Yearly Horoscope 2021 For All 12 Zodiac Signs

On 1st January 2021, Saturn will be transiting in the star of the Sun with Jupiter but their sub lords will remain different. Rahu will be in Mars Star and Ketu will be in Mercury Star. These are the main planets which affect the lives of people globally whether one believes it or not. However, the important thing is that you should be having their DBA or Dasha Bhukti Antara. Your Dasha Bhukti Antara is the main thing which affects the overall circumstances. On the other hand, transits do have a major impact unless their period is undergoing, otherwise, the effect is minimal.

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Let us see what will be the impact on various ascendants in 2021. As we all know, we are globally fighting with Corona and people are not implementing the changes as per WHO. Due to this, something or the other is going to sprout every now like dengue and chikungunya. Also, Corona will stay in 2021. 

On this note, our esteemed Acharya Raman Ji is going to talk about your love life, family life, Married Life, job, business, finances, property and vehicle, overall health (physical), and Accidents.

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Possibility Of Contracting The Deadly Coronavirus

Those who are running the dasha bhukti or the antara of Rahu or Ketu should remain extremely careful as they are prone to acquire Corona. Even if their dasha lord is in the star of sub of Rahu or Ketu then you need to be careful. You can check this in the AstroSage Kundli app. After the study of over 100 horoscopes, the fact that all the Corona patients were somehow connected with Rahu or Ketu gives us an ample scope to believe that people with or undergoing this dasa etc should be extremely careful.

Aries Horoscope 2021

Family Life: The year will begin with discord in the family. There will be a difference of opinions and you will be the reason as you will try to make others follow what you want them to do. The coming 4 months will be like this and then there will be normalcy prevailing, so be careful during the initial 4 months. 

Love life: The month of February will be bad for you all in the matters of love, whether you are in school, college or at work. So be careful in that particular month. Rest of the year, you need not to worry much.

Married life: This year, the initial two months will not be good for your married life as there will be tensions created by you and your spouse. Those who are newly married should try to understand each other and not try to impose themselves on the other half. 

Health: There’s not much to worry about your health as such but joint pains and headaches will be there from time to time. Digestion is another point to be careful about. Do regular exercises. 

Job: Those who are running either Saturn or Jupiter dasa will see great growth in their career but the rest will find it not so very encouraging. Things will be moving as they were with not much to talk about. New jobs will be there with a bigger salary and responsibilities.

Business: Business will see growth after March 2021, and then there will be growth all the year-round. Partnerships may not work and this is not a year to do partnerships.

Finance: There will be gain in finances. It is better to keep on putting money in funds, gold, government bonds otherwise you will have gains but no savings this year. You people are spendthrift by default, a habit which you should put brakes on as soon as possible. 

Property and Vehicles: This year you will be having a new vehicle or property, if you have it in mind then try your best as the 4th house is aspected by good planets for your lagna things may turn in your favour in the time to come. 

Accidents: Months of February, June and December are the months which may produce injury by accident so be very careful in these months. 

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Taurus Horoscope 2021

Family Life: Rahu occupies your lagna. There will be problems off and on in your family life and there will be problems due to your own attitude. You will be finding it difficult to adjust to the ways of your family and that will result in frustration and then quarrel. 

Love Life: Initially there will be confusions and miscommunications so if you are having a fight then give time to the partner as after a few weeks’ things will get better and later good. So there does not seem to be an issue in your love life as far as love matters are concerned only patience is required. 

Married Life: This could be the year for divorce for many of you. Not only Ketu is afflicting the 7th house it will be transiting in the star of mercury and then in the star of Saturn. These are not good. You need to be more caring and adjusting this year. 

Health: Problems in health are there, headaches, blurred vision, diseases of the genitals in males and irregular periods in females will be there. You will be having some or the other problem going off and on this year. 

Job: People running the period of Jupiter will be seeing growth from March onwards. There will be overall goodness in career. People with Rahu and Ketu dasa will see a downfall, particularly with Ketu dasa antara. 

Business: People other than Rahu and Ketu dasa antara will be seeing normal growth in business and with Jupiter, their growth will be exponential. You will spread to new areas or countries, and with expansion, your profits will also increase. 

Finance: This year will be good for finances for people with Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Mars antaras, you will be able to save this year. Try to put your money in the government bonds rather than private ones. 

