Preeti Yoga & Ayushman Yoga Bestows Fortunate Blessings on the 5 Zodiacs Today

Preeti Yoga And Ayushman Yoga: A Monday blessed by Lord Shiva. Today is one of the most auspicious days for the 5 zodiacs as it is the Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Vaishak month which is the day of monthly Shivratri. And, on this Masik Shivratri, a promising combination of Preeti yoga, Ayushman yoga, and Revati Nakshatra is forming as well. The importance of the day has increased a lot due to these auspicious phenomena and has also brought auspiciousness in the lives of 5 zodiacs. Excited to know them? Then, follow this blog till the end as we have mentioned those zodiacs below. Not only that, along with the zodiacs, we have also listed a remedy for each one of them which will strengthen the position of Lord Moon in their birth chart and indirectly increase the blessings of Lord Shiva. So, without further ado, let’s understand Preeti yoga and Ayushman yoga in Vedic astrology. And, later come across the 5 zodiacs who are blessed today. 

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Preeti Yoga And Ayushman Yoga In Vedic Astrology 

Preeti Yoga is the second Nitya yoga which portrays love, fondness, enjoyment, or gratification. The impacts of this yoga include good wealth, communication skills, a happy married life, happiness, and honor. Preeti Yoga endows several benefits to a native and they are honored with the grace of Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha. 

On the other hand, Ayushman Yoga is the third Nitya yoga, which is described as the one that is blessed with longevity. As the word “Ayush” means life, this yoga blesses a native with a long life and happiness of life for a longer period. 

Preeti yoga and Aysuhman yoga have formed a combination with Revati Nakshatra today which will honor the 5 zodiac signs. As you follow this blog further, we will unveil those  zodiacs for you. 

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Preeti Yoga And Ayushman Yoga Adorns Favorabilty For 5 Zodiacs 


Today is one of the most auspicious days in the lives of Taurus natives. They will achieve all their goals today if they work with patience and consistency. Your personality will enhance today. The employed natives will be successful in winning the hearts of their seniors through their work which can help them get an increase in their salary. On the other hand, the self-employed natives will be able to make good profits and they can also invest in some other businesses. The Taurus natives will enjoy a good time in society and will even spend remarkable time with their friends. The health of the natives will be good and they will fully utilize their energy. Apart from all of this, family and marital life will be good and you will fulfill all your responsibilities with the blessings of Lord Mahadev. 

Remedy: Offer things made of wheat flour, ghee, and sugar to Lord Shiva for the happiness and peace of the family. Then, distribute these things among the poor and needy people. Later, distribute it to the entire family. 

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Cancerians will enjoy this day the best due to the blessings of Preeti yoga and Ayushman yoga. You will understand your abilities and work according to your talent. Some previously invested money can give you good returns today and you can also invest elsewhere. To talk about the career, the employed natives will be appreciated by their boss for their work which will increase their influence at their workplace. The self-employed natives will be successful in their business because they will adopt new strategies in their business. The natives are destined to find satisfaction and happiness in their life today. 

Remedy: Keep a fast on Monday and offer worship items like milk, water, curd, Bel Patra, Akshat, Datura, Gangajal, etc, on Shivling and then recite Shiv Chalisa. 


It is a beneficial day for Leo natives as they will notice stability in their financial situation and there are strong chances of you getting financial benefits from the investments made in the stock market in the past. The employed natives will perform well in their careers and will also get several career advancement opportunities at their workplace. On the other hand, the self-employed natives will witness good growth in their business and they can also expand their business. Happiness and prosperity will be the family member for the day. Talking about marital life, your life partner will support you at each step of life and their advice will help you in your professional life. The natives can make good savings for the future which will help them increase their bank balance. 

Remedy: Observe a fast on Monday and offer honey, ghee, milk, or black sesame seeds on Shivling. 

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The Capricorn natives will enjoy a great day today due to the blessings of Preeti yoga, Ayushman yoga, and Lord Shiva. Their financial condition will get better as their income will increase tremendously. Their wishes will be fulfilled today and due to the same, their minds will be extremely happy. Also, they will enjoy some of the most remarkable moments of their life. The business natives will notice a swift increase in their bank balance. Also, if any of the natives are going through a major health-related problem then they will get rid of the same today. Apart from all of this, the natives will get to spend time with their families which will provide mental peace and there will be mutual love among the family members. Talking about the married natives, they will enjoy a good life with no misunderstandings and the two of them will come close to strengthen their relationship. 

Remedy: Offer milk to Shivling on Monday for professional progress. Then fill a little amount in a copper vessel and sprinkle it at the business place while saying Om Namah Shivay. 


Due to the blessings of Preeti yoga and Aysuhman yoga, the wishes of the Pisces natives will be fulfilled and their minds will be at peace. The employed natives may happen to make some important decisions in relation to their careers, which will help them get good benefits in the future. While the self-employed natives will find new and advanced paths in the business. The students of this zodiac will find themselves successful in their favorite subjects and will make good progress in their studies as well. Talking about family life, your relations with your parents will be really good and the natives can hear good news from their children today. The natives who are involved in a love affair will get clarity in their love life while on the other hand, the single natives can also meet their “special someone” today. 

Remedy: To get auspicious results, recite Shiva Chalisa in the morning and evening in the Shiva temple and help the poor and needy people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Priti yoga? 

Priti yoga is an auspicious combination that enhances harmony, love, and affection in one’s life. 

What is Ayushman yoga?

Ayushman Yoga in Vedic Astrology is an auspicious combination that signifies good health, longevity, and overall well-being for the individual.

Which is the most powerful yoga in astrology?

The most powerful yoga in Vedic Astrology is generally considered to be the Mahapurusha yoga.

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