Question. How to win over Jupiter? 

Ans. Donate a Brahmin some gram dal, turmeric, and yellow color clothes on Thursday.

Question. Which house is unfavorable to Jupiter?

Ans. One should exercise caution if Jupiter’s adversary planets are located in the tenth house.

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