Property and Vehicles: Avoid investing in these for this year at least. 

Accidents: You are definitely prone to have accidents this year. Be careful in the months of January, February, November and December.

Gemini Horoscope 2021

Family Life: There is not much to be careful about your family life. It is going to be normal as such and no major issues are seen. 

Love Life: Till April 2021 you will be having problems in your love matters. There will be a break up of many of you people. You will not be able to understand your partner in the capacity which will be required to maintain things smoothly and thus there will be an end of it. 

Married life: Married life will be ok this year. There will be normalcy and you will be having good understanding and communication with your spouse. You will be able to manage time for your family which will be good at large. 

Extramarital Affairs: Many of you will be having extramarital affairs this year. It is something which can happen with anyone but this year in your case it seems very much possible. Remarriage is also likely for many of you who are looking for a second spouse. 

Job: People with Ketu, Mars, Sun, Moon dasa will see rise whereas people with Saturn and Jupiter periods will not be seeing that kind of growth. In fact, many of you will be losing jobs and remain jobless for a long time. The advice is to stick to whatever job you have and do not try to change as it will turn reverse for you. 

Business: Business is going to be good for Jupiter dasa people but only in parts. People with Rahu dasa will lose a lot and may get ruined this year. You will suffer a lot undoubtedly. People with Moon sun Mars will do well. 

Finance: This year will bring a lot of opportunities for many of you and there will be losses to many. Do not spend your savings this year. People with Rahu dasa should not lend money to anyone. It will never be returned. Same goes with Saturn dasa natives. For the rest, it seems to be a normal year with not much to gain or lose. 

Property and Vehicles: A good year for investing in these things, but after April only. Avoid Thursday and Saturday for any kind of Payments. 

Accidents: In the months of February, March, June and December you should be careful. 

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Cancer Horoscope 2021

Family Life: Till April, there will be discord. Later things will get better with every day. You need to make sure that you do not put your emotions on top of other members of the family otherwise no one is going to give a damn about your thoughts. You will be having goodness after April in this regard. 

Love Life: 2021 is definitely not a good year for any of you. If not and end there will be many stages from where you will not want to continue your journey of love forward. Only your farsightedness and patience will be your saviour. 

Married life: Your married life is not going to be good this year also. You will be having many problems including a lack of understanding and lack of respect from your spouse. It is just that you want to continue your relationship that is why you will continue otherwise many of you will find someone with whom they can share their feelings.

Job: People having Mars, Sun, Venus, Rahu dasa will have a great career ahead this year. Those with Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu will not have such success. People with Ketu dasa will lose their jobs or may get demoted in their respective field of work. 

Business: Except for people with Mars Rahu and Sun dasha, others will not be able to make exceptional profits. Business will be good for all but these people will have a maximum share of the pie. You should not get over pampered by the success as what has come will also go one day. Keep a low profile and do not share your success with others as you will get only jealousy in return. 

Finance: Finance will be good for the people described above. There is not much to invest or save for others. 

Property and Vehicles: Do not buy anything big if you are having the dasa of Ketu, Saturn or Jupiter this year otherwise you will surely regret it. The year is overall not good for any such purchases.

Accidents: Months of February, June, December will be the months when you should be most careful with your ride.

Leo Horoscope 2021

Family Life: There does not seem to be any major issue in your family life except for the initial 2 to 3 months. You will be able to give time and attention to the family members and there will be good times later on. You will be enjoying your family life in 2021 mostly.

Love Life: As far as love life is concerned this is not the year for love as such in fact this is the year for wandering for love. You will not be able to express yourself properly to your partner and there will be a very negative response to you for many things which you will do. You will be able to continue in your love matters and will decide to break up as this is not going to the year of love. Those who are looking for new love are not going to find any true love but only time and money will be wasted in the pursuit of love.

Married Life: Divorce is there for many of you. You will not be able to continue in your love matters and will decide to go to courts for another chance in life. This is going to happen with many of you this year. There will be no harmony in your married life and things will be very depressing as far as married life is concerned. Many of you will feel very sick of your spouse and the pressure of married life. It will happen “as it is” for many of you. Particularly if you are running the dasa of Saturn, Ketu or Rahu then the effects will be most strong.

Health: Healthwise, this is not the year to be happy. You will be prone to fall sick off and on, there will be joint pains, insomnia, nervous and stomach disorders this year. 

