World’s Best Astrologers LIVE: Major Update of AstroSage Kundli

The world’s best astrologers are streaming live for you! Now you can watch them and interact with them using AstroSage Varta Live feature.

We are pleased to announce “AstroSage Varta” that helps you access the top astrologers anywhere, any time. Varta is a new and revolutionary module in your favorite astrology app AstroSage Kundli that would change the way you seek astrology solutions. Update your app now to quickly get these new features:

Varta Live: Watch Verified Astrologers Live

This is huge! This is the TikTok of topmost astrologers! Yes, now you can interact with the best-of-the-best astrology experts LIVE in AstroSage Kundli!

All you have to do is to update your app to enjoy it totally FREE. Yes, you heard it right. Live streaming is free for all and you need not spend even a single penny to watch your favorite astrologers.

And the best part is: these are “authentic” astrologers doing “real” astrology live. Unlike those so-called astrology platforms where cheap entertainment is labeled as astrology, you will be watching only those astrologers here who crack our super-tough AstroSage Astrologers’ Assessment Program. In other words, Top Astrologers + Authentic Astrology = Varta Live. So, why wait? Update now.

Chat with AstroSage Certified Astrologers

You were already talking with the top astrologers on AstroSage Kundli, but now you can chat with them too. It is difficult to talk over phone at times–you may be in the office, buying groceries, or withstanding the wrath of your spouse–and, in such situations, chatting is faster and easier.

Just ask what is there in your mind to our expert astrologers without anyone noticing what you are up to. Isn’t it great? Just download the updated version now.

Follow Your Favorite Astrologers Now

Now you can follow your favorite astrologers. AstroSage Varta is a social media for astrologers, where you can stay in touch with them whenever they are available. Simply follow your favorite one and get nudged whenever that astrologer comes online. As simple as this! And you can follow as many astrologers as you want. So, do it right away by updating your app!

Thank you for connecting with AstroSage!


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