Health of Mother: This year you should be most careful about the health of your mother as it is not showing good signs. She may suddenly fall sick and the illness will not get diagnosed properly by even the best of doctors. Many of you may have to bear the sorrow of the last rites of the mother. People with Rahu or Ketu dasa antara should be most careful.

Job:  People having the dasa of Rahu will be most benefited this year, those having the periods of Jupiter will get new jobs after April 2021 and the ones with the dasa of Saturn will lose their jobs in 2021 and will have struggled to find better jobs. Those having Ketu dasa should not change their jobs for a better one as it is not going to prove good in the long run. You will be having many ups and downs in your career this year. The best thing this year is to not to look for a new job and stick where you are and keep a low profile. Let the time pass.

Business: Business people with Rahu, Jupiter, Mercury dasa will have good growth in their lives. You will be having expansion, gains, profits and much more this year. But otherwise rest of the people will not be having many good things in their respective business. There should be a curb on the desire to grow exponentially as you may get some opportunities and they will fall flat after you invest in them. People with Rahu dasa will have exceptional gains this year. You will be able to grow better than your other Leo natives. 

Finance: Finance overall looks okay, except for people with Ketu and Saturn dasa you will be able to make money somehow and will have a rise in the bank balance. The natives of Jupiter dasa will have gains after March but you should try to save and not spend away your earning otherwise the whole blessing will go to waste. Money is good if it is spent wisely and not abruptly.

Property and Vehicles: People with Ketu Saturn dasa should avoid buying anything in these pratyantaras. Although many of you are going to buy good vehicles and there will own homes for many of you, the suggestion is simple- do not go for it in the pratyantara of Ketu and Saturn. 

Accidents: February, June and December are the months when you should be most careful. 

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Virgo Horoscope 2021

Family: Family life will be good in the initial months but after April things will not be so good, there will be common issues of conflict between the family members and you will not be able to handle them properly as you by default are not a good risk-taker in your life and small pressure also creates problems for you. Hence keep your cool. 

Love: People with Saturn dasa should not think of new relations this year, otherwise, the rest can go for it, there will be breakups of people with Saturn dasa antara and also with Ketu dasa. The love particle is missing for you people this year so better to focus on your work whatever you are good at. The only profitable natives will be people having the dasa antara of venus and not the other ones as this is what the planets are telling. So if you are a Virgo with Venus dasa then the year is filled with happiness for you but for others, it is not so.

Married life: Married life is not going to be good for people of this ascendant in general;. There will be nothing major just that you will be stuck in your job or in finding jobs which will not let you be at peace and your spouse will complain of lack of time. Those with Ketu and Saturn dasa will have many severe problems and there can be temporary separation this year. You will have a good time only if you are undergoing the period of Venus this year. But for others too, you should not worry a lot as there is not much negativity but an undercurrent of dissatisfaction will be there and it will depend upon you people how you are going to tackle it.

Health: Healthwise it will be better to exercise regularly, your people suffer from bowel disorders frequently and this year things will get only worse for all of you. No major disease is foreseen but regular exercise is a must for you. 

Job: People having Jupiter Saturn sun Mars and Rahu dasa will be having problems in their career. There will be loss of jobs for many of you, there will be fruitless travels and negotiations won`t work out for most of you. You will not be able to stick to company policies and targets plans and will lag behind. The performance will not be up to the mark for many of you.

Business: Business people will see growth and consistency. Except for Rahu, all the planets are in a position to either give success or consistency but not losses. Rahu dasa natives will try a lot to make things work but it will not work as desired and there will be losses  

Finance: Except people with Sun, Saturn and Ketu dasa, finances will be good. There will be constant inflow. You will be able to invest in funds of your choice but limitedly, there will be savings and also expenses of reasonable things. You will be able to make money this year throughout. 

Property and Vehicles: This will be an area where you will be very interested in both but you may not get a loan from the desired institution and may have to get loans on higher interest to fulfil your desires. You will buy vehicles and that too, a new vehicle this year but the purchase of real estate is not seen strongly.

Accidents: March, May, June and December are the months when you should be most careful.

Libra Horoscope 2021

Black Magic/ Evil Eye: This year there will be an attempt to give you problems by the use of black magic. You may believe or not it is your point of view but this year planets are placed in such a way that severe attempts will be made to harm you by using voodoo. 

Family Life: Family life is not going to be good this year; there will be differences with each and every one. Your harsh tone will be the cause of problems and you will not understand it. You will try to do good things but they will have a negative impact on your persona. You will not be able to tell your family that you care and instead, there will be confusions about your real intentions. 

Love Life: This is the year when you will find your love, you will be able to continue your love life and also for those who are looking for love will find it. The planets say that you will have goodness in this sphere but not for all, people with Saturn and Jupiter dasa will find their new and true love this year. People with Rahu and Ketu dasa will undergo breakups; people with Rahu dasa may enter into a secret intimate relationship this year.

Married life: Marital life is not going to be good for people with Rahu Ketu dasa in particular, those with other dasa etc will see some goodness in their married lives. Overall the year is not bad for marital happiness for all other than the natives of Rahu and Ketu, they may have divorces this year. The marriage will break and legal suits will be filed for many of you and marriage will be no less than a nightmare.

Extramarital Relations: Those running the dasa of Rahu will enter into secret extramarital relations; you may have physical relations with low-class partners. There will be a lot of desire to have multiple intimate relations and you may also indulge in sex-related crimes this year. Be safe and avoid such things.

Health: Food-related issues will be there off and on, your sex organs may contract some ugly diseases. Also, there may be an issue in your intestines and the throat will also have a problem. You will be paying fees to many doctors this year. 

Job: If you are running under the dasa of Rahu or Ketu, then do not leave the current job and be where you are, those who are having other periods can switch to newer jobs and will also get good hikes and positions. 

Business: Business people will see a decline in the initial months abut after March 2021 there will be growth. Except for people with Rahu and Ketu dasa all other natives will have less or more profits only this year. It is better to not invest beyond capacity and do not take loans for business expansion. Although, growth will be there but not a very exponential one.

Finance: Finances will be good and there will be savings for all except for people with Rahu dasa or antara. People with Ketu periods will get sudden monies and will lose suddenly also. Do not lend money to anyone this year. People with Rahu dasa will try to get hidden or indirect money like from their in-laws etc.

Property and Vehicles: A good year to buy a new vehicle, property and if you are running the dasa other than Ketu or Rahu then you may go ahead with these investments. 

Accidents: February, July, October, November and December are the months when you should be careful.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2021

You may have severe brain-related troubles this year. Do not ignore the slightest indication. A brain tumour may be diagnosed for a few of you. 

Family Life: It is not going to be good because of your dominance and tantrums people will get fed up. Your desire to have a hand in every decision whether you know about it or not will create problems for you and your entire family. Curb this tendency and all will be well. 

Love Life: You should not get suspicious about your partner. There is nothing to worry and things are going fine. Those who are looking for new love should hold for this year. There will be ample happiness in your love life. You will be able to enjoy your time with your beloved. Your care should not turn into obsession is what you should keep in mind. Everyone needs freedom and their own space. 

Married life: Divorce is imminent for many of you. There will be no bar of the dasha antara but people with Rahu or Ketu will be directly affected this year. So keep in mind that if you are having these antaras then allow time to yourself and think carefully. Many times we make decisions just of sheer anger and hatred which results in a big-time loss in life. This is exactly what may happen with you. 

Health: This is another area where you will need to focus, you will have diseases of the brain, headaches, insomnia, live disorders, joint pains. Do some meditation and exercises. Do not eat spicy food. 

Job: Job wise the year shows goodness mostly. You will be given bigger responsibilities and you will have salary hikes. Only People with Rahu periods will not be able to perform well in their respective areas. Rest all will do well. 

Business: As far as business is concerned again the natives of Rahu period will not make desirable profits but rest will have their pockets full in their respective fields.

Property and Vehicles: You can go for the purchase of these materials but avoid the sub-periods of Rahu and Ketu. People with Jupiter dasa will buy big vehicles and new homes this year. 

Accidents: Months of January, April, June, December are the periods when you should be careful about. 

Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

Family Life: There will be a lot of goodness in your family life. There will be an entry of a new member. The family tree will grow. You will be able to give time to the family and enjoy good moments. There will be auspicious happenings in the family this year. Your relationship with your neighbours will improve. There will be a mutual give and take of things and favours.

Love life: The 5th house has no blemish this year but the months till April are not good for having a good relationship, there will be miscommunications and you will try to dominate your partner. You should realize that your partner is also a human being and has feelings as same as you do so give time and try to understand him or her. Bullying does not work in matters of love. But later things will get good and on track. You will be able to enjoy things in a better way and mutually there will be a lot of goodness together. Love Marriage is also possible in the latter part of the year for many of you. 

Married life: The goodness will prevail in your married life and you will be able to enjoy life and time properly. You will share good moments with your spouse and will have possible childbirth of a good soul in the family. You will be having travels and will purchase ornaments and jewels for your spouse this year. There will be grace overall. 

Health: There is not much to worry just you need to curb your taste buds which may try to make your weight out of proportions this year.

Job: Salaried people will have good growth this year. Except for people with Ketu dasha or the antara, all will be progressing positively. Salary hike, new job, promotion everything is there. You will gain most if you are running under the periods of Jupiter and Saturn.

Business: Business fraternity is also going to gain a lot this year. All of you will be making money; people with Jupiter dasa particularly will accrue a lot of wealth. You will be able to expand this year to new horizons. You will be able to make gain from past investments, there will be profitable partnerships, and there will be the purchase of new assets for business growth.

Finance: Money will come aplenty this year for people with Saturn and Jupiter dasa people. Ketu dasa people will be having losses and cheatings in their financial adventures. Theft is also a possibility while in travel. The task this year is to save as much as you can because when a lot of money comes people, in general, tend to get a bit egoistic and make useless purchases.

Property and Vehicles: This is definitely a year to buy not only property vehicles but also costly ornaments and jewels, invest in Gold when you find the right time.  A big sized vehicle is promised for you and the same for people looking to buy a home. People with Ketu dasa should refrain themselves from going for any of these as it will not be a good idea at all. 

Accidents: February, December and June are the crucial months. Particularly people with Ketu dasa antara should be utmost careful in the month of June and December.

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Capricorn Horoscope 2021

Family: Family life will be good mostly. You will be having lots of work to do which you will do diligently and will try to appease everyone in the family. You will be planning for long term goals this year and will be having thoughts of the past many times this year. There will be some discord at times but you will be able to manage things in a peaceful way. 

Love: Love life is going to be worst affected this year, you may not be able to continue your love relationship and may decide to leave it there itself. Many of you will try to be patient and let the time pass and wait for the right time. Those who are looking for love will only get false relations and treachery this year so it is better to avoid love matters this year. You should focus more on work and let the time pass.  Patience is the key this year, this you need to have in mind.

Married Life: There will be ample happiness in married life for the people of this lagna. There will be good understanding and relation between the couple. The time is good for increasing the family. You can expect a new member in the family in terms of childbirth. The money will be spent on family happiness. Spouses will be helpful and cooperative. There will be a feeling of happiness even if there are quarrels or disputes they will be sorted out by talking amicably.

Health: Health is looking good overall, the only thing is to keep away from butter and ghee things, sweets in abundance will make your sugar levels haywire which is not good. You should try to exercise as much as you can and maintain a decent food habit.

Job: People running the dasa of Ketu, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter will be having very good growth in their careers, there will surely be salary hikes, promotions, new responsibilities, offshore visits, and much more this year. Seniors will be helpful and understanding. The natives with Rahu dasa will lose in every end and they may become jobless for a long time. There will be pressure in the job and you will not like to continue and may leave yourself. It is advised that you do not quit the job and continue otherwise you will not be able to find a good job for a long time.

Business: There will be exponential growth for people with Ketu dasa, people with Rahu dasa will not be able to manage their things properly, partnerships will break, and there can be chances of deceit from the partner. Others will be having good going in their respective businesses and will see profits coming to them. This is a good year for the expansion of business for natives having Jupiter or Saturn periods.

Finance: Money will be coming surely this year and you will make a lot of savings too. But on the other hand, there will be expenses popping up now and then and it will depend upon your individual mental makeup how you will be able to manage them. Good money inflow is sure to come. Those with Rahu dasa should remain careful and cautious as they may have sudden losses.

Property and Vehicles: A good year to buy a vehicle, home, assets etc. If you are having Rahu dasa, do not go home this year. You may end up buying a disputed property. 

Accidents: February June August December are the months when you should be very careful.

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Aquarius Horoscope 2021

Family: Not exactly a good year for family matters, you will not be able to manage things as they should be and this will create problems of all kinds. Daily chores will irritate you and no support from others will make things worse. You should not try to be rude but be polite whenever there is a discord because every time passes. 

Love: Love is not the right thing this year, there is no harm or loss just that your mind is not set to go for it, due to other things you will not be able to give time to your beloved and there can be complaints of not giving proper time. You will feel a bit dejected and depressed this year and your efforts will not yield results in the way you want them to be. The advice is to get over your gloomy mindset and get rolling. You will not be having much interest internally for love matters. Those who are looking for a new love should try people from far off places which look very possible; many of you may have partners from places far off and maybe abroad also. 

Married Life: Married life is going to be fine. There is no blemish to the 7th house and things will be in place. You will not show much interest in family life and may like to wander here and there more, coming home late and having a depressed face. This will confuse your spouse and you should try to be happy when at home.

Extramarital Relations: Your sorrow for things will make you lonely and you are highly prone to find some who will have a listening ear for your problems and this will go further and develop into a relationship you will want to continue and not show to anyone. An extramarital affair is very high in your life this year. 

Health: Disorders of the mind, liver and pancreas are there waiting for you. Depression is the thing which will eat you this year at least in the first half. Avoid drugs if you are habitual as it is going to harm you more than it will give you pleasure. 

Job: Those who are looking for offshore jobs will surely get there; you have a very high chance for abroad placement and job change this year if you are running the dasa of Saturn in particular. People with Ketu dasa Jupiter and others will also do well but people with Rahu antara will not be able to perform well in their jobs and will have to listen to their seniors for not performing as told. Jobs will remain and there are no chances of losing the jobs but maintaining it will become a big task. 

Business: People running Rahu or Saturn dasa will not get much but people with Jupiter will be able to make profits from sources other than the regular ones. The efforts will be required more than usual and you have to have the patience for results to come in the desired way. You will be able to sustain in any product domain you are but growth will be not up to your expectations.

Finance: Money will come but not in the proportion you have in mind. So this year do not throw away money just like you do every time you get some. Try to invest in long term funds and shares. You will not have gains from speculations this year so do not try to attempt it.  

Property and vehicles: It will be better to not go for big purchases this year and avoid loans as much as possible. You may find it difficult to clear the EMIs from time to time. Keep all this for next year. 

Accidents: June July November December are the months of caution.

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Pisces Horoscope 2021

Family: Excellent year for family life overall. You will be having a lot many good things going on in your family this year. You will be having celebrations and many good moments in your family this year. Your efforts to make everyone happy will succeed and people will be happy with you in general. 

Love:  A very good year for love matters. You will be having love all around. You will have many good things going in your love life and this year it may get forward to marriage. You will be a very happy person as far as love matters are concerned. Those who are in pursuit will surely find love this year which will be for a long time. You will be spending good time together. Many of you will find love in your friend circle itself.

Married Life: There will be overall goodness in your married life. You will be having a good time to spend with your spouse. The level of understanding between you two will be very good and there will be the least discord. All the disputes will be settled without any harsh talks and love will prevail. You will travel to places this year and have a merry time. 

Extramarital Relations: This year also comes with this rider that many of you will indulge in extramarital love affairs even after having all the things right at home. You never know when that person arrives and you forget all the happiness at home and want more in your life. A very high chance of you people falling into extramarital affairs.

Health: Nothing much to worry about this year, except normal health issues which are common to all, there won’t be much to worry. 

Job: Except for people with Ketu dasa, the rest of you will be having a good time in your salaried careers. There will be promotions, salary hikes, offshore placements, new jobs, new responsibilities and rewards of performance are awaiting all of you. Those having Ketu dasa will be losing their jobs or will not be able to perform as expected. People with Saturn dasa or the antara will be performing their best and will be leading in all spheres in life. 

Business: Business-wise also the year is very promising and good. You will make a lot of money and new associates this year. There will be an expansion of your business in one or the other way. You may come into new partnerships and new investors will be coming to invest in your ideas.

Finance: A lot of you will amass a lot of wealth this year but not those who are having the dasa or the antara of Ketu. You will be having a fat bank balance this year. You will invest in the right places and things will be overall very good as far as money matters are concerned.

Property and Vehicles: A very good year to go for a good house or vehicle or both. Do not buy a home or vehicle if you are passing through the period of Ketu or Rahu. 

Accidents: February, November and December are the months of caution for you.

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